hard livin'

baron corbin { spiders }

   NOTE: And this is my Baron Corbin version of that idea I had earlier. And Baron is kind of a grumpy fluffy asshole here. And shades of !Jealous and !Dominant Baron come through here a lil bit? Oopsie? I’m gonna do Finn next and I’m possibly going to start writing a Zack Ryder one for anyone who might be interested in those versions. – Love, Amber.

  TAGGING: @tryingtofindaplaceinthisworld and @alexablss and @believe-that-001 because I luff you guys and because this was their vote in my little poll thread. I really hope this is good and it didn’t come off with Baron being too much of a dick? I also want to tag @littledeadrottinghood just in case she likes Baron…

   WARNINGS: Partial nudity, Amber’s potty mouth, hints of !Jealous / !Dominant Baron and a really intense makeout? That’s about it, mhmm..

I’d just stripped down and I was about to step into the shower when it happened. I felt something creeping ever so slowly up my bare legs and when I looked down and I saw that eight legged, jillion eyed fucker looking up at me with those jillion buggy eyes, I cringed and I screamed, it was a scream that rivaled the scream of top horror movie scream queens but I didn’t fucking care at the time.

The panic was taking over and I was shaking and trying to flick the spider off my body, throughly grossed out and knowing that now, thanks to this, I’d feel the fucking creepy crawl all over my skin all damn day. I didn’t stop to think about how my scream might actually sound like the sound of me being butchered just down the hall from where my room mates slept, or that said room mates had gotten in on a very late flight the night before, nope.. All I thought about was how this spider was crawling up my body like a giant spider stripper pole.

But the sound of footsteps just as I’d ran out of the bathroom, after flicking the spider into a nether used corner of the bathroom clued me into the fact that no, I was not alone in the apartment and yes, I’d just been the annoying kind of room mate that awakened my sleeping room mates Baron and Corey, a color commentator and a pro wrestler from some wrestling company.

I turned to find myself body to mostly nude body against Baron’s muscular frame and all I could manage to get out was that there was a spider. In fact, I must have repeated the word eight damn times and I was shaking so bad, I had to look like a spazz to the guy. He was chuckling, giving me this slightly irritated but amused look.

Wordlessly, he side stepped me and stepped into the bathroom, emerging a few minutes later with a magazine, the corpse of the spider sitting neatly on top. He flashed me this look and bit his lip, muttering something under his breath as he stalked down the hallway and into the kitchen, turning on the garbage disposal. I could hear him laughing his ass off in the kitchen and I scowled, flipping the kitchen the middle finger while grumbling.

I am utterly confused by the guy. In the four months he and Corey have been my room mates, he’s said maybe four words to me in passing yet he’s always just kind of… Watching me? Would that be the way to describe it?

I’ll go with that.. He hardly speaks to me, he acts like I am more of an annoyance than anything and yet, he’s always watching me when he thinks I’m not aware of it.. Of the two who woke up, I’d personally figured, – or I’d hoped, it would be Corey, who I’ve actually gotten to be pretty good friends with. I never once considered that Baron would be the one waking up to my screams. I definitely never thought he’d actually come in and see if I was okay or if I were being murdered, or what.. I mean I’m at least pretty sure that Baron only tolerates me.

We were standing in the hallway and Baron was edging closer to me, his eyes flickered down to my arms, folded over my bare chest. “Get some clothes on.”

I bit my lip and stared up at him, my mouth opening and closing, torn between a smart remark and being apologetic, feeling like a teenage girl who’d just got caught going past first base with her boyfriend by her father. I’m not sure why I felt that way, but I did.. And I felt this heat, this almost static tension in the air between Baron and I, it always seems to linger whenever we have to be in a room together for more than ten seconds. But it really hit me now just how common that tension was.

“Clothes. Now.. Before Corey wakes up and sees you standin around in panties.” Baron’s voice was filled with tension but it was deeper and almost a throaty growl as he snapped the words at me. I eyed him, a brow raised but not moving an inch. { It’s kinda hot, the way he’s getting all territorial. Confusing, but hot.}

“And it’s any different than you seeing me like this to kill the  spider?” I asked finally, confused. The squeaking of Corey’s bedroom door as it opened prompted Baron to take matters into his own hands, lifting me up and stepping into the bathroom with me, banging the door shut. And then his eyes were on me, his tongue slowly gliding over his lips as he struggled with whatever it was that he was having trouble expressing.

“It just is.”

“Excuse? No, Baron, it is not.” I argued and I found myself pressed right against him when I stepped up again. His arms slid around my waist and he let this low growl escape his throat as he fixed his eyes down on my lips, licking and biting his own.  "I wouldn’t play with fire if I were you.“ he warned, gripping my hips and pressing me even closer to him before adding, ” I see the way he’s always flirting with you.“

"And? That has anything to do with this?”
“Oh it has everything to do with this.” Baron was leaning down slightly now, only to grip my ass and pull me up his body. “Because every fucking time he does it, I get pissed. He knows I want you. He knows I like you.” Baron’s words poured into my mouth as his lips found mine and he kissed me, gripping my ass and squeezing, still holding me in his arms.

I moaned and nipped at his lip, molding against him.
“What the hell?” I gasped the words as the kiss broke, more than a little shocked and definitely surprised, in a good way. He held my gaze steadily and chuckled.

“I.Want.You. And every single time Corey flirts with you, it drives me crazy. Especially when you flirt back with him.” Baron’s eyes were trailing ever so slowly over my body as he swallowed hard.  "You scared the livin hell out of me when you screamed.“ he muttered darkly, his hands moving over my curves, gripping my hips as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

” I’m not flirting back with him.“ I assured Baron as I leaned against him, looking up and giving a smug smirk. "You were worried about little ol me? Awww.. There is a sweetheart in there, somewhere. I knew it. I freaking knew it.” and Baron scoffed, smoothing his hands over my hair as his lips brushed my forehead. “If you’re not flirtin with him, why do you always stop talkin when I walk into the room?”

“Because.. He kinda knows about my huge fucking crush on you.. And I didn’t want you to overhear because you’d laugh your ass off.. Or I thought you would?” I bit my lip, looking up at him.  " I kinda thought you hated me until tonight.“ I admitted quietly.

He eyed me, obviously puzzled and then it sank in for him. "I didn’t know what to do with the way you make me feel? I definitely don’t hate ya.” he mumbled as his lips found mine again and he pulled me closer, making me suck in a harsh breath as we rubbed against each other and the friction added to the ache in my thighs and I could literally feel the wetness as it slicked the inside of them. I  gripped his hips with my legs and the kiss deepened.

“One little spider though? I fucking thought someone broke in the house and they were hurting you.” he chuckled against my lip and I nipped at his in a playful and kind of rough way, grumbling against his lips, “Asshole.. You were being so sweet too.”

“Aw, c'mon. It was cute.. Loud as hell but cute. And over a spider, no bigger than my fingertip, really?”

From behind us, we both heard Corey speak up. “Fucking finally. I was gonna lock you two in the bedroom together, but hey, kudos to the spider.” he muttered, smirking as he looked from me to Baron and then turned, walking into the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water and going back to his bedroom, door banging shut behind him.

RELAXER FROM ALT J IS A FREAKING SYMPHONY AND I’M LIVIN SO HARD DON’T EVEN TOUCH ME Update: I found the album on Deezer and I am literally shaken to my very foundations by the sound of this album get blessed by these Gods ALSO DEADCRUSH AND THE WAY PLEADER IS LITERALLY SO BACH-LIKE AND HIT ME LIKE A SNARE THAT EMBODIES FUNK AAAAAAA

The Horizon

The world won’t treat you nice on the outside
It’ll chew you up and spit you out
Be loyal, truthful, and loving to yourself inside
In time life will treat you, no doubt
Focus on the energy within
Be selfish about your goals
And never give in
To those who will drag you in deep holes
Your the commander of yourself
Don’t worry about anyone else
Besides family, couple friends, and your ownself
You where your own belts
Nothing is given
Be hardworking and adamant and keep trying
Don’t make it a hard livin
And it’ll be sunny over the horizon

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Agh! I’m always late the party! But I am still pretty happy with how far I got with my drawing. Sadly not everyone is in there but I put in as many fantastical creatures as I could. I can’t wait to meet even more whimsical character in September when Oscar’s Hotel will finally be on Vimeo. If ya haven’t seen it, here’s the Oscar’s Hotel teaser! =^w^=

P.S We are all proud of you Peej. Keep work hard & livin the storyteller dream.


Hard Livin’ - Justin Townes Earle

Fuck, this song is so addictive. I wish I knew someone who as a Justin Townes Earle fan so we could listen to his amazing stuff together. 

"round a campfire"
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