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Because there is simply not enough slow-dancing for me okay shhhh I know there’s like five billion fics/arts that is not enough

“A gentleman must know how to slow-dance.”

“Uh-uh.” Eggsy shook his head hard. “I failed the dancing unit in training.”

“Because Merlin doesn’t understand how to teach dancing.” Harry held out his hand. Eggsy eyed him warily, then sighed and took the hand, and bit back an undignified yelp as Harry lifted him to his feet easily. God, the strength of the man…

“I can’t even dance regularly,” Eggsy complained, his hand tingling as Harry let go. “How am I supposed to slow-dance?”

“Like this.”

Harry stepped forward and grabbed Eggsy’s wrists. Eggsy tensed immediately, but Harry was just positioning his arms… and then he stepped closer still, so that one of Eggsy’s hands was on Harry’s arm and the other was held up by Harry and Harry’s free hand settled on Eggsy’s waist. Eggsy tensed even more, years of running from every unwelcome touch mixing with the training that told him not to let others touch him so intimately–

But this was Harry, and he would not hurt Eggsy. So, gradually, Eggsy relaxed. Then he realized that Harry hadn’t moved, letting Eggsy get used to this. As soon as he realized that, though, Harry began to pull him to the side.

“One step, Eggsy. Follow my lead. One, two, three four; one, two, three, four; one, two, three, four…”

Carefully, slowly, Harry led Eggsy around the room once. Eggsy scowled and grumbled, but learning to dance with Harry was far more enjoyable and soothing than learning with people who already knew how to dance. Soon, with Harry murmuring time, Eggsy’s feet learned the rhythm, and he managed a credible performance by the fifth circuit. Harry smiled warmly and Eggsy felt his insides go all warm and gooey with pride.

“Excellent,” Harry murmured. “One more round, just to make sure, and then we’ll sit.

Eggsy actually lost count of how many rounds they went. He just knew that at some point he leaned his head on Harry’s shoulder, and Harry didn’t push him away.

Slow dancing wasn’t that bad after all.


G o o d b y e, Mr. Chandler.

“Tachibana are you cold? You’re shaking.”

“… I’m not shaking because of the cold”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU FUCKER get-the-hell-out-my-swamp


//I tried so many times, and I just went with chibi style, I never drew them before ;;//

I also know it’s almost fucking summer, but I just liked this idea, and sharing scarves urghhh.

my-citrus-pocket: remember when I said I’d draw that Mycroft influenced by Escher thing…