hard kandy

the remaining s7 queens as moms
  • Katya: original mom
  • Violet: skinny mom
  • Kennedy: dance mom
  • Miss Fame: mom who embarrasses you in front of your friends by making chicken noises
  • Kandy: your childhood friend's mom who you never saw despite going to their house every day after school
  • Pearl: milf
  • Ginger: christian mom with a bunch of those fish decals on the back of her minivan
  • Jaidynn: the "cool mom"
  • Max: grandmom

Low key pissed off that festivals like HARD summer ban kandi under the guise of making the festival safer, and on the first day TWO kids lost their lives from drugs. Kandi is OBVIOUSLY not the issue here. Assuming pieces of plastic are inherently related to drugs is absurd. If they want their concert goers to be safe, have all events be 21+ and heavily patrol with dogs and medics and officers. I cannot with this incompetence anymore. My heart is saddened that I’m surprised if there isn’t a fatality at a festival. People need to take care of each other and themselves. There needs to be more of a push for Dance Safe and other informative programs to prevent further incidents from occurring. My heart goes out to the friends and family of the kids who passed away. I have a heavy heart today.