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Cheer 2

Cheerleader Waverly. Basketball star Nicole. I never write HSAUs and yet here we are. Read Part 1 here.

The game was tense, the score seesawing for its entire 60-minute run. Waverly had never cheered so long and so loud in her entire life. Her muscles ached. Throat raw. Ears cottony from the roar of the crowd. But still she kept cheering. For the team. For Nicole.

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A Cat, a Fox, and a Bee walk into a Bakery 25

@philosophy-and-coffee Happy Birthday!

Marinette blushed a little, still unused to public displays of affection as Alya threaded her fingers through her own.  Marinette gently squeezed Alya’s hand, then glanced past her girlfriend to where Nino was leaning against Alya’s other shoulder, gently running his fingers through her hair.  Out of the entire group, Alya had the thickest and softest hair, and it was an absolute delight to run your hands through it, as they all had discovered.

Not that Alya minded, and in fact she was letting out a warm, content hum at the soft affection. Marinette chuckled as she lifted Alya’s hand and pressed a soft kiss to her palm.  She had to admit, there were worse ways to pass the time waiting for Adrien and Chloe than cuddling on a bench.

“Is Adrien here yet?” Marinette looked up and gave Chloe a welcoming smile as she approached, tailed by one of her ever-present bodyguards that she had to put up with outside of school and being suited up.  One of her main complaints during ‘bitch night’ was how much of a pain it was to ditch them during akuma attacks.

“Not yet.” Marinette obligingly leaned up for a kiss, and Chloe flushed and glanced around before giving her a swift peck.

“Hey, now, you can do better than that,” Alya purred, reaching up and tugging Chloe down for her own kiss.

Marinette smiled at seeing Chloe melt into the kiss, then tensed up at an unknown voice behind her.

“How about you throw one of those over here, sweet cheeks?”

The four all turned at the same time to find a group of six guys a couple years older than them standing there.  A couple looked uncomfortable, but the rest were smirking lewdly.

“I wouldn’t mind getting some kisses from all three of them,” Another said, a different voice from the one that had started the taunting, pale and gangly with greasy brown hair.  He smirked and pointed at Nino.  “Hey bro, do they all go at you at once?  Lucky son of a bitch.”

Nino’s jaw dropped, too shocked to respond.  Chloe, on the other hand, had no such problems.  “Why don’t you come over here and say that to Alejandro?”

Marinette glanced over to see that Chloe’s bodyguard had moved closer to the bench and was talking softly into his phone.  With the sunglasses she couldn’t see his eyes, but his face was angled directly at the group.

“What, need your big bad bodyguard to protect you?” The first voice again, this one from a guy even bigger than the second, light haired and heavier than his gangly friend. Marinette had to join Alya in grabbing onto Chloe as the blonde balled her fists and looked the exact same way that Queen Bee did right before an akuma was tossed through a building.  Not into, through.  “I wonder if he joins in.  I bet he’s done all of you girls befo-“

“That. Is. Enough.” A low voice growled behind the group. Marinette had been so focused on the guys that she hadn’t been paying attention to what was going on behind them, and was nearly as shocked as they were to spot the Gorilla looming over them all, cracking his knuckles.

Marinette wasn’t sure she had ever heard him speak before, but she had gone up against akuma that were less terrifying.

“Now.  You are going to apologize to the young gentleman and the young ladies, and then you are going to explain to the nice policeman why you felt the need to harass them,” he snarled, somehow managing to loom even more.

“Shit, run!” One of them shouted.  Right then Marinette found out what Alejandro had been up to, as the guys made it perhaps ten meters before running right into a pair of police officers, one of them Sabrina’s father.

Adrien used the distraction to come and hug all of them.  “Are you all okay?  When Alain and I saw what was going on, we hurried up, but…”

“We’re fine.” Alya reassured him, pressing a kiss to his cheek.  “Though Chloe was all ready to transform and fight all six of them.”

Chloe was still shaking, taking deep breaths and glaring at the group that was currently trying to protest against the two bodyguards and two police officers that it was all a misunderstanding.  “If I ever see them being chased by an akuma, I’m not saving their asses.”

Adrien opened his mouth to argue, then thought better of it.  “… Yeah, I don’t think I would, either.”

Marinette knew that she should probably argue that point, but right then she was a little too shaken up to feel up to it.  “Let’s just give our report and catch our movie, okay guys?”

Giving all of their reports had taken longer than they thought it would, so they ended up missing the movie time they had planned.  Since the next time wasn’t for over an hour, Nino led the way to a little mom-and-pop Moroccan diner he knew of, and they all crammed into a corner booth together to eat.  Marinette was finally able to relax as she ended up between Adrien and Chloe on one side of the booth, Alya and Nino on the other as Nino coached Chloe through the pronunciation of the dishes and explained what was in each one.  Still, it wasn’t until they were all safely in the movie theater, laughing at jokes and teaming up with Nino in trying to stop Adrien, Alya, and Chloe’s popcorn throwing contest that the last of the chill inside left.

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The Cyberpunk Reading List

Okay, so here it is: my cyberpunk reading list. Although, this will probably read more like a love letter to some of my favourite books, and why I think you should love them too. Some people may find that there are titles missing from this list. That’s likely to be for one of two reasons: either it wasn’t something I absolutely fell in love with or I haven’t read it yet. That said, I’m more than happy to hear any suggestions people have to send my way for potential future editions of this list.

I’ve tried to make this list as varied as possible, so hopefully there is something for everyone :).

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okay im in the mood for a super sad fic. jughead, post fighting with betty comes home and sees archie in the living room and is basically in tears saying “you’re her best friend and i ruined it. please, punch me, or punish me, or do something to me because she just… cried. she was just so sad– please, be angry at me, please. give me what I deserve.” and he's trying so hard to punish himself but betty's in the kitchen bc she came over to archie's for comfort a bit earlier and heard everything

Alright since they had that fight in episode 11 we’re doing this now, this is an AU because it doesn’t quite line up with the events of episode 12.

Jughead slammed the Andrews’ front door, hard. His foul mood permeated the entire room quickly as he walks into the living room to pick up some of his things.

That was it, he was going to Toledo, his father and Betty be damned. He didn’t see Archie sitting on the sofa with Vegas until his voice startled Jughead out of his rage.

“Betty wasn’t a part of it, Jug.” Archie said, softly.

“What?” Jughead couldn’t quite believe what he had heard.

“Betty refused to be a part of the break in at your dad’s trailer. She yelled at her mom and told her that she loves you and didn’t want to do it.” 

A flush of embarrassed redness began to creep up his face to his ears. 

“Fuck” his cussing was barely audible. He had yelled at her, discounted her. He hadn’t listened to her. His blue eyes filled with tears as he looked up at the red head on the couch.

“Please” Jughead’s voice choked “You’re her best friend and I ruined it. Please, punch me, or punish me, or do something to me because she just…cried. She was so sad- please be angry at me, please. Give me what I deserve.” His voice trailed off as the waterfall of tears began to pour down his cheeks.

“I fucked up Arch. I didn’t listen to her. I love her and I fucked up and I ruined the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m my father’s son for sure, I never deserved her. Hit me, please. Do something. Say something. I’m mad at something you did, but I took it out on her.”

Even through his blurred vision, he could see Archie’s dark eyes weren’t trained on him, but over his shoulder. Archie stood up suddenly, walking past him to go upstairs. Jughead turned to follow him upstairs. To get the rest of his things and disappear into the night. 

Instead he came face to face with Betty, tears streaming from her green eyes, blonde hair in messy waves around her face. How she still looked beautiful in a crinkled dress with mascara creating dark streaks on her face was beyond him.

“I should have said something.” she whispered, as though the hurt and the tears had stolen her voice.

“I should have let you.” he said, voice just as soft as hers. 

She took a few steps into the room, placing the glass of water she had been holding down on the wooden coffee table, before turning to face him. His heart ached at the sight of her blotchy, tear soaked face. 

“Juggie. I should have told you what I knew. I just wanted-” her voice hitched, but she pressed on “I just wanted you to be happy, and I knew how much our families getting along meant to you.I made a huge mistake, not you. F-f-forgive me?” her glassy eyes pleaded with him.

“I forgive you Bets, I know you never meant to hurt me. Will you forgive me for what I said?” 

“Of course.” she wiped the tears off her face onto her grey shawl, before bringing it to his, gently swiping the tears with the soft material.

“Archie told me that you told your mom that you love me.” his clearing eyes didn’t waver from hers.

“I heard that. And it’s true, Juggie, I do love you.”

He pulled her into him, gently brushing back her honey blonde hair to kiss her forehead.

“I love you too”

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When C got fouled hard by the corner flag, T was so angry and did this angry hand gesture towards the ref and after the ref turned away, t was still ranting and raving about how they fouled C lol. She got mad at every foul on her

💀 💀💀💀💀


No such luck. Increasingly frustrated, Thora lifted everything in her pack and lay it out on the ground. Two pieces of stale bread (for Alfr, most likely), a block of hard cheese (suspiciously foul-smelling), a handful of asparagus (raw but soggy, somehow), a smoked piece of meat on bone (tiny), a wineskin (empty), her ale horn (also empty) and a dagger (not edible).

Cursing under her breath, Thora stood. She would have to find food and drink soon, if she was going to make it through the next few days. There were no villages nearby - that much she was almost certain of, and the forests were so quiet she had not heard a single disturbance. Hunting might prove worthless. Unless… Supper arrived.

“Gods be good,” Thora whispered to herself.

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if you're still taking trope prompts: Tony/Rhodey: stranded on a desert island

The plane goes down, hard. Rhodey suspects foul play, but he’s not exactly equipped to dig around in the smoldering remains of the plane to figure it out.

He’s a little worse for wear, his braces banged up and the left one stuttering a bit. Tony’s going to be so mad when he sees that, offended that his work doesn’t hold up to plane crash level. Other that the leg brace, he’s covered in minor cuts and he thinks he broke a rib on impact.

Tony looks mostly okay. He’s holding his arm at a strange angle and he’s bruised across the forehead, but he’s up and walking so Rhodey counts it as a win.

Thank God it was just them two, FRIDAY doing most of the pilot work and Rhodey filling in when needed. Of course, that means the plane was tiny. If the Stark jet didn’t come in, dropped off radar–people would notice. A small, private plane? Rhodey feels sick, remembering Tony telling him, late one night, the original cover story SHIELD concocted for Obadiah’s death. Small planes have such poor safety records. They go down sometimes. And it takes a while to notice.

Tony’s staring at the wreckage of the plane, not moving. “Tony? Tony?”

Tony jolts. “Yeah?”

“We gotta move,” Rhodey says. “The fire, it’s gonna spread, we have to…”

“Right,” Tony agrees, turning and walking with Rhodey to higher ground. At the top of the hill, they can pretty much see the entire island. Rhodey’s pretty sure the footprint for Tony’s mansion in Malibu was bigger than the whole island. There’s a few scraggly trees, so there must be water somewhere, but it must be underground, because Rhodey’s not seeing it.

“So much for ‘politics don’t warrant the suits,’” Tony quotes. “If I had Iron Man…”

Rhodey can’t fly War Machine yet. They’re working on it, but integrating the braces with the suit is not an easy process. Even so, even knowing it would be effectively useless to him, Rhodey wishes he could call his suit.

The watch the fire burn, and Rhodey periodically scans the sky, hoping other planes passing in the flight path might notice the fire. The skies remain clear. Rhodey has a sudden momentary wonder if they were even on course. If someone did this to the plane, who’s to say that they didn’t mess with instrumentation? They could be miles and miles off course now.

Tony sits down, under the half-hearted shade of a scraggly tree. Painstakingly, Rhodey does the same, trying not to think how Tony will have to help him up again. They watch the fire burn until it’s smoldering ash.

The sun’s hot, and there’s no water. There’s no food, either, but they can go a while without that. Water will become a concern in a few hours.

Tony sighs, pats his hands on his thighs, then pushes himself up, turning to help Rhodey. “Alright,” he says. “Time to get to work.”

They get back to the plane and both start digging. Tony rips off his own shirt to protect his hands from the heat, and Rhodey follows suit.

Rhodey digs up the black box, useless out here, but pertinent later. When Tony gets them off here, he wants to know exactly how this happened.

When he turns back to Tony, Tony has warped and melted instrumentation panels, wires, an aluminum support strut, and, bizarrely, two strips of chewing gum.

“C'mon, Honey Bear,” Tony says. “Time to build a way out.”

Rhodey walks over, ready to dive in. “What are we building?” He asks, sure he’ll see the pieces come together once Tony tells him.

Tony smiles. “A helicopter,” he says.

It’s a roundabout way to get a helicopter, but after two hours of splicing and holding and digging for more parts and arguing and aligning, they have a half-decent radio to call for help with.

There’s a U.S. Navy Air Force Carrier a hundred miles west of them, and the signal is terrible but they get a message through. Once that’s confirmed, Tony picks up the radio and hands it to Rhodey, then uses two spare wires to make a spark, lighting the remains of the plane back on fire before moving back to high ground.

The plane smolders, a signal for where they are, and the radio rests between them as they sit under their scraggly little tree. Tony has his knees up, his hands around them. “You know,” he says. “Not that I want to be here, and not that I want you to be here, but…if it had to be anyone…glad it was you, Platypus.”

Rhodey smiles and wraps an arm around Tony’s shoulder. It’s probably too soon, probably just his imagination, but he thinks he sees a black dot in the distance, a rescue helicopter coming for them. “Funny,” he says. “I was thinking the same thing.”

BP Prompt #7

“I know we’re not in Professor Flitwick’s class, but you still are charming.” + Rosé/Female Reader + Hogwarts (I hope that’s okay as a prompt? I love fandom pickup lines lol)

Thank you!

“I know we’re not in Professor Flitwick’s class, but you’re still charming.”

For a moment, she didn’t seem to realize that the line was directed at her. Rosé, who was not at all comfortable with the situation, shot a glance back at her friends - Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa - and silently begged them for reassurance. They each gave a different form of encouragement; a thumbs up, a vigorous nod of the head, and finger guns. Rosé rolled her eyes and returned her attention to the girl she had just spoken to, only to find her eyes suddenly staring back at her. Rosé froze, inhaling sharply.

“We’re you talking to me?” she asked, voice calm and collected. Rosé swallowed hard.

“Uh… yes?” she answered, sounding too unsure for her own good. In fact, it came out more like a question. She kicked herself.

“I see,” the girl, who Rosé noticed was a Ravenclaw, observed just a little too calmly for her liking. “And what, exactly, was that supposed to be?”

“It was- I mean, that was a dare,” Rosé bit out hastily. “My friends dared me.”

This seemed to both surprise and disappoint the Ravenclaw girl slightly, and she deflated a little bit at Rosé’s defense. “Ah. I understand,” she said quietly. She returned to her book, dutifully taking notes as as ignored the girl who stood at the side of her desk, floundering for a better excuse than ‘my friends dared me.’

Rosé couldn’t help but feel a little bit bad for the way she had phrased it. She had made it seem like it was a dare simply for the sake of watching Rosé be embarrassed. In reality, it was a dare meant to get Rosé to speak to her, even if only for a moment. Even though she was a Gryffindor, she found herself unreasonably afraid to talk to the girl, and Jennie had suggested she suck it up and go use a random pick-up line on her.

She sulked back to her desk and fell into her chair with a groan.

It was weeks before Rosé interacted with her again. It was in Defense Against the Dark Arts, and the Ravenclaw girl was surprisingly gifted for someone who seemed like much more of a bookworm. When she was jokingly asked why she studies so hard if she’s got so much talent, she shot a scathing remark back at the perpetrator.

“Talent can only get you so far,” she snapped, and the Slytherin girl clamped her mouth shut for the rest of the class.

Rosé found herself much more taken with her than last time. She was smart, reserved, and quite frankly, a powerful witch. She was leagues ahead of the others in her year, and had the skills to prove it. Rosé learned that the hard way one day in class, when the two of them were paired up for a duel.

Each of them took their stances and stood in silence. When the instructor signaled for them to begin, neither one of them made a move. It was either disarm the opponent, or knock them from the ring. That could be achieved multiple ways, and Rosé knew of several ways she could do it. But her partner seemed to think faster than she did. Rosé almost cursed, raising her wand to make the first move.

“Expe -”

“Finite Incantatum,” the Ravenclaw girl interrupted, flicking her wrist and aiming the wand with practiced ease.

Rosé suddenly found herself unable to cast the spell, her wand fizzling and leaving an odd sensation in her hand as she stared at it in bewilderment. She raised it again, a new fire in her gut.

“Incendio!” Fire erupted from the end of Rosé’s wand, snaking toward her opponent at an incredible speed. Instead of moving out of the way, the girl just smiled.


The flames slowed, a wave of magic reducing their speed almost entirely as they coiled and hissed. The fire moved at a sloths pace, making it child’s play to simply walk out of its way. Frustration quickly bubble in her stomach, and Rosé pointed her wand at her again.

“Reducto!” A wave of pure force burst from the wand, racing for her opponent.

“Protego.” A magic shield appeared, taking the brunt of the force before it shattered. She smiled at Rosé the same way one would offer a pitying smile to someone who was trying too hard.

Instead of waiting for Rosé to make the next move this time, she took a single step and whipped her wand forward with surprising strength. “Stupefy!” Rosé barely had time to register the flash of energy that hurtled toward her, slamming into her chest and knocking her out of the ring. She landed flat on her back, the air leaving her lungs as she stared at the high ceiling in complete and utter shock.

“So, what’s your name?” Rosé asked as she sat in the infirmary, watching her Ravenclaw friend as she was patched up after a nasty spill during a quidditch match.

She shot Rosé a bewildered look, an incredulous smile spread across her face as she furrowed her brows. “You mean you don’t know it already?”

“Nope,” Rosé answered with a cheeky grin. “I’m not enough of a stalker to have my friends figure it out for me.”

“You mean the Slytherin and those two Hufflepuff’s that always follow you around?” she joked. Rosé laughed, resting her elbow on the edge of the mattress and setting her chin atop it in languid relaxation.

“Those are the ones,” she mused, a serene smile painting her features.

It had been a solid two months since the dueling incident, and since then Rosé had grown incredibly fond of her. She found out that she was the seeker for Ravenclaw’s quidditch team, that she was gifted in defense against the dark arts and charms, and that she was studying with the hopes of becoming an Auror. Rosé had noticed that she had more classes with the girl than she thought - and did, in fact, have charms with her.

It was almost like the universe had a very cheesy, roundabout way of telling her that this girl was supposed to be in her life, one way or another.

“Well, since you’re so curious,” she spoke after a long moment, catching Rosé’s attention before it drifted too far. “It’s Y/N.”

“Y/N,” Rosé repeated, smiling and sitting upright. “You’re different for a Ravenclaw.” Y/N laughed, a very pleasant sound that Rosé thought she could very easily get used to.

“You’d be surprised how often I hear that,” she replied. “I’ve even heard from the head of my house that she thinks I could also fit into Gryffindor or Hufflepuff.”

“What about Slytherin?” Rosé asked, tilting her head like a curious puppy.

“I don’t think I’m ambitious enough to be associated with them,” she muttered, a wry smile twisting its way onto her lips. “I’m not a pureblood anyway.”

“Neither am I,” Rosé affirmed, nodding her head along. “I’ve been called a mudblood by more Slytherins than I can count.”

“I can assure you, they hate muggleborn kids just as much,” Y/N said softly. “But what about that Slytherin friend of yours?”

“Who, Jennie?” Rosé questioned. Y/N nodded, clearly unsure about her. “She’s different for a Slytherin, like you’re different for a Ravenclaw. She should probably be in Hufflepuff, if I’m honest. She’s never even called my family into question. She doesn’t care about things like that.” Y/N smiled at that.

“That’s good,” she agreed. “You seem to have a lot on your plate without people bringing up your parents.”

Rosé nodded. “So, how are you feeling? You got fouled pretty hard out there. And that was a nasty fall, too.”

Y/N shrugged. “It happens. Seekers get targeted all the time. I’m just lucky I didn’t land wrong.”

Rosé nodded her head again. “You’re one of the better seekers I’ve seen here. Gryffindor has switched ours three times this year already.”

“All of your seekers are very physical,” Y/N laughed. “They like to try and push me into the stands as often as they can.”

“Well Ravenclaw beaters pack a punch,” Rosé countered. “Being a chaser and playing against you guys is difficult.”

“Well, you’re beaters aren’t very nice either,” Y/N countered, shifting uncomfortably in the bed.

Things were silent between them for a moment, before Y/N broke the tension with the most unexpected phrase.

“I know we aren’t in Professor Flitwick’s class, but you’re still charming.”

Rosé’s head shot up in surprise, her cheeks immediately burning. “Why would you bring that up now?” she whined, burying her face in her hands. Y/N snickered.

“Because it’s relevant to how we got here.”

“And what do you mean by that?” Rosé asked, obviously nervous.

 “It means that your pick-up line worked, and that I find you impossibly charming, too.” Y/N smiled and Rosé had to try her damnedest not to scream because holy shit, that actually worked?

“My name is Kodiak Veilbreaker. 

I’m Ash Legion, in full service to the Order of Whispers. Some time ago, I was sent on an infiltration mission into Flame ranks. They needed a guy on the inside, a guy good with glamours and illusions so they’d be hard to suspect of foul play, and they decided that I fit the bill.

I… I’m starting to forget what I was meant to be keeping an eye on in the first place. It’s been a long time since I took up post here, and since the debacle with dragons and Scarlet… I haven’t had a handler check in on me in some time. These days, every time one of those Flame Legionnaires opens their mouth…

It’s getting really bad. I could do with an out before I forget who I am completely.”

Glee Nostalgia: TDB Rewatch 1x09 Wheels

“When I saw you, right after you got the call, and you were so hurt and so upset, it just killed me. I’m not saying I’m gonna hide in the closet. I’m proud of who I am. I’m just saying that I love you more than I love being a star.”

Yay! We is gonna gets some Kurt in this one!!! (actually first line taken directly from my notes on this episode).

What a glorious, glorious episode for Kurt and Burt Hummel. Their relationship is one of the best things that this show ever explored, and this episode is a shining example of the wonderful job that Chris Colfer and Mike O’Malley did bringing these characters to life.

Kurt’s initial reaction of excitement when Will announced ‘Defying Gravity’. We only got it for a fleeting moment before Will dashed it, but it was a side of Kurt that we hadn’t really gotten to see before this moment. I love that Mercedes also spoke up about the solo just being handed to Rachel (even though it was not taken all that seriously), and the look on Finn’s face when Will says that he will give Rachel something else to dip in chocolate? Priceless. Confused Finn, I love you.
(Also, Santana thinks that bake sale are “bougy” and Brittany finds recipes confusing.)

The first scene with both Kurt and Burt is full of so much. The day-to-day interaction showing that these two have been moving forward since Preggers. The fact that Burt is not ready to talk guy stuff (but funnily enough makes a comment about guys wearing dress shoes without socks. Oh Burt, if you only knew who you would encounter in about 12 months time…)

And then, his realisation that his son was really upset by what had gone down (”I’m full of ennui.” “…”So it’s really getting you down?”) Burt going in to bat for his son was fantastic, and I loved that he not willing to take any shit from Will. And the scene following- Kurt has taken to the wheelchair like a duck to water (which is quite interesting given how awkward he can actually be on his feet). And, Brittany is also confused by her right hand.

“Nobody pushes the Hummel's around.” I could have watched an entire episode, hell an entire series, of these two navigating their relationship.

Everything about the ‘Defying Gravity’ performance was wonderful, especially the development in Kurt’s expression as it went on. He says so much without actually saying a word and this moment is a perfect example of this. You can actually see the moment when Kurt realises what he is going to do.

And then of course, Kurt and Burt’s final scene of the episode. Even though they may not be on the exact same page at the moment (they are still working towards that), Kurt and Burt Hummel are most definitely a team- a team with both players making sure that their team mate is protected at all costs. And that is why Kurt and Burt Hummel are one of the most fuckawesome examples of how to really be the best kind of man person in this show.

Other character stuff from the episode:
While the kids are actually being a little shitty about the whole Artie and the bus thing, I love that it leads to Artie telling Rachel, “Well, you’re irritating most of the time, but don’t take that personally.”
(Side note: his decision to initially give the solo to Rachel, Will is slightly less awful in this episode than he has been in previous ones. He does right by Artie, and brings the club together as a group as a result. Let’s just forget that he didn’t realise that Puck was drugging the student body.)

When we were introduced to Becky, all I could do was compare this gentle, sweetheart to the foul-mouthed hard ass she became in later seasons. Sue Sylvester, I am not sure that you were the best influence on that girl…

Cheerio auditions were always going to be a laugh- interesting that Kurt and Mercedes auditioned only to become part of the team later in the season.

There is a lot, lot more to be said about this episode (damn this was a good one) but I am going to save that for my meta tomorrow.


BF vs. BFF.

Emotions were high and the tension could practically be cut with a knife. Even from the stands, I could see the scowls on the players faces as they spat insults at each other under their breath whenever there was a hard foul or even if someone felt there was the slightest disrespect being shown.

It was hard to watch, not only as a fan but knowing what was at stake and that was largely pride for both of these clubs. On top of that, I had to deal with being somewhat caught in the middle amidst both powerful sides. On one side, there was my boyfriend Marc and on the other was my best friend, Cristiano.

Not exactly the best place to be, especially during this match.

I hadn’t even bothered to visit Cris before the game which I was sure I would have to hear about later. Instead, I spent a few minutes talking with Marc and trying to get him to relax as much as possible. This was the first time I had to play both sides and I felt I did well enough.

I guess…

It felt a bit odd to be sitting amongst the other Barca WAGs rather than sitting with the Real Madrid WAGs I was so used to being around. Don’t get me wrong, the women of Barcelona were extremely friendly and welcoming to me but I couldn’t deny that one side knew me far more than the other.

One side knew me as the somewhat shy, sweet, innocent girlfriend of Marc Bartra while the other had seen me practically puking my guts out a few times after a little too wild of a night. A little too wild of a night that resulted in Cristiano having to come pick me up and nurse me back to 100% health into the next afternoon. That’s what best friends were for, right?

I moved around in my seat, trying to see past the person in front of me and onto the field as there seemed to be some back and forth going on between quite a few players and as the heated words grew more dangerous, the players enclosed on each other. That was when everyone began to stand up, trying to see what was going on. Fans began to boo the other side, insisting their club was innocent but I was just trying to see what was going on.

What I saw immediately scared me. I could see Marc and Cristiano jarring at each other, Cris pointing his finger dangerously close to Marc’s face as they continued going back and forth. I silently hoped one of them would just walk away and knowing them, I figured if it was anyone it would be Marc.

That unfortunately didn’t happen.

The officials were doing a terrible job of calming the tension as every player got involved in the yelling match. Next I knew, Marc was shoving Cristiano in the chest to move him away. What Cristiano did next was what really threw me over the edge.

“Ahh,” Marc winced as his eyes began to peer open or at least try. “Stop,” I warned, moving the small bag of ice I had above his eye out of his way since it seemed he was trying to open his eye again. Though it hadn’t begun to swell yet, I could see the skin around it bruising.

“Is it bad?” He questioned.  I took my finger gently to the spot above his eyebrow and watched as he winced at my touch. “If you’re that sensitive to my touching, I think so.”

Marc shook his head to himself, laying down against the bench in the locker he was on. “I can’t believe he fucking hit me.”

“To be fair, it was an accidental elbow.” The commotion between the players caused them to collapse on each other, each attempting to “break up” the melee and in the midst of that it seemed as Cristiano was moving about wildly, his elbow swung and connected with Marc’s face. To me it seemed innocent, or at least innocent in the fact he hadn’t intentionally decked Marc in the face but it seemed my boyfriend didn’t view it the same.

His eyes narrowed in disbelief. “So you’re defending him?”

“I’m not defending anyone.”

“Yeah right. Your little best friend just so happened to give me a black eye and that’s some sort of accident?” I could tell he was becoming pissed so all I wanted was to calm him down for the moment.

“I’ll talk to him, okay?”


I sighed a bit, unsure of what else to say. The last thing I wanted was for Marc to be upset with me. Right now was not the time. “Well I’m glad it was nothing serious and you all won. It seemed Leo got pissed off after seeing you get hit and decided to take that anger out on Iker.”

That finally brought a smile to Marc’s face. While the match stood at a standstill score of 1-1 at the time of the fight, it grew to a 3-2 final score after Messi scored the final two goals.

“He did come to defend me after that, huh?”

“He did,” I smiled back. I kissed Marc’s lips and handed him the small bag of ice. “I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“I’ll be right back,” I repeated.

I didn’t wait for another response from him or permission. I instead walked out of the small locker room he was in and headed to the area where I knew Cristiano would be. I maneuvered my way through the familiar area of the stadium until I found the room and opened the door. There he was, looking as pissed as ever as he stood pacing the room of the floor, only stopping when he saw me.

“What do you want?” He groaned.

“Don’t talk to me like that,” I countered.

“We just lost! You want me to greet you with kind words and flowers?” Though he stood in front of me, towering over my smaller figure, I didn’t back down. I was used to seeing Cristiano angry. The only difference was I was angry as well and he would know that soon enough if my eyes didn’t tell the tale well enough.

“If anything, you should be apologizing to me! For hitting my boyfriend!”

A dark chuckle left his throat as his adam’s apple bobbed. “I don’t give a fuck about your boyfriend.”

I was appalled by his tone but rather than working myself up, I was trying to stay as calm as I possibly could or at least not worse than I already was. “So you hit him on purpose?” I challenged.

“Didn’t I just say I don’t give a fuck about him? No. I didn’t hit him on purpose. Don’t blame me for him being in the way.”

“You’re acting ridiculous.” And the more I watched that shade of anger frown Cristiano’s features as he spewed unnecessary words just made me think that maybe Marc was right that this was all intentional.

“You know what’s ridiculous? My best friend being in the same stadium as me and not even coming by to wish me luck. I guess I come second to your little boyfriend now? So what happens when you two argue or eventually break up? I become number one again?“

I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms across my chest. “Oh shut up Cris. There is no one or two.”

That same bitter chuckle he had done earlier reentered the tone of the room as he ignored all that I had said to say, “I have a presser to do.” He brushed past me, no longer seeming to care for anything I had to say.

I turned on my heels to watch him begin his journey out of the door. “So that’s how we’re ending the conversation?” I wanted to give him one final opportunity to apologize, one final opportunity to say he was being an asshole and just needed to get his mind right after the loss.

“That’s how we’re ending it.”

He didn’t take it.

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Genma/gai with the Gai as the star of the soccer team and Genma always in their stands?

He doesn’t look, Gai thinks, very much like the kind of person to come to one football game, let alone all of them without fail, regardless of weather or distance. There’s never anyone with him, and he never interacts with the other spectators. Just shows up, takes a seat by the railing closest to the field, and watches them play without cheering or making a fuss.

He also seems, Gai is sure, like the sort of person who wouldn’t want to make a fuss no matter what.

Kakashi has started calling him their stalker, but Gai is beyond pleased that they actually have a fan. There’s really no other word for him, and on their way into the locker room after the ninth game in a row with the man present, Gai is practically floating. Their team is a good one, but they’re part of a small league, and most people don’t waste time coming to games until the very end of the season. Now, like this, Gai is on the verge of thinking about signed jerseys and selfies with fans—well, with their one fan—and maybe a few more sponsors. One is a good start, right?

Kakashi sidesteps him neatly before he can grab his friend and whirl him around. Not about to let that stand, Gai lunges again, and it devolves into a brief but fierce struggle in the hallway.

“Where is your youthful spirit?” Gai bemoans as he attempts to get Kakashi in a headlock. “This could be the beginning of a springtime filled with—”

Ever cunning, Kakashi manages to loop a foot around his ankle, throw him off balance, and follow him down to pin him on the concrete. “One fan, Gai,” he huffs. “One. If you’re aiming for us to be the next Premier League, I think that one player hit you a little too hard.”

“A most dastardly foul,” Gai agrees cheerfully, trying to knee Kakashi in the ribs even as the other man pins his arms behind his back. “But with the vigor of—”

“Er. Am I interrupting something?”

Both Gai and Kakashi twist around to look up in surprise, and Gai’s eyes widen. Their fan! He squirms loose of Kakashi’s slackened hold and beams at the brown-haired man standing at the mouth of the hallway. “Not at all! We were merely exercising our youthful—”

Kakashi shoves his head down and says blandly, “Sorry about him. He hit his head a little too hard earlier.”

Gai blinks in confusion—it wasn’t that hard, and Kakashi was the one who told him to get up and run it off—but when he opens his mouth to say that Kakashi pinches him hard in the ribs and hisses, “Play along, idiot. I’m doing this for your sake.”

Gai has absolutely no idea what’s going on, but if Kakashi thinks pretending he has a concussion is a good idea, he’ll try it.

“Oh,” the brown-haired man says, and takes a step forward, into the lights. His smile is small and slightly crooked, but aimed entirely at Gai, which is definitely surprising. “Yeah, I saw that hit. A shitty call. He should have gotten a red card.”

The defense is unexpected, but very much appreciated. Gai beams, and this time when he opens his mouth Kakashi can’t find the right angle to pinch him at in time to keep him from talking. “Thank you! It was very un-youthful of that man to play in such a way, but we succeeded despite the tactics of our enemies!”

Kakashi groans under his breath and mutters something that sounds like now you’re never going to get laid, but Gai is distracted by the sudden brightening of the stranger’s smile, the sound of his soft chuckle. It’s bright and warm, and Gai can practically feel his heart soaring. “Are you going anywhere after this?” the man asks, and Kakashi’s eyebrows practically hit his hairline, something like disbelief on his face.

“Not at all!” Gai answers, grinning and giving the man a double thumbs up. “Normally I would go on a three-mile run, but the coach has forbidden such strenuous exercise after a game, so my schedule is clear!”

“Cool.” The man offers a small wave. “I’m Genma. Can I buy you a cup of coffee as a congrats for your win?”

This time Kakashi’s mutter sounds something like can’t even believe this, but it’s hardly something Gai is going to pay attention to when faced with that crooked smile. His heart feels like it’s fluttering high up in his chest, and he says instantly, “A coffee date! Truly one of the greatest activities in the springtime of our—”

Kakashi kicks him hard in the ankle, and Gai cuts off with a yelp. “He says yes. Politely,” Kakashi tells Genma, who’s grinning lazily. “And his name is—”

“Gai Maito!” Gai interrupts loudly, revenge for being cut off so many times. “It’s a pleasure to meet our greatest fan!”

A faint flush colors Genma’s cheeks, and he drags a hand through his hair. “Well, I don’t know about greatest, but you guys are fun to watch. And you’re talented.” The way he’s looking at Gai makes Gai feel as if that’s addressed to him alone, and he’s practically ready to combust with pride.

“Yosh!” he cheers, and salutes Genma with enthusiasm. “I will shower, and then we will have our coffee!”

Genma chuckles, leaning back against the wall. “It’s a date.”

Gai practically floats into the showers, regardless of Kakashi’s muttering.

Shield & Hammer:  A Thor and Cap Headcanon

1.  The only persons who were totally not surprised that Steve Rogers and Thor would become Best Bros were Natasha and Sam. 

2.  “It’s like watching a pair of ginormous Golden Retrievers play together,” Sam said.

“Huskies,” Natasha corrected.

“No way - they’re all big ol’ happy Golden Retriever puppies.”

“Sam, you look me in the eye and tell me they’re not also total little shits.”


“Like I said.  Huskies.”  

3.  Thor is not a moron.  Nor is he unaware that the “gloriousness that is Pop Tarts” is actually junk food.  But he’s no stranger to depression and melancholy either.  And certainly, he is not a stranger to pain and loss.  So inevitably:

“Friend Steven!  Come and partake of this deliciousness and I will come sit with you while they tell us about the legendary Wars of the Stars and get everything wrong.”

“… wait, Star Wars is real?”

Somehow, the legends have made to Midgard, though the prequels are an inaccurate retelling of the tales of the Skywalkers.”

“Thor, you’re not trolling me, are you?”

“I swear on sweet Mjolnir.”

4.  Steve and Thor agreed that they would totally keep their gamer identities secret from Tony right up until Tony declared a Gamers’ Tournament for DoTA.  And then, the fun really started. 


“Aw, Thor, no.”

“Cap, that’s my line.”

“What is this - you are gamers too - my brain is broken - what the fuck - how the hell did this happen – what –  JAAARVVVVIIISSSSS!!!!“

5.  It was one fine and sunny day when Steve Rogers decided to teach Thor about baseball.  Thor took to it like a duck to water.  Except Mjolnir.

“Aw, shield, no.”  Yes, Steve was picking up a lot of speech patterns from Clint.  It was already beginning to worry Natasha. 

“Fear not, friend Steven!  I shall return thy shield to you! Methinks I swung a bit too hard.”

“Yeah, that’s a foul ball buddy.  Well, foul shield anyway.  We’ll try again.”

6.  When Steve found the baby girls instead of Bucky in the HYDRA base he had raided, he had been totally flabbergasted to find out that the little ones were actually created out of his and Bucky’s DNA.  Naturally, the very idea of putting the girls into foster care or letting them out of his sight was out of the question.   For better or for worse, he was going to be a father. 

Panic ensued. 

It was Thor who first stepped in and volunteered himself as a babysitter because seriously, taking care of twins was really meant to be the work of about the entire Avengers’ team.  The girls fell asleep to the sound of Thor singing them Asgardian lullabies his mother had taught him.

7.  Mjolnir had a crush on Steve.  Darcy totally called it. 

8.  The first time Steve Rogers lifted Mjolnir, he was temporarily bitty-fied due to a botched spell from a wizard apparently affiliated with HYDRA.

He did it to save Bucky from falling under HYDRA control again when they tried to use a trigger word:  Sputnik. 

9.  Thor had been totally bewildered when Steve apparently could not admit that Bucky was his “shieldmate.”   Therefore, he was recruited into Team Save the Sad Grandpas by Natasha and Sam.   Darcy was also included on this team.  Steve and Bucky were totally doomed. 

10.    “So our cubs are going to have a literal godfather?”

“Luckily, the parish priest over at St. James’ has a sense of humor.  Thor insists on doing a few blessings of his own too.” 

“Baby, I think our babies will need all the blessings they can get.”

“You ain’t gonna hear me arguing about that.”

NaNoWriMo 5: Creating vibrant characters within a story

How do we create vibrant characters within a story?

A long description of a character, his/her antecedents, personality traits, skills, and relationships, does not in fact tell me anything about that character.  Such a description only tells me what is in the writer’s head about that character.  This can be valuable information for the writer to know, perhaps even crucial depending on the flow and needs of the story.

But the way I, as the reader, learn about character in the story is through action and reaction and interaction (all actions):  I learn about the character through seeing what they do and what they say and what they think and how they respond to the crises and relationships of the story.  Nothing else ultimately matters in terms of character.

So, if you tell me that my forthright heroine always speaks her mind and is decisive, and yet in her first interactions with the powerful alpha male hero she stammers, is wrong about things, is shy, and tongue-tied, then you have lost me, because I will start disbelieving what you are telling me because what the character is doing contradicts it.

In fact, you don’t need to tell me anything about my forthright heroine, not in personality terms.  There may be things you, the author, will want to tell me, but be cautious about doing so. Because it is very likely you won’t need to if you can use character action and interaction to get across those same things.

[Aside: That I am a big fan of the adage “Show, don’t Tell” that doesn’t mean there are never appropriate times to use Tell as one of the tools in your writing toolkit.  There are.  You just need to know when and why it works.]

When the forthright heroine speaks her mind despite knowing she will be taken to task for it, or the hardened warrior buys flowers he doesn’t need from an indigent child when no one is looking, or the publicly-admired prince slaps his servants in private because the water in in his bath isn’t the right temperature, or the hard-bitten foul-mouthed tough-as-nails detective cries (or doesn’t cry) when she is alone because her dog has just died, or the chance-met traveler on a winter night gives her cloak to a beggar, you then know far more about the character than if I reeled out a list of adjectives.

Additionally, when characters meet other characters they already know, their responses and interactions will be governed by that prior relationship.  The writer doesn’t have to tell us.  Because we are band animals, we most of us can quickly suss out relationships through watching interaction.  So if Jo enters the room and stiffly shakes hands with Emma while standing as far away from her as possible but warmly kisses Cecilia on either cheek, we can guess something–maybe we don’t quite yet know what–about her relationships with the other two women.

More importantly, consider this:  Humans like to figure out other humans.  We evolved to observe, interact, gossip, and create relationships.

Creating a relationship between the characters is not all a novelist does.  We as writers are also creating a relationship between the character and the reader.

So ask yourself:  Why does the reader need to know all this stuff you have in your head?

What do we truly know about people when we first meet them?  In that sense, every new person we meet is “shallow” until we get to know them better.

During the course of a story, we are getting to know characters better just as we get to know new acquaintances better by spending time with them.  We learn about them through conversation, activity, gossip, and observation.  They don’t hand us a sheet of paper listing important things about their life they think we need to know, not unless they are applying for a job and handing us their resume.  To a great extent the author-supplied info dump is a resume.  And resumes are almost always dead boring to read.

That doesn’t mean we don’t exchange information.  We do that all the time, through dialogue, action, reaction, and interaction.  The occasional judicious Tell can also be a good place to release information of this kind, but only the information we truly need to know that can’t be better revealed in another way.

Furthermore, never, ever, underestimate your readers.  Readers don’t need everything spoon fed to them.  Readers like to figure things out.  Readers (not all readers; not all books) read in part to interact with the characters.  We are social animals.  Let readers be social in their reading experience.  Because one of the relationships you are creating when you write is the relationship between the reader and your story.


[Disclaimer: I wrote this post some years ago and am reprising it due to election night interfering with my desire to write a new post.]


In the 1995 film “Sense And Sensibility”, Rickman played Colonel Brandon, who falls in love with Marianne at first sight in Ang Lee’s film version of Jane Austen’s 1811 novel.


Colonel Brandon: Alan Rickman’s performance in Sense and Sensibility was one of his best

The adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay    

Some people fell in love with Alan Rickman’s wicked Hans Gruber in “Die Hard”, others for his foul-tempered Metatron in the cult movie “Dogma”, and many, many more for his role as Severus Snape in “Harry Potter”, which introduced him to a whole new generation of fans.  

But it is his role in “Sense and Sensibility” that he particularly shone for this writer, as the honourable, older Colonel Brandon who falls in love with the precocious Marianne (Kate Winslet). Rickman as Brandon was warm and subtle; a far cry from the camp villain he played in “Robin Hood: The Sheriff of Nottingham”. 

By this time Rickman’s career as an on-screen star was fully established, but 1995’s “Sense and Sensibility” boosted the careers of several other now-familiar faces that appeared in the film; audiences having had just had enough time to re-clutch their hands to their bosoms following the BBC’s hysteria-inducing “Pride and Prejudice.”

Jane Austen’s first published work tells the story of two sisters and their poor fortune following the death of their father: the sensible Elinor (Thompson), and the wilful, romantic Marianne (Winslet). 

Rickman’s co-star Emma Thompson spent five years writing the screenplay for “Sense and Sensibility”, remaining loyal to Austen’s wry sense of humour and sharp wit, whilst also making accessible for an audience perhaps less enthused by the BBC’s faithful “Pride and Prejudice” remake.

“Sense and Sensibility” also marked the beginning of a wonderful working partnership between Rickman and Thompson. 

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Who saw the hard foul by Jason Kidd on Jeremy Lin in that last Mavericks Vs Knicks game? Is that how you play ball, Jason? Smack them in the face and pull their hair. Real cool asshole. 

Twitter @RealJasonKidd #hardfoul

EDIT: I accidentally put bulls, i put the wrong team and i have no idea why, sorry.

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Hi! When you created Archaeology!Astrid, what was your reason for that major? How would you imagine Hiccup staying in touch Archaeology!Astrid? (Another shameless attempt for you to write in that universe.)

I love how you ask questions.  There’s so much to go on and it’s wonderful.  

Part 1 | Part 2

“Thanks so much for doing this,” Astrid loads a third heavy box into the recently emptied half of Hiccup’s closet, nudging it into place with her shoulder.  “I cannot afford a storage unit.” 

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