hard luck hounds


Better quality pics I took of miss Rossie. 

Rossellini has been waiting for a home for going on FIVE MONTHS! She is mellow/low energy, very friendly, good with kids, good with other dogs, housebroken, with great manners. A truly easy dog. We’re not exactly sure what he breed is, but the overall consensus is that she has some bully breed in her.

Unfortunately, what’s holding her back is her HW+ state (having heartworms is non-contagious and treatable with no lifelong effects on the dog. We have already begun treatment of HW for her as it is) and that she is 6 years old. 

Rossellini is FREE OF CHARGE to a good adopter (which I know almost everyone on tumblr is) with:

-All shots



-New collar


-Crate (if needed)

-Free training (if needed–which it probably wouldn’t be)

-6 month supply of Heartguard

She is at AUSTIN ANIMAL CENTER in Austin, TX, waiting for her forever home.


OH JULIUS. This 3 yr old is so packed with personality and love, it’s hard to believe for all of us that he’s now a Hard Luck Hound. Even worse? He’s been here almost five whole months.

Julius is a pittie on the smaller side with a yellow-brindle coat and golden-yellow eyes to match. He is a goof who’s got the head-tilt down pat; he does the head-cock almost every time you baby talk him. His favorite thing in the world? STICKS! He loves sticks. When you take him out in the pen, it’s time to go on a stick hunt. Once a stick has been located, he quickly picks it up and carries it around with nothing but pride. 

Julius is a big time sweetheart with a lot of love to give. He is housebroken, good w/most other dogs, easy to walk on the leash, and knows basic commands. He has a slight limp right now that vets are trying to figure out the cause, but we’re guessing it’s nothing major. It does not seem to slow him down/cause him pain. 

Julius is FREE to the right adopter and comes with all shots, neuter, microchip, collar, tags, crate (if necessary), and free professional training w/a local trainer (if necessary). He is a part of our Hard Luck Hounds program at AUSTIN ANIMAL CENTER in Austin, Texas (adoptions are not limited just to Austin and surrounding areas). 

Julius radiates joy and is a lot of fun to be around. His adopter is definitely a lucky one!


(so sorry for the inactivity! I’ve been extremely busy for school-please hang in there!)

Hank is a 2 yr old vizsla/pit bull (speculation), but is 110% big red dog. His breed, size (a hefty, muscular ~70 lbs), and gate presence scares a lot of people off, but give him some attention and a kong and he’s a big lug. 

He’s super tolerant, too-he lets you tug his ears, tail, and take “his” things away without protest. He could be a good family dog with experienced owners.

Hank would like to be the only pet, but other than that, is a fantastic dog with a easy going personality. 

Hank is housebroken and knows some basic obedience.

Of course, Hank is sent home for FREE to the right adopters with vaccinations, microchip, neuter, new collar/tags, crate, free training with a professional, and lifetime tech support. 

Hank, like all Hard Luck Hounds, is located in Austin, TX. 

Remember Delores? A dog previously labeled “extremely dog reactive” by shelter staff? 

Today, she was allowed to participate in an all-pit bull playgroup to test out her reaction to other dogs, something she was not allowed to do in the past.

…Reactive my ass.

Unfortunately, it has been almost SEVEN MONTHS and still no one has shown any interest in her. She is one of our longest stays!

Let me remind you that Delores is an extremely loving 2 yr old pittie girl who is great with all people (including kids) and other dogs. She is all white with brown freckles on her ears and really pretty hazel eyes. 

She is the dog who started getting humped at about 00:20 and turned around and said “UH-UH, YOU DON’T DO THAT” without getting even slightly aggressive (a lot of times it would be standard dog behavior for a dog to turn around and correct with a snap for something rude like humping, and she didn’t even go that far). 

Friendly reminder that Delores is a housebroken, easy-goin’ gal who has a zest for life despite being here for so long with no interest. She’s also free to the right adopter (of course, an application will take place to ensure you’re not just looking for a hand out). And she comes to you spayed, vaccinated, chipped, with FREE training with a professional. Uh, why is she still here again?

Here’s another photo, as promised, but unfortunately I have some BAD, BAD news.

It’s just as I thought. Sherman is now AT HIGH RISK OF BEING PUT TO SLEEP. 

Sherman really deserves a happy ending and not a death in the shelter. Please reblog. :(

Again, he is a (healthy) 10 year old great dane/lab cross who is dog-selective, GOOD with kids of all ages, housebroken, and obedience trained. 

He is FREE OF CHARGE and comes with all shots, neuter, microchip, new collar/tags, and crate. If you are in TX, he also comes with FREE training and a FREE vet exam. If not, we WILL adopt to you out of state if you can come get him/arrange transport.

I know he’s not pretty, I know he’s not young, but he does deserve to live. If you can adopt/foster him, please contact me.


Ricky is a 3 yr old “blue lacy” mix according to shelter staff…okay, well, he could be, but how much you wanna bet this handsome fella is a blue pit bull mix? Hint: I’d put down money on it. 

Anyway, breed aside, Ricky is AWESOME. I mean, look at him. HE LIKES DRESS UP TIME. He gets dressed up and smiles about it. But wait, there’s more. 

Ricky is HOUSEBROKEN, strong but gentle, and an affection sponge. He’s always ready to soak up some lovin’. He makes friends wherever he goes, but doesn’t like it when dogs are obnoxious and assertive to him. It is rude, and a gentleman can’t stand for it. However, if the other canine is polite, he LOVES ‘em! Ricky is also good with kiddos and hasn’t taken much interest in small animals.

Ricky has also got basic obedience down pat. Sit, stay, down, walk nice, watch me? Pfft. That’s nothin’. 

Ricky has also had a little experience with biking, so he’d love to accompany you side-by-side on a nice bike ride. That is only one of his hobbies; he also loves rolling around in the grass, sunbathing, and having glam shots taken of him.

Unfortunately, Ricky has been here at the shelter for 110 DAYS. Why? We don’t know. I guess people just don’t like handsome gentlemen.

Like all Hard Luck Hounds, Ricky is FREE of charge and comes with the following:


-$150 worth of professional training w/a local trainer

-FREE vet exam with local vet



-New collar/tags


-Lifetime tech support

-Lifetime of unconditional love and gratitude

Ricky is at AUSTIN ANIMAL CENTER (in ATX), the largest open-intake low-kill facility in the United States. If you are anyone you know is looking for a well-mannered ham like this one in the ATX area (or not, we are willing to do out of city and out of state adoptions), come down and fall in love with Ricky.

(note: sorry for the lower quality photos! I haven’t been able to bring my canon back to the shelter due to a destroyed camera case. I hope you can still enjoy this boy’s little face.) 


Need a little ray of sunshine? There’s one waiting for you right here at Austin Animal Center. 

Sunnie, a true pocket pit at just ~40 lbs at 4 yrs. old, hasn’t had it good: she shows some signs of having been neglected and abused in the past. As her name suggests, she is bright and friendly, but can be a little shy in new situations with new people. Not to worry, as she gets better and better every day.

Sunnie is a dog that gets VERY attached to her people and would love someone to curl up with her. She is very smart and knows many obedience commands on top of being easy to handle  and HOUSEBROKEN. So why has she been in the scary shelter for almost TWO MONTHS?

She was surrendered by her previous owner because her pack mates did NOT accept her (I believe she was the third or fourth dog) and ended up beating her up. She did, however, get along very well with the cat of the house, they were actually close friends.

She would do well in a home with a dog-savvy cat who isn’t scared of dogs and ready to befriend them. She is fine with other non-intimidating dogs–after her experience in her previous home, she is a little scared of other dogs, particularly big ones. However, she doesn’t mind friendly smaller dogs that won’t be too “in her face”. 

Sunnie has had experiences with children. While she’s not snappy, young children make her nervous. HOWEVER, she does fine with older, gentle children ages 10+. 

On top of having angelic behavior and being super sweet, Sunnie is a cuddle bug! She loves ear rubs, belly rubs, and back scratches as well as just sitting on the couch and chillin’ with you. She is a pretty lazy dog and would not need a lot of exercise to stay sane; a LOT of potential to be a grade A apartment dog! Another thing? She doesn’t mind being dressed up. She just wants a home where she can be someone’s little ray of light. Are you that special someone? 

Sunnie’s IS FREE OF CHARGE with ALL shots, spay, microchip, new collar, tags, the snazzy little bandana, crate, $150 worth of professional training should you ever need it, and a FREE vet exam with a local vet. She is at AUSTIN ANIMAL CENTER, waiting for you to come get her!

More photos of this one to come…sorry, I have no others and I know this one is less than good. 

Meet Buddy! 

The title does not lie: Buddy is a tad chubby. But hey, handsome doesn’t come in one size, and he IS indeed a handsome boy! With his white socks on all four feet and white bib, he almost looks like he’s wearing a tux. That would fit his personality to a tee, because he very much a gentleman. He is HOUSEBROKEN, easy to walk on the leash, mellow, and is polite and friendly to other dogs. He knows basic commands and does NOT jump up on you–instead, he sits and waits to be paid attention to on your terms. Buddy is an easy-going dog who enjoys the finer things in life: ear rubs, relaxing on the couch, frolicking in nature, and of course, food.

Buddy needs some friendship in a major way, however: he has been waiting for a home for nearly THREE AND A HALF MONTHS now and would frankly rather have his own family and a soft bed than the uncomfy concrete floors of the shelter. Because he’s waiting so long, he is one of our Hard Luck Hounds. What does this mean to his lucky potential people? It means a great dog plus a lot of goodies:

Buddy comes to you FREE OF CHARGE with:
-All shots
-New collar & tags
- $150 training voucher with a professional if needed and you’re in the area
-FREE vet exam (also if you’re in the area–meaning ATX and surrounding cities)
-Life long tech support for any time you may have any questions to ensure a GOOD adoption

Buddy’s animal ID number is A490809 and he is in kennel no.39 at TOWN LAKE ANIMAL CENTER, Austin Animal Center’s OLD location at 1156 West Cesar Chavez. We are open daily from 11 AM to 7 PM seven days a week, so feel free to drop by! 


Ivan is a handsome fellow who really is a hard luck hound–this handsome 3 year old has spent a total of 1/3 of his life in the shelter! 

Ivan spent MONTHS with us last summer. Volunteers described him as “a big softy”. After a long stunt as a shelter dog, he finally went home with a family that was thrilled to have him. However, after a few months, he found himself in the shelter much the dismay of his owners. The mobile home park he was living in kicked him out because of his dog reactivity. Ivan is indeed dog reactive, but he has NOT ever attacked another dog. Other dogs stress him out and he prefers not to be around them, but he is not an instigator by any means. He ignores all dogs unless they are in his face. 

Ivan is a PEOPLE LOVER. He runs up to the gate to see if anyone will stop for him–they usually don’t. He’s a 70 lb black male American pit bull terrier, which makes him the least desirable dog in the shelter. Personally, I find him stunning. His pictures do him no justice, but Ivan is tall and muscular with a sleek, shiny coat and white socks. 

Ivan is a mellow guy and the heat in Central TX is killing him. When he’s out, you’ll find him chillin’ in the kiddie pool. Ivan walks well on the leash, loves to play ball, is housebroken, good with children, and knows obedience commands like “sit” and “wait” (plus more that aren’t coming to mind!). 

Ivan, like all dogs in the Hard Luck Hound program, is FREE of charge and comes with all shots, neuter, microchip, new collar/tags, crate, $150 worth of professional training, and a vet exam with a local vet. 

Please come visit him at Austin Animal Center, located at 7201 Levander Loop in Austin TX. Of course, if you don’t live there, we are willing to adopt out of city and state. 


Reggie is one of those dogs that make you question people’s taste in dogs due to his long-stay AND returnee (double whammy) status. 

Reggie stayed with us for almost 6 months last year because…actually, I don’t know, because Reggie is so much fun to be around, all volunteers and their family members knew about him. Naturally, we were overjoyed to see that someone wanted to adopt him after six long months! They seemed like good people at first, but their true colors showed a couple months later when Reggie came back as a stray.

Surely, we thought, these nice people would want their wonderful dog back and it was just bad luck that he escaped from his yard! 

…Nope, when we finally contacted the adopters, they expressed that they knew he was missing and had not bothered looking for him and did not want him back. They did not give any reason why he should be surrendered, just that they didn’t want to deal with him anymore. 

Now, Reggie is back and has been here for five months, most of which has been spent in training (see video). However, is IS indeed available for adoption and searching for his forever home! 

Reggie is as sweet as it gets, a true cuddle bug! He loves to snuggle up in bed/on the couch/pretty much anywhere with you. He is housebroken, GREAT with all people, laid-back in personality, and good with most other dogs. All he wants is attention! 

Like all our Hard Luck Hounds, you can adopt fully trained Reggie for FREE w/all shots, neuter, microchip, new collar, tags, training voucher for even more training (he would make a great agility/flyball dog), and lifetime tech support. 

He is located in Austin, TX, although we will adopt to surrounding areas. 


Meet Pia! 

Pia is a 2 year “pocket pit”, being only 40-something pounds and just coming up past your knee. She is all white except for those cute tan freckles on her ears.

Sadly enough for Pia, this is her second time at the shelter. Her first owners describe her as a great and friendly dog, but felt that she had to go because “they had too many dogs”. She was adopted after about five months in the shelter only to be returned because her owners were no longer in a position to keep her–they surrendered both of their dogs, including Pia’s companion, but being that Pia’s little friend was a fox terrier mix and not a pit bull, it was adopted rather quickly, leaving Pia all alone again. 

I can’t really imagine what makes Pia so unappealing to the shelter’s visitors. Pia loves to play fetch, chase, tag, and wrestle with other dogs–a shorter way to say this is that she likes to PLAY. She’s actually very hard to get a photograph of because sitting still is not her forte, as evidenced by the final derpy photo (there were a lot more where that came from). Despite this, she’s okay with dress up time! Photos of her modeling clothes to come. 

Pia is HOUSEBROKEN, good with other dogs, friendly with children, and knows basic obedience like “sit”, “wait”, “down”, and “shake”. Her only real fault is that she gets excited that OMG-people are coming to see her-and will jump and wiggle around. Once out, she will pull a bit at first but is easily redirected. 

Of course, like all Hard Luck Hounds, she comes with all shots, microchip, new collar/tags, crate, $150 worth of professional training, vet exam with a local vet for FREE. She also comes with lifetime support to ensure a good, lasting fit. 

You’ll find Pia at AUSTIN ANIMAL CENTER, located at 7201 Levander Loop in Austin TX. We will adopt out of city and state. 

Pia is a sweet little girl that only wants a good forever home. Can you give that to her? 

EDIT: Pia HAS been tested around cats, and yes, she makes friends with them!


If you guessed Ivan, you’re right. If you noticed he’s not in a shelter, but a back yard in this photo, you’re also right. IVAN IS SAFE AND OUT OF THE SHELTER.

He is in a foster home with a professional trainer who is already considering adopting him. 

7.5 months in the shelter, hitting the risk list, and he’s finally out for good.