hard knock time

Dark Fate Ruki Ecstasy 09 Translation

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-Scene: Forest-

Kou: *pant*… …*pant*… …! I can’t believe we’re stuck playing this game of tag… …!

Yuma: Just run! Today, we got that other guy on our tail. He’s fast and ferocious, right!?

Shit! If that guy can fly, it’ll throw us off… …!

Azusa: *pant*… …*pant*… …Sorry, I can’t… …I don’t have the energy to fly anymore… …

But, Shin-san’s behind us… …? I don’t see him… …

Kou: What the? He isn’t. … …Did he give up?

Yuma: Who knows… …When wolves hunt, they can chase their prey for miles.

???: ――Heh, you know your facts well. Kudos to you.

*Shin Punches Yuma*

Yuma: GAH… ..!!

Azusa: Yuma!!

*Yuma Collapses*

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and 800-ball free throw? that’s a 2400 point basketball shot right there.

Tay still isn’t pleased with my music and nay won’t stop nagging me about the song i’m going to write about her. As much as I want to make her proud and do her justice for supporting me, it’s hard to write about things you love when you’re not that fond of expressing your emotions. At least with my father, he doesn’t have any expectations for my music, which is refreshing, oddly enough. 

Am I in Trouble || John

Erica walked up to the lovely Stilinski household. She was looking for Stiles and had a plan of giving him a hard time. She knocked on the door and stood back with a smirk on her face. One hand was playing with a piece of hair because the old Erica was nervous about this. Quickly she caught herself doing it and put her hand down.


She couldn’t bring herself to knock for the longest time, but finally worked up the nerve, swallowing hard as she knocked three times and wrapped her arms around her thin frame, eyes dropping to the floor.