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Can You do a Roman Reigns Imagine? Where we have to share a hotel, and we get into a heated arguement which leads to rough , passionate sex?

  A/N: I’m so sorry that this took so long to get done. But I hope you love it!

Warnings: Daddy kink, strong language, shower sex (is that warning??) uuuuh, can’t think of anything else. I write before the requests before I give the warnings so sometimes I forget :P


      “I have to do what!?! No, there is no way that I’m gonna share my room with her! Come on, Triple H, can’t you just get her a different room? Hmm, I didn’t think so,” I said to Hunter over my cell phone. He had just informed me that I had to share my room with Y/N, the new WWE Diva. I guess with her being new and everything, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon forgot to book her a room so now I had to share mine with her.

     "Can’t she just sleep in her car,“ I asked, continuing my rant. But, of course, Triple H said no. (I just hope that he knew that I was joking.) He then told me to ‘be a man’ and deal with and it and said that Y/N should be up to my room in a few minutes. So I hung up the phone, unlocked the door, sat down back on my bed and kept an ear out for the newbie.

     The knocks on the door came half an hour later (‘in a few minutes’ my ass). Already I knew who it was, so I said 'the door’s unlocked’ and in walked Y/N. She had her bags in her hands and a towel around her neck, telling me that she just came from the gym. That and Y/N was wearing a tank-top and shorts. Plus, she was drenched in sweat; which, I hate to admit, was kinda hot.

    “Hey, Roman,” Y/N said to me after she closed and locked the door.

       “Hey,” I said back to her. I leaned back on my -or I guess I should say our- bed and started to play a game on my phone just to show the new comer that I wasn’t interested in anything that she had to say. Unfortunately she wasn’t getting the message.

    “Sorry you have to share your room with me,” she said. “I know that this wasn’t your idea, but-”

“You can say that again,” I retorted with a roll of my eyes.

    “I know this wasn’t your idea, but-” Y/N annoyingly repeated herself and then laughed at herself. I narrowed my eyes at her and she just shrugged her shoulders.

“What,” she asked. “You said I could say it again.”

    “You know  I didn’t mean it, smart ass. Now, why don’t you go to sleep on the couch so that way I won’t have to hear your voice anymore?”

  “Seriously, Roman? The couch? I thought that you would be a gentleman and let me have the bed.”

      “Normally I would, but you’re such a newbie that you just don’t deserve it,” I said laughing to myself.

  “Whatever,”she scoffed back, “I have to take a shower first, anyways.”

   “In that case, I think I have to pee.”

  “No you don’t; you’re just saying that cause I said that I want to take a shower!”

      “Probably. But you’re still not going in the bathroom, and there’s nothing you can do about it, Newbie.”

    I was completely wrong on that part cause after I said that, Y/N came over to the side of the bed that I was on, lifted one of her legs up and slammed it down onto my stomach.

   “Fuck,” I groaned in pain. Then I rolled on my side and watched as Y/N walked into the bathroom with a smirk on her face.

          A few minutes later and I could hear the shower running.

                                         *                *                  *

      It had been a whole hour after Y/N had started her shower, and I had to piss. Badly. But she still wasn’t out of the bathroom. So I went to the door and heard the shower still running. I knocked hard a few times, but Y/N wasn’t responding. Look, I’m a gentleman and everything, but when a man’s gotta piss, a man’s gotta piss and I ain’t tryna piss through the window. I tried the doorknob and noticed that the door was unlocked, so I opened it and saw something that made my dick hard: Y/N had the shower head in her hand and it was pointed at her pussy. The look of pleasure was all over her face. Moans were escaping her lips, but it was hard to tell what she was saying exactly, so I listened more closely. “Fuck! Ro- Roman,” she purred my name. She purred my name!

   “Me,” I accidentally asked out loud. I still couldn’t believe that shit.

       “Shit! Roman? What the hell are you doing in here,” Y/N asked in return as she dropped the shower head. She quickly covered herself up with her hands at first and then with the shower curtain.

     “Uh, I had to take a leak,” I answered, “and you were takin’ way too long. By the way, were just playin’ with yourself….and thinkin’ about me?”

    “No! Now fuck off!”

      I took a few more steps into the bathroom and and put a smirk on my face. “Baby girl, I’d rather get you off,” I replied with a wink.

    Y/N let out a nervous gulp but had let go of the shower curtain, letting me see her in her whole naked, wet, beauty. “What’re gonna do to me, Roman?”

       “Pick that shower head back up and hand it to me, Newbie.” She did what I told her to do and I chuckled. “Baby girl, you got this on the wrong setting.”

   “What do you mean, I got it on the wrong setting,” Y/N asked impatiently, making me chuckle again.

      “Cause yo got it on spray when you should have it on massage.” I changed the setting and aimed the nozzle at Y/N’s clit. I smirked when she instantly moaned. The look on her face told me that she was enjoying this more than when she was doing this to herself.

       After a while I decided to get in the tub with the newbie. So I handed her the shower nozzle, got shirtless and pants-less and sat on the side of the tub. I took the nozzle back from her and watched as she started to rub herself. I licked my lips before I smacked her hand away and put two of fingers in her glorious hole.

   “Roman, oh my god,” Y/N screamed.

     “You like that, Baby-girl,” I asked her while I pumped in and out of her. God, I wish it was my cock filling her pussy up, but I had to wait til I got her good and ready and I had a great way to do that. I slowly pulled my fingers out of her, stood up and put the shower head back where it belongs.

     “What’re you doing, baby,” Y/N asked me in an innocent voice.

       “Nuh-uh, Newbie,” I said with a wag of my index finger. “You only get to call me Daddy.”


        “Yup, just like that; sounds fuckin’ hot too. Now, bring you fine ass closer to so I can eat you out.”

     Y/N smiled as she said “yes, Daddy”.

      She moved close enough so that her lightly trimmed bush was on my chin. I dipped my head a little to give myself a small taste of her dripping pussy. It was a quick swipe of my tongue and Y/N couldn’t help but to whimper.

    “Damn, baby, you taste so good!”

           “Fuck, how do you go from hating my guts to eating me out,” Y/N wanted to know.

    “Who cares, baby,” I answered, “just let me enjoy my feast.”

     Y/N rapidly nodded her head and I lapped up her moist opening. I went slow at first, but Y/N told me to stop teasing, so I went faster earning many loud moans from the newbie. She moaned my name plenty of times, holding on to my long hair as she came on my tongue with shakes and screams.

     “Damn, Newbie. I would’ve been doin’ this to ya much sooner if I had known that you were gonna taste so sweet and sound even sweeter.” I laughed while standing up in the tub.

      “Well, I would’ve let you do it sooner if I had known that your tongue was so powerf-” Y/N cut herself off when she saw my hard cock spring at my abs after I removed my briefs. “Holy shit,” she whispered, eyeing my dick, “you’ve got a mighty hammer there, Thor.”

    “Haha, thanks, Newbie.”

      Y/N groaned in annoyance. “When are you going to stop calling me that, Roman? You know that I’m great in the ring and I’ve beaten almost all of my opponents!”

   The whole time that Y/N was ranting, she was also looking at my naked body body up and down. She saw how my cock was dripping with pre-cum and licked her lips.

    “I’ll start callin’ you by your name once you prove to me that you can take this dick. Oh, and you can stop callin’ me Daddy while we fuck…unless of course you want to keep callin’ me Daddy.” A smirk made it’s way on to my face as Y/N made an ‘o’ shape with her mouth. “Now come on, Newbie, lets get started.”

   I helped Y/N wrap her legs around my waist and I was back in her glorious hole, but this time with my thick dick. When it got in her, the newbie gasped and asked me to give her some time to adjust to my size. Once she was ready, I slowly went in and out of her and both instantly moaned. I picked up the pace some after a few more slow thrusts, and I loooooved the way she felt around my cock. I told her that and she moaned while sucking on my neck.

    “I love the way you fill me up,” she finally said. “Your cock feels so fucking          good in me, Daddy.”

    “Mmm, I see you have no problem with still callin’ me Daddy, Newbie.”

    “Aw, fucking shiiiiit,” she moaned as I continued to pound into her and suckin’ on her nipples. “Can you blame me? You’re so fucking hot!”

     Y/N saying that got my motor running faster than before. So I made it so that Y/N’s back was right on the shower wall, picked up my pace and really pounded into her tight, wet pussy. God, it felt so fuckin’ good. My long hair got in my face and I so desperately needed to see the newbie’s sex face. So I flipped my hair over and saw her staring straight back at me with a tear falling down her cheek. I knew it was from pleasure, but I still felt the need to ask.

    “You okay, Baby-girl?”

      “Fuck yeah, Daddy,” she answered, out of breath. “You’re just really hitting my G-spot and it feels so fucking good and I -ah, shit!”

    I hit Y/N’s G-spot several more times, that’s how she cut herself off that time: cause she was enjoying my D too much. But I was enjoying her P just as much, maybe even more.

    “Come on, Newbie,” I growled, “cum all over my cock!” I told her that cause I knew that she was close; I could feel it. But I wanted her moans to be captured in my mouth, so I quickly put my mouth on hers and continued to thrust into her hole.

  Our tongues fought for dominance as we kissed and moaned in each other’s mouths. A few more thrusts later and I had the newbie shaking with pleasure. Her moans vibrating in my mouth added with her pussy pulsing around my cock had me cumming my own damn self.

    “Fuck, that was hot,” I said after I finished shooting my load in Y/N’s dripping pussy. I let Y/N back down and kissed her passionately on the lips.

   “I know, best sex ever,” Y/N replied. “But I took your dick. Hell, I loved taking it. So, I guess that means that you’re not gonna call me Newbie anymore, right?”

   I smirked at her before caressing her cheek. “That’s right, Y/N.” Her eyes lit up when I said her name. “Now lets get washed up and then go to bed together, Newbie.”

Mad Sounds [Modern!Kylo x reader]

Summary: Moving to a new place comes with its headaches… and its perks. Your new neighbor Kylo appears to be a pain at first, but your acquaintance will help you out in a surprising way.

A/N: I had a quick idea this morning and I ran with it… and it turned into 1600 words! I feel like this might be able to go on, but it’ll be a one shot for now. If you have any ideas, I’m open to anything! (Also, I wrote this on my phone and briefly reviewed it. Do not be afraid to point out any errors. I’m a staunch proofreader, but even I miss things. Do not be embarrassed to tell me! On this or any of my fics.)

Warnings: Minor language, assault/implied assault, violence.

Living in an apartment was not as glamorous as you had hoped. You had fought your parents tooth and nail about moving out of state. You wanted a new beginning on your own. And, boy, did you get it.

For the last 3 months, you had been blessed with the realities of apartment life: constant maintenance calls and upstairs neighbors. At least the maintenance was the responsibility of the property managers. The neighbor nuisance, however, was solely yours.

He wasn’t a bad neighbor, not really. It’s just that he walked with a heavy foot. You almost wondered if you had moved in below a bowling alley.

You were in the apartment for a week before you got the courage to confront him. It was particularly bad that night, the stomping and the clatter of who knows what banging against your ceiling.

The metal stairs banged under your feet as you climbed to the second floor, foolishly imitating your neighbor’s practices. You wanted him to know you were coming.

Knocking hard five times, your heart raced. The anger-fueled adrenaline had worn off and now you were scared, too frozen to turn around and go back downstairs.

The lock clicked and the handle rattled and sent your heart into your throat.

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Shu Headcanon (Jealous Wife Edition)

Ugh you hated her…
This new sacrifice bride. She’s blonde and blue eyed, even has a nice pert body.
Worst of all…she gets along with Shu.
It was only because she played instruments that he began speaking with her.
At first you couldn’t blame her for turning to Shu out of the brothers.
He was the least scary and relaxed.
The obvious flirting had you balling your fists so hard. Heck, you just might do a Subaru and hit a wall!
‘I don’t like it..’ You sigh leaning against the garden wall. Subaru was out walking when you joined him. He was the easiest to talk to out of the others.
'Tell him.’
'Hum? No way, he’ll only find it funny!’ You roll your eyes. 'Unless..’
'He wouldn’t..stop being paranoid…’ He answered your minds question.
'But he could take another wife..?’
Subaru looked up at you frowning.
'Okay!! Fine! He wouldn’t! I’ll leave you alone!’ You give him an apologetic smile and start walking back to your room.
Maybe you were being paranoid. Subaru would have told the truth. He liked his eldest brother.
You nod, its all in your head! Stop being silly! Shu was your husband!
'Shu?’ You call him as you enter your room, 'Shall we go for a walk? Or go somewhere else?’
You felt excited at spending time with Shu.
He was laying in the bed, his eyes closed.
'What’s that supposed to mean?’ You smile and climb on top of him.
'I’m tired..’
'You’re always tired!’ You grin and cuddle up to him, catching how good he smells.
'It’s a bother..walking..’
'I can’t carry you…’ You poke him.
'I’d rather stay here.’
You settle for this instead, cuddling Shu was just as satisfying. Although he rarely spend any time with you outside anymore.
His arms moved around you and kept you tight to him. You smile feeling so much better now.
'Hey Shu?? Can you help me practice again today?’ A high voice came from the door.
Your heart began hammering angrily in your chest.
No fair! Why is she here?!
You hold onto him tighter.
As if she wasn’t rude enough by shouting through your door, she opens it and lets herself in.
'Shu? Come on lazy..’ She smiles.
You can’t believe it!
Are you invisible?!?!
Can’t she see you on top of him???
Shu stirs and looks over at her.
'Come and help me practice!’ She repeats, 'I’d ask Laito, but he’s always so touchy! Anyway he can’t play as good as you..’
A dark fire builds inside you.
Shu sighs.
You look up at him.
He starts to move, and you can only think of holding him to stop him.
'Huh?’ He looks down at you desperately clinging onto his shirt. Your eyes pleading for him to stay.
If he goes with her now..maybe you have lost him.
'Shu?! Come on..’ She rolls her eyes playfully. She knows exactly what’s going on here. She wants to destroy you…
'Shu..’ You whisper, raw emotion caught in your throat. Your eyes locked on his.
He pulls you closer to him and kisses you.
'Not now..I’m with my wife.’ He says, his voice sounding hard. 'And next time knock before you interrupt us.’
You sigh in relief and bury your face into his chest.
'Ah…I-I’m sorry I..you said yesterday you would help?’ She stammers, trying to think of something quick.
'I’m busy.’ Shu states coldly.
'But you’re just laying…’
'Out..get out.’ His voice is dark and even sends a shiver down your spine.
A voice no one would argue with.
'I’m with my wife.’
She nods and make her way to the door to leave but not before seeing Shu pin you back down on the bed and kiss you hard.


There’s this kind… man… on the other side of the door…

He’s very humerus. I like him.

There’s also this ghost… I think… that usually follows me around whenever I’m alone. But that’ll be another story for another time.

Remember me, Part 3 - Thomas Jefferson x Reader


Warning: Implied smut, FLUFF TO MAKE UP FOR THE ANGST

Originally posted by burryham

Next to Y/N Thomas couldn’t fall asleep. She had fallen asleep easily, holding his hand and mumbling something inaudible. Her bag was still under the bed with all her clothes, tomorrow she would probably put the clothes back.

Thomas felt so sorry for her and he tried so hard to remember her. Staring at her peaceful face he tried to grasp a memory, but it was impossible.

Eventually he drifted off to sleep and dreamt.

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Since Oliver was having a hard time knocking the “I do what I want” attitude out of Rene, he decided to let Alex take over for a few days with his training at the DEO. Rene’s first impression was “A girl trainer, this will be a cake walk.” 3 days later and he could hardly move and begged Oliver to take him back as his superior.


and 800-ball free throw? that’s a 2400 point basketball shot right there.

7 Nights of Got7: JB & Youngjae

As Noona passed Jackson and Mark’s room she remembered that he wanted to see her. What about? She stood in front of the elevator door her fingers on her lips as she thought about Jinyoung and how he made her feel. God, she hadn’t had a man in…she wasn’t going to lie. It had been two solid years and here she was with the promise of a night of pleasure from two men at one time. That was every woman’s fantasy. Hell, it was probably the fantasy of all their fangirls but how would that even work? Staring at herself in the burnished doors of the elevator she adjusted her shirt, and took a deep breath steadying her heart. 

She walked back to the door and knocked hard one time waiting for them to answer. A white haired Jackson opened the door wide, still shirtless smiling at her as he leaned against the doorframe. “Noona, if I order some dinner will you bring it up?” 

She raised an eyebrow at him. “Is that it? No, Jackson I will not. I will have one of the servers do it, and please put on a shirt for modesty when they do. Is that all?” 

She heard Mark shuffling around. “Actually no, there are oncheons here? Which ones can we use?” 

Now that was a valid question. “There are signs pointing, to the washrooms before you get there and more signs directing which baths you can use according to temperature and minerals therein. We boost to be one of the few mineral water oncheons in Korea.” She smiled very proud of the location of her grandfather’s hotel. 

“Will you join us?” Mark asked, peeking from behind Jackson. “Maybe later on tonight?” 

She felt her face get warm again, and struggled to maintain composure. “As manager that would be inappropriate. You are however; high valued guests and I will say it’s better to go after 6pm to be truly alone. I have to get back to work.” 

“You never answered my question from earlier, Noona.” Mark laid his hand on Jackson’s shoulder, Jackson who was currently winking at her and biting his lower lip. 

She turned from the door, her head slightly inclined towards them. “That was?” 

“Do you stay in the hotel somewhere? Live here? Or do you live in town?” Jackson grinned as Mark spoke. 

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath weighing the options she had if she chose to lie. “I live on the property. A small place behind the hotel. My grandfather chooses to live in the hotel. Why?” 

Jackson clucked his tongue. “Shouldn’t have said that Noona…”

“Now we can keep you close.” Mark answered her. “See you later Noona, thank you.” 

He closed the door quickly and she bit her lip wondering what connotations that could have. The rest of the day seemed to go by smoothly. Meals were served, sheets changed, patrons taken care of. No one else signed in but the following month, there were 10 reservations which made her smile. Her grandfather was in his room, drinking his evening tea when she took her laptop up to the top floor to where he stayed. 

“Son-nyeo.” ( 손녀) He called, walking slowly around a corner. 

“Yes, harabeoji, ( 할아버지 ) it’s me. I’ve come to look over the days expenses and whatnot with you.” She stopped at the edge of the living room watching him sit down slowly on the couch. 

His aging face showed his pain, as he finally sat down and sighed heavily. “Don’t you have something else to do? Go drinking with some friends? Meet a nice man? Give me great-grandchildren?” 

She rolled her eyes, smiling as she walked over to the couch sitting next to him, “I’m too busy for that Harabeouji, besides you like it that I am so close to you.” 

He grunted but smiled, sitting back waiting for her to start speaking. “Today was a good profit day, the guests are pleased and we even had some reviews come in from the last month.” 

“Reviews?” He shook his head. “Skip onto those idol boys who are staying here. I don’t want any trouble from them. Idols…” He scoffed. 

“They are fine. Besides, having them here could do some good. They will post pictures and get some people in. Especially foreigners bringing money.”

The aging man groaned. “You are doing a fine job, you don’t need their help.” 

“I haven’t even asked them harabeouji. I won’t either. I’m just depending on them to take pictures and people see that way.” 

She went over a few of the funds with him, and when he grew tired she helped him to bed. The lamp on his bedside she set to a lower light setting. 

“Goodnight harabeouji.” She said kissing his head. 

As she turned away the older man took her hand. “Don’t be so uptight. Have fun and live. Your father…my son.” His voice cracked a little. “He would have wanted you to smile more. You have his work ethic, he put that in you I see.” 

Tears threatened at her eyes,  remembering the only man she ever knew as a father. “I miss him too.” 

The older man nodded, letting her go as he closed his eyes for sleep. Later that night, in her own place, she looked out the window at the hotel. There was a night staff, and they knew to call her should anything go wrong. She turned from the window, slipping on a robe over her naked body. She choose to live in this place because there was a secluded oncheon here. The water ran about 75 degrees, perfect for her and the only way here was a small lit path from the opposite side of the hotel. She was alone, it was quiet and here in her own oncheon she could relax and unwind from the day. It was also how her skin stayed so soft and exfoliated. 

She had soft lights installed around the oncheon, they changed form blue to green to red. Her hair piled on her head, tomorrow was wash day, having thick 4A hair could be a struggle but with the right products she had grown her hair long and healthy. Removing her robe, she set it on a chair near the hot spring, and dipped one leg into the water. It bubbled and brewed, and soon she was neck deep inside of it leaning her head back against the cool rocks. She wasn’t in for 10 minutes, when she heard a sound outside of the 10 foot wooden fence around the oncheon. The sound of feet and voices that grew near. She was about to get out, but remembered how naked she was when a jiggle came at the door that lead here. 

“Go away! This is private property! The hotel oncheons are back down the path, behind the hotel and to the right!” She said in Korean, wondering if it was a guest. 

“Noona?” Her eyes opened wide recognizing JB’s voice. “Are you in there?” He didn’t wait to see if it was her, and opened the fence door. 

“It is her.” Youngjae answered for him, walking in his shorts behind JB. “Good evening Noona.”

“You can’t be in here!” She hissed. “This is where I live. Privately!” Covering her chest, as she tried to get to the middle of the pool. 

They stalked around her like wolves, eyes on her when JB stopped picking up her robe. “Are you naked noona? Enjoying the mineral waters on your skin?” 

Youngjae grinned, getting down into a squat as his dark hair fell in front of one eye. “We followed the path thinking it would lead us to another oncheon. Maybe one with cooler waters, more minerals, but we found you instead.” 

Rolling her eyes, she grit her teeth as Jinyoung’s words came floating back into her mind. “Noona calm down. Have you ever had two men dying to please you?”

She spoke through clenched teeth. “Mark told you I was here, don’t lie to me Youngjae.” 

“Youngjae doesn’t lie.”Jaebum interrupted, sliding into the water. He kept his distance from her, but his eyes were hot coals over her flesh. 

She backed to another end of the pool. “I never said you could get in! This is my private pool.” 

She heard a splash and felt fingers glide up her back. “You kept the best one to yourself it looks like.” Youngjae laughed as she spun to face him. 

“Feels like that doesn’t it Youngjae?” JB was right behind her, his hands on her shoulders as he began to massage her flesh. “Why are you so testy Noona?” 

She couldn’t move, Youngjae was in front of her trying to pry her hand from her chest, and JB was behind her massaging her shoulders. She was trying not to feel the pressure of the day melt away through his touch, but his hands were firm and knowledgeable as they caressed her. Slowly, her hands fell away from her chest, and Youngjae kissed her knuckles.

“There we go. Not so nervous now. Why are you so shy?” Youngjae asked, his hand cupping her chin. 

“I’m not. I’m just…I’m naked in the hot spring with two men, how else do you expect me to act?” She tried to move from JB’s touch but he held her in place. 

JB chuckled. “You could command us.” 

Perking up Youngjae lovingly touched along her jaw. “Sounds like fun, you could tell us what to do.” 

“Ok.” Moving Youngjae’s hand from her face, and shrugging Jaebum off she moved to a corner. “You can leave.” 

The two men looked at each other and then laughed. They separated and she realized they were trying to corral her. She couldn’t go left or right, and if she made a break for the middle, they would both easily catch her. Why was tonight like this? She should have known no good would come from inviting BamBam and his flirty ass members. Idols! Just as she thought to climb out the oncheon, she would be exposed. Licking her lips, she glanced quickly at Youngjae and JB who were waiting on her to make a move. Feinting left, Jaebum quickly moved to catch her, she hurried right and when Youngjae started to go that way she fled towards the middle, and hoped she could get out and grab her robe in enough time. 

Too late. 

Strong arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her close to a hot chest. The heartbeat of the owner flying a mile a minute, as a hearty laugh belonging to Youngjae sounded in her ear. 

“Feisty, I like it.” He said, placing love bites along her ear. 

Jaebum was in front of her, his hands on her waist, tracing the V of her womanhood. “Youngjae enjoys a good chase, what do you think Noona? Should he hold your arms while I fuck you senseless?” 

His lips hovered over hers, as she felt Youngjae’s hands creep up the flat expanse of her stomach to her chest. He found the orbs of flesh there and began to knead them. His fingertips swirling around her nipples before pulling at them gently. She couldn’t. Could she? Licking her lips, her tongue touched JB’s hovering lips and he took that as a yes. His mouth covering hers quickly, his tongue pushed into her mouth, taking what he wanted. she could feel Youngjae growing hard behind her, his length pressing against her ass, his mouth on her neck. Even in the water she could feel the slickness between her thighs growing, and when soft fingers penetrated her folds she let out the breath she had been holding into JB’s mouth. 

His fingers scissor kicking back and forth against her clit, she bucked her hips into his touch suddenly feeling incredibly wanton. She leaned her head back against Youngjae’s shoulder and he kissed along her jaw, pulling at her nipples as she let out small groans. 

“Do you want it?” She heard Youngjae whisper. “Hyung and I can make you feel good. We can give you what you need. Just say the word.” 

Noona closed her eyes tight, a sensory overload on the way as JB licked the hollow of her throat, and slipped a finger inside of her. She gasped, nodding her head quickly.

“Youngjae asked you to speak, Noona. Tell him what you want.” JB growled, nipping at her throat. 

“Both of you.” She ground out through clenched teeth. “Your mouths on me.” 

Then the contact was gone. She heard moving water, and she was alone in the mineral water. Opening her eyes, she saw them drying off, the evidence of their arousal sticking from their swimming shorts. 

Looking at each other they grinned, then looked at her, Jaebum holding his hand out for her. “Come on Noona, show us your room.” 

She was on her back on her king sized bed. The lights off, the only light was from the nightlight in the hall shining faintly into the room. Enough that she could see both men near the foot of the bed. It was Youngjae who was kissing up her thighs, and so close to her core. His warm breath on her slit, he let his tongue drag slowly up her slit, sucking briefly. JB was climbing the bed, his lips a feather touch on her ribs, licking the underside of her breast, his tongue swirling around an areola. 

She closed her eyes, when Jb’s teeth lightly pinched her nipple just when Youngjae parted her thighs, and dove his tongue into her peach. He lapped at her, tongue slapping at her clit, his fingers pushing into her body. 

“Do you like what Youngjae is doing, Noona?” He can change it up, if you want. Give him instruction.” JB claimed her mouth, as he pulled at her nipple, massaging the heavy mound. 

He released her from the kiss only to slip off his wet trunks, palming himself in front of her. “Talk to him Noona.” 

“Y-Youngjae.” She barely got out, he was currently sucking on her clit. His mouth making love to her. 

He said nothing humming his response making her body buck on the bed. She was so close.

“Youngjae…” Her hands grabbing his hair, as she felt herself climbing the peak. She was no good at dirty talk, what should she say. 

“Tell him something, or I’ll fill your mouth.” Jaebum rubbed his shaft across her lips, hissing from the contact. 

“Flick your tongue faster, I want two fingers going slow inside me.” She huffed out instruction, barely conscious as her body felt him doing just what she asked. 

He moved his hand in and out. Gently, slowly, how did he keep time with his tongue moving like a hurricane? true to his word, Jaebum rubbed his tip over her lips, holding her jaw as he opened her mouth. “Suck.” His one word command, making her wetter.

She opened her mouth and felt him heavy and salty on her tongue. Jaebum moved his hips back and forth, grasping her hair to hold her up so he could fuck her mouth. Tears threatened at her eyes, this was too much, she couldn’t hold on. 

“Come for me.” Youngjae said in between kissing her pearl and licking her. His tongue finding it’s way inside her, Noona gripped the sheets, a mouth full of cock and a cunt assaulted by a monstrous tongue she let go and saw the light.

“My turn.” She heard JB say, and the bed moved beneath her. She tried to turn on her side, but Jaebum was between her legs, stroking his tip against her, as Youngjae lifted her body to slide under her. 

“I don’t think-” She started to say, mouth dry.

Youngjae’s hard shaft slid against her slit and she realized he was wetting himself before he pressed gently against her anus. “Don’t think, Noona, just let us work.” 

Gently, he worked inside. The burning, stretching feeling overriding her senses until she felt JB penetrate her slit. The thickness of him stretching her channel briefly before he pulled back out again. 

“So tight.” JB spoke. Adjusting his body so he wouldn’t fall on top of her and Youngjae. 

Youngjae was halfway inside her, and she was holding onto Jaebum’s arms for dear life. “Indeed she is, relax jagiya.” Youngjae held onto her breasts for support rubbing his thumb over her nipples as he pushed his way inside. 

Once more Jaebum leaned down and jack hammered his way inside her, waiting for her to adjust to him. He licked his tongue over her lips. “Do you like it Noona?” 

Youngjae was inside her as well, sitting heavy in her gut or at least it felt that way. “Want us to move, say the word.”

One of them made himself twitch inside her, or it was both and she almost saw stars. Legs open wide for their assault to begin. She couldn’t breathe, she could barely think. “Move.” 

Together they started their pace. In perfect synchronization, in and out they slid. The feeling of two shafts, two mouths, and a set of hands on her breasts was mind blowing. Jinyoung had been right. She was panting, and begging. Sucking on JB’s tongue as Youngjae flicked his against her neck. 

“Tell me you want it harder.” Youngjae spoke. “I want to pound your ass.” 

“Let him pound you Jagi.” Jaebum said as he slammed into her. “I want to hear you scream.” 

“Yes.” Her arms around JB’s neck, Youngjae’s hand found her waist, his hips now moving fast, the sound of her ass slapping against his pelvis loud in the room. 

It was the fast movement beneath her and the teasingly slow, sensual workout of JB that made her shake, and her flesh burn. It made her sweat overtime, and her channel tighten around the leader. His words of affection and Youngjae’s dirty talk backing him up, that caused her body to stiffen like a corpse and made her orgasm. The warm sensation of seed leaking from her slit when JB’s body moved from her, and the rigid feeling of her ass, when Youngjae slipped free of her that caused her to come a third time. 

In the darkness, as she calmed her breathing and they rubbed and kissed her into oblivion she chuckled softly. 

“What’s so funny?” JB asked curled against her back. 

“Nothing…just. My grandfather said I should relax.” She felt Youngjae slap her thigh. 

“Noona! How inappropriate.” 

“He’s right. You can’t bring up your grandfather now.” JB pinched her ass. 

Youngjae clicked his tongue. “She needs to be punished hyung.”

JB hummed softly, his hands on her thighs holding one of them up. “Should I hold her?

Youngjae pressed himself close to her, his shaft finding her in the darkness. “Please.” 

Chapter Four


i know a lot of us have anxiety, right? i do. i’m on medication for it. but like the easiest way to explain this is that i lost a tiny jar of lip balm. it only cost a dollar and some change. i have two other ones in different flavors and several other types of lip balm. but knowing that i lost this particular lip balm caused me to just stress so much that i ended up driving 12-15 minutes to walgreens just to get another one. i don’t even use this lip balm every day. i didn’t need it. i had others. but because i didn’t have that particular flavor i just couldn’t move on until i either found it (and i looked everywhere for it) or purchased another one

and this is not the first time i’ve done stuff like this. does anyone else do this to? is it just my anxiety going nuts or what? i don’t wanna ask my psych because he’s gonna suggest seeing a therapist or doing group therapy and i don’t wanna do that lol 

The Middle: Three Major Lessons (Almost) Two Years at FIT Have Taught Me

It has been 467 days since my parents dropped me off in front of FIT’s doors. That is roughly 11,000 hours of my life spent as a business student at one of the top fashion schools in the country, if not the world.

In that time I have faced more here than any amount of time spent outside of New York before my college years. It’s true what they say: New York will eat you up and spit your pretty little self back out on the concrete. But, looking back from the half way point I finally understand what they mean when they say you will come out the other side a better, tougher, and even more stylish person. Being at FIT is the same deal. You are constantly surrounded by people with the drive of a Duracell bunny and the talent to match. There really is no better place to grow and get a serious reality check. Here are three very important lessons that as a sophomore going into her fourth semester can lay on you.

Lesson #1: Heels to a Monday 8 AM are NEVER a good idea.

Everyone thinks it before they come to fashion school: we all run around all hours of the morning and night in our best 6-inch stilettos. Wrong. Expectation: we drown ourselves in the biggest labels, the greatest designers, and are always dressed to the nines at all possible moments. We don’t believe in even going to the deli down the street without a full face of makeup and our Louboutins. Reality: alongside rent, tuition, and paying to live in a city that robs you of at least twenty dollars every time you step out your apartment doors, we go for affordable (but chic, of course) looks. Look around your morning classes and what will you see? Undoubtedly a group of twenty something’s that look like… wait for it. Normal college students. Ok, maybe not your typical sweatpants and hoodie duds, but we certainly don’t (all) look like we just stepped off the set of The Real Housewives. Fashion students are people too.

Lesson #2: Everything you think you already know is wrong.

We’re all guilty of it— we’ve watched The Devil Wears Prada a million and one times and can quote every line from every episode of Sex and the City so of course we think we know it all. It’s okay, it happened. It’s over. Time to move forward. Living and working in New York is not always like the movies. I can guarantee that working in the fashion industry is not what you think. One of the greatest things I have learned in my three internships thus far is to always listen and absorb everything happening around you, and throw everything you think you know out the window. Everyone starts at the same place: the bottom. You are not entitled to anything when you are just starting out, so be prepared to learn, learn, learn and work, work, work.

Lesson #3: Nothing is handed to you, ever.

I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or however many connections you have coming into fashion school, we all have to prove that we have the drive, the passion, and the commitment to go after what we want. It’s a hard-knock and often times stressful life as a fashion student. You’ve got to remember that nothing happens by just waiting around and hoping. You have to make the effort. Pick up the phone, send an email, and scour the Internet to find out what you need in order to move forward. For every internship you apply to, there are seas of other candidates that want that spot. For every paper or article you write, there are twenty others for your professor to read. You aren’t ever going to be handed the opportunity of a lifetime, you’ve got to create the opportunities for yourself because once you get there it will feel a hundred more times as satisfying. Trust me.

Note: This article was written as part of my final project for my fashion journalism class in December 2013.

REQUEST: Hello! Can I request a Bucky x Reader imagine in which the Reader (pregnant) is captured by HYDRA (not knowing she’s pregnant), and Bucky saves her? Please and thanks! Also, feel free to tweak the plot however you want.



You were pregnant.

That one word appeared at the end of the pregnancy test forever changing your life. It was good news. You were really happy that you were expecting and you knew that your husband would be too.

You two had been trying for a few months to have a baby and now that you were pregnant, you couldn’t wait. People always told you that one day you would be a great mother because of your strong motherly instinct. You were always the one taking care of friends and making sure they were okay mentally and physically.

Tons of ideas of how you wanted to tell your husband Bucky about your pregnancy swarmed into your head. Should you do something elaborate or keep it simple? After a while, you decided to make him his favorite dinner and tell him during.

You needed to make a grocery store run to get some items for dinner. The grocery store that you preferred to shop at was only a few blocks from your apartment.

It didn’t take you long to go there, get what you needed and make it back to your apartment building. As you rode up the elevator to your floor, your phone started ringing. It was in the back pocket of your jeans. You used your free hand to grab it.

Bucky was calling you. You smiled a little as you saw his photo on your screen. The contact picture that you set for him was one your took his him sleeping. He had a small smile on his face and looked completely at peace.

“Hey Bucky.” You answered.

“Hey babe. What are you doing?”

“I’m on my way back to the apartment. I had to do some errands.” The elevator opened to your floor and you stepped out.

“I’m still doing some training with Steve and Sam. I should be home by seven.”

“Having fun with the boys?”

You heard him chuckle a little, “Yeah, we always have fun trying to kick each other’s asses.”

You laughed, “Don’t let them hurt you or I will have to go over there and set them straight.”

“I’m sure they would be terrified of you.”

As you approached your apartment door, you saw that it was slightly opened. You knew that it couldn’t be from when you left previously because you had made sure to lock it.

“Bucky, I think someone broke into our apartment.” You said, feeling scared and violated. You had never been in a situation where someone broke in your home or stole something from you.

“What?! (Y/n), what is going on?”

“The door was opened and I remembered to lock it before I left.” You took a step back and felt someone behind you. Before you could turn around to see who it was, you felt a sharp pain like a needle was being pressed into your neck.

Your body went limp as you dropped your groceries and phone, Bucky yelling at the other end of the line.


You felt groggy like you had been napping when you finally woke up. Trying to move, you realized that you were stuck. You glanced down and saw your hands were linked down to the chair you were seated in.

The room that you were in were looked like a jail cell. There were bars along one of the walls. The stone floors and walls made it chilly. You shivered as you tried to look around for anything that could help you out.

You didn’t allow yourself to stress or break down. You had to stay calm for the baby. You needed to.

Bucky was going to find you. He was on the phone when you were taken. He had to know that something was wrong. You had complete faith that he was coming to you.

You heard a door opening from somewhere nearby. Footsteps were getting closer and closer. You saw a man wearing a lab coat appear on the other side of the bars.

“Glad to see that you are awake, (Y/n).” He had a slight accent. The man was average height with a bald head and bright green eyes. You had never seen him before and wondered what the hell he would want with you.

“Where am I?” You asked him keeping your tone even. The more frantic you were the more he would enjoy it. You couldn’t let him see you upset.

“You are somewhere in the Swiss Alps. Don’t worry. We are secluded here. Not even your Winter Soldier could find you.” He chuckled.

“Who are you? I’ve never met you before. I couldn’t have possibly done something to hurt you. Why did you take me?” Your voice raised a bit and you saw him smile.

“Who I am is not important but you are right. We haven’t met….. but your husband and I have. When he abandoned us here, he left us very upset. He had a job to do and he failed. He owes us.”

“Us? Who are you referring to?”

“Why, Hydra of course. So, since we can’t have him, we decided to get the next best thing….. you.”

“I’m a normal person. I don’t have any special abilities. I’m sure you are going to be very disappointed when you find that out.” You told him. You had been gripping the arms of the chair so hard that your knuckles were turning white.

“We know that you don’t have any special abilities, (Y/n)….. but you will when we are done with you.”


You had been left alone for quite some time. You sat and waited in agony for whatever hydra had in store for you. You couldn’t let them do any tests on you. Not with the baby’s life on the line. Whatever they did to you could harm the baby and you wouldn’t let that happen.

You rested your head against the back of the chair and looked up. There was a skylight at the top of your cell. You could faintly see the stars shining in the sky.

Then you saw something big flash across the sky. You knew instantly that it was the quinjet. Your heart was hammering in your chest. It’s like you could feel that Bucky was near. The relief ran through your veins.

You were going to be okay.

The door to your cell opened and in walked in another stranger. He was carrying a tray with multiple syringes on it.

“What are those?” You asked nervously. You didn’t want any of those things near you.

He didn’t answer you. He just walked closer and set the tray on the ground.

Then, you heard multiple explosions going off and gunshots. The man froze for a second before hurrying and grabbing a syringe and moving closer to you.

You waited for the perfect moment before you leaned forward and head butted the man as hard as you could. He fell to the ground and dropped the syringe he was holding. Its liquid spilling near him.

“Bucky!” You shouted as loud as you could. “Bucky! Help!”

“(Y/n)!” You heard Bucky yell back. He had found you.

Bucky rushed into your cell and over to the chair you had been held in. He broke off the metal that was wrapped around your wrists that linked you to the chair before breaking the ones around your ankles.

Before you could throw your arms around him, the man that tried to inject you with who knows what, stirred from his little nap. He grabbed a syringe and rushed towards Bucky.

Bucky grabbed his arm easily, blocking him. He shoved the guy towards the stone wall. He hit his head hard, knocking him out this time.

Bucky went back over to you and pulled you into his arms.

“You saved us.” You said, tears pricking in your eyes. You felt safe for the first time in hours. The anticipation of what they were going to do to you was the worst of all.

“You’re okay, (Y/n). You are safe now. I got you and I’m never letting go.” Bucky reassured you.


On the ride back home, you sat next to Bucky on the quinjet. Nat was driving with Clint while Steve and Wanda were discussing something nearby.

Bucky wrapped a blanket around you, keeping his arm around your shoulders, “You warm enough?”

“I’m getting there,” You told him as you nuzzled into his side more. “How were you able to locate me so quickly?”

Bucky reached over and grabbed your left hand. He touched your wedding ring with his finger, “When we got married, I had Tony put a tracker in your ring. I guess I’ve been worried about something like this happening all along. I have one too in my band. I hope you don’t think that’s weird. I’ve never tracked your location before until now.”

You shook your heard, “No, it’s not weird Bucky. I’m glad you did it or else I would still be stuck there.”

“I’m so sorry this happened to you. I can’t believe that Hydra wanted to use you to get back at me for not being their mindless puppet anymore.”

“I’m okay, Buck. I just need to start going with you to training. I want to be able to kick the next guy’s ass that tries to kidnap me.” You joked trying to lighten the mood. You didn’t want him to feel guilty.

Bucky chuckled. It was quiet for a moment before Bucky spoke again, “When you hugged me back there, you said ‘you saved us.’ What did you mean by that?”

You hadn’t realized that you let that slip. You looked up at him and saw that he was waiting for your answer. “Oh, I uh, I sort of wanted to tell you under different circumstances.”

Bucky pulled away a little to see you better, “Wanted to tell me what?”

You took a deep breath, “Bucky….. you’re going to be a father.”

At first Bucky didn’t say anything and you worried that he wasn’t happy. “You’re–”

You nodded, “I’m pregnant.”

A smile broke across his face, “I’m going to be a dad!”

The others heard his news and rushed over to you too. Nat putting the jet on autopilot thankfully.

You were hugged by the others before Bucky pulled you into his arms.

“I can’t believe it! We are going to be parents!” He kissed you softly making your heart soar.

“Congratulations guys. You two are going to be amazing parents.” Steve said.

You wrapped your arms around your husband and looked over at Steve, “Thank you. I’m really nervous about it though.”

Nat stepped forward and touched your shoulder lightly, “You have nothing to be nervous about.”

“You’ll be great.” Wanda smiled.

Bucky squeezed you a little drawing your attention back at him. He was still smiling. It’s like his smile was tattooed on his face. “You will be a wonderful mother.”

“Just like you’ll be a wonderful father.” You smiled.

Poe Andor Erso

Can you imagine if Jyn and Cassian were Poe’s parents and what would that be like?

Cassian teaching Poe how to fly from an early age while K-2SO is in the next seat rattling off probabilities of the likelihood of all of them dying a horrible death because a toddler is piloting a fighter jet.

Jyn teaching Poe how to fight and never giving up. Her calling Poe her stardust every time she tucks him in at night. She constantly reassures Poe how much she loves him and vows to never abandon him. 

Poe learning the ways of the Force from Chirrut Imwe. Chirrut and Poe having daily meditation sessions. Poe and Chirrut being the best swindlers in the Rebellion. Everybody always underestimates a scrappy kid and a blind former monk. Those two are banned from almost every pool house and casino in the galaxy. Cassian disapproves of it while Jyn finds it hilarious.

Baze being the gruff scary uncle that secretly has a soft spot for kid Poe. He lets Poe clamber onto his back and shoulder for piggyback rides. He likes to give Poe a hard time to knock down his ego, but the second anybody threatens Poe, Baze gets full mamma bear mode on. The other kids in the Rebellion learns not to mess with Poe unless they want a big burly guy swinging a gun in their faces. Baze is one of the best listeners and doesn’t try to offer Poe any advice on what to do. 

Bodhi would be the one to teach Poe about the shades of grey in the Empire. He would let Poe know that this War is complicated and messy and that there are real people in those storm trooper masks and drones. Bohdi gives Poe lots of piloting tips as well. Cassian and Bodhi actually has a slight rivalry on who can teach Poe to be the better pilot.The joke is on them when Poe turns out to be the best pilot in the galaxy. Bodhi is like a gentle big brother while Chirrut and Baze are like married uncles.

K-2SO would be Poe’s resentful sibling who is always longing for the days when it was just him and Cassian. K-2SO would unintentionally teach Poe how to be the ultimate Sass master, which pisses off Jyn. She can barely handle one snarky kid let alone two. K-2SO often sprouts out how much qualities did Poe inherit from his parents. All of the positive characteristics are attributed to Cassian and all of the negative ones comes from the Erso side. Even though K-2SO acts like he can’t stand Poe, he is genuinely hurt when Poe bonded with BB-8. The two eventually reconciled and K-2SO treats BB-8 like the unwanted family pet. 

Cassian singing gentle lullabies to Poe and filling his head with heroic stories of  the Rebellion. There are other stories that he refuses to talk about. Ones that fills him with shame and makes him turn away from Poe’s trusting eyes. Maybe once when Poe is older, Cassian would tell him about those stories but for now stories of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, stories of  hope, are the ones that is Poe’s creed to live by.

Poe thinks that Jyn is the most beautiful mom in the galaxy with her shining moonbeam eyes and her strong voice. Jyn is Poe’s warrior. She is a bit awkward with her love. She’s one of those new moms who freaks over everything and thinks that she is going to ruin this kid. Over time, this fear lessens but she is still slightly worried that she wouldn’t be a good mom liker her parents. Jyn is unashamed of her past, even if it is shady. She admits with great reluctance on how she was wrong to be so complicit and that you should take a stand. 

Poe Andor Erso growing up with a pretty unconventional family but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Poe finding two other misfits and Rogue One crew welcoming Rey and Finn into their ragtag family. Imagine Rogue One growing and expanding into a family full of love and heroes. 

I just think Cassian and Jyn being Poe’s parents would be a cool connecting point and most importantly, everybody would be alive!!

This got longer than I expected. Based on @dashingicecream‘s angsty Elderburn pic from the RWBY Rock!AU. Because I apparently can write things other than ridiculous fluff. Once again, sorry for being late.

Winter stood in front of the hotel room door staring at the wood with her hands curled into fists at her sides, silently commanding it to bend to her will and admit her entry. Quite frankly, that somehow promised to be an easier task than convincing her girlfriend to open the blasted obstacle, and she was putting considerable effort into not taking that personally.

To some extent, she understood. Yang had retreated from the rest of the band- the rest of the world, really- in the wake of the attack and trauma of that severity left long, deep scars on a person. The blonde had always preferred handling her issues in secret so as not to burden others; she was the first to offer help and the last to accept it. Winter always thought of it as charming and selfless but now it vexed her to the core because, where before she’d stood as an exception to that rule, now she was perhaps the one it applied to most of all. Her girlfriend refused to accept her calls, the hospital staff wouldn’t let her visit since she wasn’t family, and Ruby’s attempts to bridge the gap had stressed the young woman out almost to capacity. Weiss wasn’t much help, either; she was too preoccupied with Blake- also recovering from injury- to boss the drummer into not being so difficult. Winter couldn’t fault her sister for that.

However, being shut out like this… it troubled her more deeply than she could’ve imagined. She was a Schnee, after all, and burying her emotions was almost as natural as breathing, but that wasn’t Yang. More to the point, another’s actions could never actually hurt her in this sense, but the drummer had always found ways around her defenses. So genuine, so sweet, so caring- she was always caught off guard when those lilac eyes shone with a tender emotion, the blonde’s expression somehow managing to become what she didn’t even realize she’d longed for until she found herself melting, and a surprisingly gentle touch despite her loud and brash demeanor. With Yang, there was always a joke that destroyed any chance of her keeping a straight face and the most comforting sincerity whenever the older woman felt the need to scrutinize the world around her, seeking some form of subterfuge. Her girlfriend was honest and open and so filled with love; to be denied any contact with the blonde was painful, like a literal knife in her chest that twisted further with every unanswered call, every text message sent into the void.

Winter had to confront her, if for no better reason than to assuage the worry that lingered in the back of her mind that Ruby was downplaying her sister’s condition, that Yang was far more injured despite being released from the hospital. Being denied that was robbing her of sleep, a thousand complications plaguing her with the absence of physical proof that her girlfriend was at least still alive. She had to see with her own eyes and she was prepared for it but she hesitated for a moment more. Indecisiveness was unbecoming yet she couldn’t help but consider all the options and the worst case scenarios played in her head: that the blonde’s condition was far worse than she’d been led to believe or that her girlfriend was no longer interested in her company. Between the two, she’d take the latter despite how much it would devastate her personally; anything that meant Yang would, in time, be okay was a good outcome to her mind.

Delaying herself no longer, the woman raised her fist and knocked hard three times, each bang against the wood sounding like a gavel calling the court to order before laying down a sentence.

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