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EQ: It’s rather boring most days, especially now that I just work on one floor. I go around in a circle a few times at random times at night after quiet hours. Making sure ponies are respecting others sleeping and the like.

If there are any arguments, noise complaints or upcoming events I’ll go to specific ponies rooms to settle things or pass along news. 

my mom just picked up food from my dad’s restaurant I have lamb shawarma, baba ganoush, pita, and vimto 😭😭😂😍

Hey everyone it’s me Miss Nikki Baby from VH1′s Love and Hip Hop LA and here to spill some tea from last night’s first episode of This is Real 92.3. So if you weren’t tuned into the first episode “Drama @ 1OAK” You shockingly missed a lot, but I’ll catch you up darlings. 

  • So to start things off the episode began at the Lakers Vs. Bucks Tailgate, Half the cast was late and they came kinda unprepared when they didn’t have a grill on. Feisty Aaliyah and the rest of the cast decided to steal a grill to get things poppin’, but that all fell apart when peacemaker Paloma got sat on by the man’s kids for trying to stop the man they stole the grill from going on a rampage on their camp. Paloma honey you stay taking Ls
  • Donte’s team loss their game last night after Nick Young and the Bucks got into a fight over a hard foul. Let’s just face the facts that you all have been pretty sorry since Kobe left. 
  • The cast arrived to 1OAK Jru King, KD Huncho, and Saint Ave found out they WEREN’T allowed into the party. The boys I guess handled the situation well and found other ways into the club. 
  • Paloma aka DJ Dream and Laflame were too busy in the corner from what I could assume flirting, when DJ Dream let Laflame touch her breast in the club. Damn girl you don’t waste no time do you?.
  • But from what I could see Laflame was getting alot of play at the club last night and is definitely the cast flirt/hottie. I don’t know, maybe it’s his eyes that have these ladies weak at the knees. Either way we know who’s going to have all the hoes. 

That’s it for the episode 1 recap, see you next time !! 


LAKER VS. BUCKS GAME RECAP ⏤ Bucks hold off Lakers 107-103 after 3 ejections for shoves 

Malcolm Brogdon of the Milwaukee Bucks (#13 / Point guard, Shooting guard) delivered a hard foul to Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers (#0 / Shooting guard, Small forward), who shoved back. Greg Monroe then staggered Young with another shove, which got D'Angelo Russell and Brandon Ingram involved - along with a Milwaukee Bucks security guard.

The third-quarter fracas ended with three ejections, and it left Los Angeles coach Luke Walton furious.

The drama also motivated the Lakers to make a surge, but the Bucks held on for a bumpy victory in their increasingly smooth playoff push.

Khris Middleton scored 14 of his season-high 30 points in the fourth quarter and the Bucks beat the Lakers 107-103 on Friday night for their eighth victory in nine games.

Evan Clark ( @gven-era )  scored 21 points for the Lakers, who appeared to be inspired by the brouhaha. They trimmed Milwaukee’s lead from 18 points to 103-100 with 7.9 seconds left before the Bucks hit four late free throws to seal it.

Young scored 16 points and Russell had 14 before their ejections, but the Bucks appeared to be cruising to an easy win before the prolonged scuffle. They had opened up an 18-point lead while Antetokounmpo scored 12 points in the first 6:15 of the third.

Antetokounmpo fouled out with 7.9 seconds left, but Julius Randle made only one ensuing free throw. Clarkson added a last-second 3-pointer, but Milwaukee hung on.

Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 26 points before fouling out for the Bucks (34-34), who are in seventh place in the Eastern Conference standings with a good shot at their second winning season in 14 years.

Milwaukee leads eighth-place Miami (34-35) by a half-game, and the Bucks opened up a 1 ½-game lead over the ninth-place Detroit Pistons (33-36), who lost to Toronto.

Rookie Ivica Zubac had 18 points and eight rebounds for the Lakers (20-49), who have lost 12 of 13. Only Brooklyn has a poorer record than the Lakers, whose fall has increased their chances of keeping their first-round pick this summer.

Trade Me: teaser #1

I’ve been meaning to put up teasers for TRADE ME for a while, but because I am bad at promo I have put it off way too long. I’m going to try to make up for it by doing a handful a week until the release date–January 20th.

In any event, here’s teaser #1–in which Blake & Tina exchange notes.

Are we nine, I scrawl in return, and passing notes in class? Apparently we are.

Instead of frowning when I hand this to him, the corner of his mouth lifts in appreciation.

Don’t blame me, he writes back. If I had your number, I would have just texted you.

He catches my eye as I look up from the paper. He holds my gaze, and a hint of electricity arcs between us.

I swallow and scribble out a response. I can’t tell if that’s a hint you want it or a simple statement of fact.

He ducks his head. Cut me some slack. My media training didn’t cover the old-fashioned art of paper-based flirtation.

That last word hits me first—flirtation. I feel a wave of heat. Is that what he’s doing?

Maybe. I look over at him, look back at the paper, and feel that stupid, illogical flutter. I don’t even want to consider that maybe.

And that’s when the first part hits me. Media training?

If I needed proof that we are totally different animals, this is it. I’m not sure what media training entails. Thousands of dollars, I suspect. At least. And I can’t even afford a smartphone.