hard for me to let people in

I’m so much happier now that I’m dead. Technically missing. Soon to be presumed dead. Gone. And my lazy lying shitting oblivious husband will go to prison for my murder. Nick Dunne took my pride and my dignity and my hope and my money. He took and took from me until I no longer existed. That’s murder. Let the punishment fit the crime. To fake a convincing murder you have to have discipline. You befriend a local idiot. Harvest the details of her hundrum life and cram her with stories about your husband’s violent temper. Secretly create some money troubles: credit cards, perhaps online gambling. With the help of the unwitting, bump up your life insurance. Purchase getaway car. Craigslist. Generic. Cheap. Pay cash. You need to package yourself so that people will truly mourn your loss. And America loves pregnant women. As if it’s so hard to spread your legs. You know what’s hard? Faking a pregnancy. First, drain your toilet. Invite pregnant idiot into your home and ply her with lemonade. Steal pregnant idiot’s urine. Voilà! A pregnany is now part of your legal medical record. Happy Aniversary. Wait for your clueless husband to start his day. Off he goes… and the clock is ticking. Meticulously stage your crime scene with just enough mistakes to raise the specter of doubt. You need to bleed. A lot. A lot, a lot. The head wound kind of bleed. A crime scene kind of bleed. You need to clean; poorly, like he would. Clean and bleed, bleed and clean. And leave a Little something behind: a fire in July? And because you’re you, you don’t stop there. You need a diary. Mínimum three hundred entries on the Nick and Amy story. Start with the fairy-tale early days: those are true, and they’re crucial. You want Nick and Amy to be likable. After that, you invent. The spending, the abuse, the fear, the threat of violence. And Nick thought he was the writer… burn it, just the right amount. Make sure the cops will find it. Finally, honor tradition with a very special treasure hunt. And if I get everything right, the world will hate Nick for killing his beautiful, pregnant wife. And after all the outrage, when I’m ready, I’ll go out on the water with a handful of pills and a pocket full of stones. And when they find my body, they’ll know: Nick Dunne dumped his beloved like garbage, and she floated past all the other abused, unwanted, inconvenient women. Then Nick will die too. Nick and Amy will be gone, but then we never really existed. Nick loved a girl I was pretending to be. “Cool girl”. Men always use that, don’t they? As their defining compliment: “She’s a cool girl”. Cool girl is hot. Cool girl is game. Cool girl is fun. Cool girl never gets angry at her man. She only smiles in a chagrined, loving manner. And then presents her mouth for fucking. She likes what he likes, so evidently he’s a vinyl hipster who loves fetish Manga. If he likes girls gone wild, she’s a mall babe who talks for football and endures buffalo wings at Hooters. When I met Nick Dunne I knew he wanted “Cool girl”. And for him, I’ll admit: I was willing to try. I wax-strippe my pussy raw. I drank canned beer watching Adam Sandler movies. I ate cold pizza and remained a size two. I blew him, semi-regularly. I lived in the moment. I was fucking game. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy some of it. Nick teased out in me things I didn’t know existed. A lightness, a humor, an ease. But I made him smarter. Sharper. I inspired him to rise to my level. I forged the man of my dreams. We were happy pretending to be other people. We were the happiest couple we knew. And what’s the point of being together if you’re not the happiest? But Nick got lazy. He became someone I did not agree to marry. He actually expected me to love him unconditionally. Then he dragged me, penniless, to the navel of this great country and found himself a newer, younger, bouncier cool girl. You think I’d let him destroy me and end up happier than ever? No fucking way. He doesn’t get to win. My cute, charming, salt-of-the-earth Missouri guy. He needed to learn. Grown-ups work for things. Grown-ups pay. Grown-ups suffer consequences.

Bandit, Bullmastiff/Husky/Shepherd (1 y/o), Boul St-Laurent & Boulevard René Lévesque, Montreal, QC, CAN • “When it’s nighttime and I’m sleeping outside and people approach, he’ll let me know. He’s my protector and my best friend. I’ve had him since he was two months old. He’s 87 pounds – it’s hard to imagine him when he fit into a school bag.”

It makes me laugh so hard to see all these age-old farming techniques that people used for thousands of years being ‘discovered’ by modern day hipsters who got into farming three years ago and think they’ve invented a whole new revolutionary technique by not watering as often.

I swear at this rate I’m going to see some study like “If you pile up veggie scraps and let them rot, you can add the resulting material to soil to improve productivity! It’s a hot new system known as biocyling, and it’s all the rage!”

And on that day I will start holding 'biocyling’ seminars and charging $40 a ticket.

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Most people attribute speaking almost completely in one case with Sans and Papyrus, though Mettaton and Napstablook both speak in one case as well (Napstablook lowercase, Mettaton uppercase). It seems those are the only characters who speak like that. I originally thought it was an "undead" monster (as Mettaton is possibly formerly a ghost) trait, but Mad Dummy seems to switch case normally, though a bit aggressively (like Undyne). Why would those specific characters stick to one case?

(undertale spoilers)

It’s possible this is to emphasize their speaking style. Tone can be hard to convey through text, even with the voice beeps. Both Papyrus and Mettaton have very loud personalities. Sans has a more casual manner of speaking that conveys an apathetic attitude, while Napstablook is more soft spoken and lacks confidence. 

Papyrus and Napstablook are the two that almost never change their case. Napstablook uses all caps for the word “RUINS,” as it’s usually referred as.

Mettaton uses proper case after he changes into his Mettaton EX form.

But he does switch right back to all caps in the neutral route’s King Mettaton Ending.

As for Sans, he is known to use proper case in more serious discussions or when he is threatening.

As you mentioned, Mad Dummy is another ghost, but they don’t have a strong preference for all upper case. This invalidates the theory that “undead” monsters have a case preference. Without more evidence, the most logical conclusion is that this is done purely for speaking style emphasis.

Let’s Play a Game - Fred Weasley

- Prompt -


You’re a transfer student from Ilvermorny, the Wizarding school in North America, and Fred Weasley takes an interest in you, but you’re not as easy to impress as he thought you were.


Warnings: None {that I can think of}

I walked into the Great Hall and took a seat at my house table. Being the only new student that was already in my fifth year at Hogwarts, it’s been hard to make friends, and people that sat around me kept stealing glances as I ate. I ignored all of their obnoxious staring and continued eating while I read my book for DADA.

“Well, hello there,” a voice sang out as that person slid into the seat beside me. Another figure took the seat on the other side of me and I refused to look up at the two.

“We heard that you’re the newest fifth year,” the other figure said. Both of their accents were as plain as day. “That true?”

“Who’s asking?” I spoke up with my American accent as I turned to see one-half of the infamous Weasley twins. I turned the other way to see the other brother.

“I don’t believe we’ve formally met before now. I’m Fred. Fred-”

“Weasley,” I finished. “And you must be George.” I turn to look between the both of them. Fred smirked devilishly as George grinned widely at my words.

“First year here at Hogwarts and you already know who’s who,” Fred exclaimed. “I’ve got to say, Georgie, I’m quite proud of ourselves at this moment.”

“Couldn’t agree more, Freddie,” George agreed. Moments later, George and Fred were called over from the end of the Gryffindor table. “It was fun meeting you, foreign girl, but we must be off.” With that, George stood from his seat and left. I turned to look back at my food and noticed Fred remained in his seat beside me. 

“Aren’t you going to join your brother?” I asked him, but he ignored my question and plucked up a piece of bacon from my plate before eating it. 

“What’s your name?” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. “I’ve told you my name, it’s only fair if you do the same, you know?” You let out a light laugh in realization.

“I get it,” you tell him and Fred responds with a quizzical look. “I understand what’s happening here. I heard you were a way with girls, but I thought people were just being dramatic.”

“Your American accent is really distracting, did you know? Pretty alluring at the same time, can’t take you seriously.” I rolled my eyes, exaggeratedly.

“Oh my god, whatever you think is going to happen, isn’t going to happen Fred Weasley.” I looked him in the eyes with an unbelieving look. He only smirked back and I shook my head. “You know what, let’s play a game.”

“Is it an American game?” Fred asks eagerly and I chuckle.

“What we’d do is simple. We’d sweet talk and play fight. Tell each other good morning and good night every day. Not to mention pranking together and maybe go on walks with each other. We would go on dates and hang out with each other’s friends and give each other cute little nicknames, maybe even kiss and hug if we’re feeling up to it.” I leaned in towards Fred as he simply stared at me. “There’s a catch to it. Whoever falls in love first loses.”

“That’s a horrible game. Do people do that in America? For fun?” Fred asked, completely shocked. I laughed at the sight of his surprise.

“If you’re so afraid of a little game then maybe you and your brother shouldn’t call yourselves ‘Prank Kings.” Fred frowned at me as I innocently pondered the thought.

“I’m not afraid of some game,” he declared. “In fact, game on.” I smirked at him as I got up from my finished meal. 

“I guess we’ll see each other around then,” I mused before making my way out of the Great Hall.

“Wait, you didn’t tell me your name,” he cried out after me and I turned back for a moment. 

“I’m (y/n).”


(a/n): I’m thinking about making a sequel to this, but I don’t know yet. What do you think?


Today on the most famous news website in my country there was an article “Why everyone hates Taylor Swift”. The first wrong thing was that not everyone hates her. Second they said so many lies, like that Taylor always faking herself in awards shows especially when she wins. So no, she NEVER fakes herself she works so hard on her album so when she get an award she is surprised because it’s so nice to know that people appreciate what she does. They said she is dating guys and then write a break-up song SO NO let me tell you after all these years because you still don’t know @taylorswift WRITES ABOUT THINGS SHE FINDS ROMANTICS. They said the way she treats fans are terrible, WTF?! How many celebrating cares about their fans like Taylor?! ZERO! Even Taylor said that fans are the best part of the shows. They said that the fact she is always playing the victim it gives her more fame and people hate it. NO I became a Swiftie because I love her and her music because she reminds me that I am not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know me. So Taylor honey all these reporters they don’t know you, so don’t forget you’re not their opinion. How can you hate this girl??

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(1) Whoa. Holy hell, anon. Let me tell you something. It may be hard to believe that muslims aren't out to get you when there are terrorist attacks happening at a faster pace, but here it from a muslim herself. I get sick to my fucking stomach when I see a breaking news headline because my gut tells me it's another asinine person who committed a terror attack, and I, an 18 year old girl who's trying to get through her first college semester, will have to pay for it. How? By people cementing the

2) belief in their mind that Islam is some kind of barbaric cult that’s out to get everyone. It’s not. As hard as it may be to believe that, take it from someone who has studied her religion for years that Islam does NOT support terrorism. Jihad is ONLY permissible when someone invades your land, not for going out and mowing down civilians thousands of miles away from your home. This is the same religion that doesn’t permit you to cut down a tree, let alone a human being. The same religion that

(3) instructs one to respect all the people of the book - Jews, Christians. Perhaps you’ve heard that repeated a hundred times in defense of muslims, yet that is because it is true. They’ve completely bastardized my religion and they would kill me on sight too because I’m a shia muslim and they think shias are “animals”. My country (Afghanistan) has been torn apart by them. My mom’s brother lost a leg fighting them. I feel like vomiting every time a terror attack happens. I want to tell people

(4) I want people to know islam. Doesn’t. Condone. Terrorism. Muslims aren’t evil; the extremist ones are. My dad works hard to provide for his family. I study, worry about my grades, volunteer, watch TV shows. We’re not monsters in a shadow, and please dont let those people warp you into thinking that’s Islam. Please, please don’t. My mosque tells us daily to make sure we always represent the best part of our faith because it’s a bad climate for us, and I try to do my best to let people know

(5) extremists are NOT, N O T, acting in any shape or form according to the teachings of the Quran. Take it or leave it. But don’t ever frame me beside terrorists.

^^ this is very important (sorry it took so long to post!).  Thank you anon.

Lately I have been feeling so up and down. I am just the most sensitive human to walk the planet, and though that is a great trait to have, it can sometimes be overwhelming. I feel things so so hard, and therefor not only do I enjoy the things and people I love with the deepest passion, I also let the little dips in life overwhelm me at times.

This summer has had so many highlights. Moving out of the dorms, moving into my first apartment w/ one of my good friends, taking Chris home to San Diego with me for the first time, visiting my sister in Colorado, a few trips to Lake Tahoe and spending a ton of time with my love/best friend. I am so thankful for those moments and memories and experiences. But I can’t lie and say this summer hasn’t had its downs. Basically living by myself because my roommate hasn’t fully moved in yet(long story, but she’s from the area and doesn’t wanna move in until school starts), having to pay for groceries/gas/food/so many other things(like my car breaking down this morning) on my own with small minimum wage paychecks, working a job I really dislike w/ people that treat me poorly, being injured/losing motivation to run, being trapped inside most of the day bc it’s 100+ degrees, missing my family/friends at home because I decided to spend my first summer in college away, being bored out of my mind and feeling anxious not having things to do/not being productive.

I know life isn’t going to always be sunshiny and adventurous. And I know that there’s going to be downward slopes. I guess I just wish I didn’t let the lows get to me so much. And I know that is something I have to practice, but also something I have to appreciate due to my sensitivity. I just haven’t been feeling myself all the time lately. I think it will get better when school starts and I eventually get a new job and new things to do. I just need to vent sometimes and remember it’s okay to do so. I cant be a happy lil pea all the time.

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10 songs for your bias (chanyeol)

  1. like you - tatiana manaois
  2. 톡톡 - 짙은
  3. pretty boy - m2m
  4. tell me where it hurts - mymp
  5. let’s just chill - oneway
  6. little bit - lykke li
  7. adventure of a lifetime - coldplay
  8. sunshine - 짙은
  9. aquaman - beenzino
  10. you & me - kisum ft. jooyoung

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As a Slytherin, I find it necessary to hide my feelings sometimes, and my religion and my family make it necessary as well when it comes to my sexuality. My biggest mistake was when I told my parents I'm bi. It's hard enough to know who to trust and who to tell things to, that I'm super nervous about starting university and getting into relationships. How do I let the Ravenclaw in me out so I can open up and have a relationship with whomever I fall for?

Well Ravenclaws tend to have close to the same problem with opening up.
I’d say your best bet is to get comfortable at university, feel it out. You’ll know if you connect with people. When you feel that sort of connection with someone, go ahead and start to talk to them. Start with small things and if they turn or to be trustworthy, work your way up to bigger things.
The thing is to start small.
-Mel (the Slytherin)

Let's Talk About Chase

Excuse me while I become absolute theory-posting trash.

(Not to say that people who post theories are trash, I just think that my theories are dumb.)


I’ve been seeing a whole lot of “Chase Brody is an angel,” and the like basically everywhere in the JSE (my mobile phone just corrected JSE to José, and I don’t know why I’m laughing so hard) and ASE tags, and I’m still just super suspicious of this fictional character. *

So the first time we meet Chase Brody is in the Bro Average video. That’s all we see of him. That’s it. There isn’t even the slightest mention of him until Anti’s return in KILL JACKSEPTICEYE.

Whenever the good old Doctor brings him up in conversation, we already know that Anti is taking over, and he’s doing so quite efficiently. What I’m getting at here is, which one of them was talking about Chase? Anti or Schneeplestein?

Because, if Anti was in control at the time, I can’t help but wonder if Chase Brody ever existed at all, or if he’s simply a fictional pawn that Anti created to gain sympathy from the community. (And what better way to do it, when everyone has been waiting so long to hear even smallest mention of him?) If our favourite little glitch can take control of more than one person, I can’t imagine it would be terribly difficult for him to do a little acting on the side.

After all, names hold power. All we had to do was give Jack’s darker half a name, and he started appearing on the channel. So give this some thought: if Anti and Chase ARE one and the same, what kind of power are we giving Anti by focusing all this attention and affection on “Chase Brody”?

* It’s been a long week, try not to judge me too hard for putting so much thought into this shit.

Thank you

I just want to give a shoutout to these people who made me so happy these last few days when all i felt was worthless…

@edjjr0401 Juan for making me laugh so hard my sides hurt every single day. Discussing ways to kill jake paul has never been so fun my love! Thank you for being you.

@dolandreaming M for letting me know every single day that she’s thinking about me and loves me and is sending positivity my way. It warms my heart to think that someone who i met on this website who i only speak to through this website, actually thinks about me on a daily basis and cares about how I’m doing! Thank you for being you. 

@twininspiredwriting Katie for being there for me when i don’t even know what the hell I’m thinking. She always seems to find the right words when i have none. She understand the saddest parts of my soul and pulls them back to light. Thank you for being you.

@prettybabyhazza Eliza for being equally obsessed with every single social media star that i am. Making me feel a little less crazy as a 21 year old girl. Giving me that sassy loving that i know actually means you love the shit outta me. Making me smile every. single. day. Thank you for being you.

@exclnt Abbie for being my soul sister. Every day i find out how much more alike we are and its kinda scary but its really awesome at the same time. Now if only i was as funny as you! ever since meeting you, i swear i got abs from laughing so hard EVERY DAY. But then we can also have serious, deep, meaningful conversations that make us think. Its the best of both worlds. Thank you for being you. 

I’ve met a lot of wonderful people through this website. And i feel like i don’t say thank you enough. These are just some of the many people i feel like i need to thank. So Part 2, and 3, and probably 4 and 5 to this “thank you” post is coming, because i cannot thank you all enough for the smiles you bring to my face and i NEED you guys to know how special you all are to me. 

If yall ain’t already know, I’m about to put you on. @kingkuchiki is one of my favorite writers and she will not be slept on. I’ve collected some of my favorite quotes from her works and I encourage all of you to get your life and read them. Not only will your skin clear up, you will instantly feel hydrated.


SessKik is such a rare pair and it’s really hard to find good fics that perfectly capture Sesshomaru’s mannerisms, traits, personal insight, and his flaws. People usually can’t find a perfect balance but Tiffany does it so well (and a few others but this post is about Tiffany and one day I will put yall on to some other fics). TLDR: It’s not an easy task to do but Tiffany hands down has my favorite Sesshomaru interpretation and if I died, I would want her to finish my SessKik. (Tiffany whenever I tell you to take the wheel and write chapters for me I’m being dead ass)

First quotes from my favorite ‘She Swore By The Moon’ Tiffany is the only person who can make smut sound like poetry.

“Her words were at his neck, choking him. He’d slandered her since dawn, and there she stood, providing a remedy for his ailment, but his tongue was overweight with bitterness. The reasons for these unfamiliar and useless emotions came within his reach, but each one fell out of his hands like sand yet again. Something inside of him pulled and tugged like he was being torn from the center, and he dismissed the urge to slam a fist into the wall. Hot blood didn’t run in his veins. Moonlight spilled into the dark room casting a shadow over much of his face, but his fangs gleamed, and she smelled like dried up blood.”

“Sometimes she wanted to die again, and she wanted it to stick. In seconds, her windpipe hummed against his hand, and her back touched the wall. He’d moved so smoothly, and caused her not a bit of harm, but she felt like she was flying. The fingers from one of her hands played at his wrist while the others slid along his newly restored arm. He was so close to her face that it took a moment for her vision to adjust so she could see him clearly.”


“Sesshōmaru’s grip tightened, perforating into her hidden depths, and Kikyō wondered if she’d ever been so exposed. Even scattered as ashes and concealed within the earth after falling as the shameful memory of a feeble woman didn’t crack her open and reveal her secrets the way he did. She’d died with their eyes on her, the trust of so many that she maintained faded away each time her chest caved in as a pitiful act of protest to keep her certain death at bay. She was the shadow of her former glory and promise; a priestess sullied by the affection of a demon.”

The rest I want yall to actually click the link above and go read the shit and not be lazy.

'What Happens Next’ 

“If she relaxed underneath his touch, she could find the rest that mocks and eludes her. He’d take his claws and carve his name at her throat; giving her the gift of looking her killer in the eye. But Kikyō settled in his heart, and perhaps the only thing Sesshōmaru feared called out to him; the unknown.”


'It’s In the Madness' 

“Ichigo turns to face her. It’d be easier to split open his chest and let the truth crawl out of him than admit what he did. And her eyes don’t help. If she stopped looking at him right now, it’d still be too late. Familiarity dilates her pupils, and her irises weaken his knees again. She talks as if she knows him, and her unshaken cadence possesses a confidence that is beyond textbook, far-surpassing her skill as a doctor of the mind. To him, she could talk him out of the rest of his life, and he feels crazier than he ever has.”

“When lightning strikes, it’s quick.
When it finds a target, it’s devastating.”


My fucking favorite thing she’s ever written.

“There are times she wants to go back and tell herself to pay more attention, but then, Kazui gives her butterfly kisses and this is really what she wanted, isn’t it? It’s only when her heart overflows with love for her child that the loneliness subsides. Tatsuki says she shouldn’t feel guilty.

“Sometimes I – I think about all of the other things I wanted too.”

After she admitted it, she cried so much it was hard to breathe and Tatsuki didn’t say anything else.”



'We Were Wonderland' 

“Her grandpa once told her the number seven meant ‘completion’, but it just feels like a sad ending to Kagome even though she and Inuyasha were supposed to belong to two different worlds, two painfully stretched apart epochs in time.”

“Even with his past bleeding all over his present, she still kept tumbling down with him. How many times did she slide off the mouth of that well lugging book bags and bicycles to be with him? Her back muscles thump and pulse if she doesn’t go to sleep in the perfect position. Her right arm tenses during yoga classes because she fired too many arrows once upon a time. Inuyasha is still under her skin like the lurching feeling of dread.”

If you’re still not convinced then I feel incredibly sorry for you. Such awesomeness should not go unnoticed and it really grinds my gears that she doesn’t have thousands of likes, notes, favs, follows, kudos OR WHAT HAVE YOU.

Go read Tiffany’s stuff.

I wanna try something to see if people feel the same way. I think we all have that song or songs that hit us hard whether it’d be for a reason or no reason at all. Like there’s the ones that hit you hard for very personal reasons, there’s the ones that remind you of someone or something in specific, and there’s ones that for some unknown reason just hit you had with the way it sounds or some reason you can’t chose. So Leave what those songs for you are in the tags


..::Poppy, Quinn & Thomas::..

Poppy - Mommy!! -
Loreene - Oh sweetie, come here! I missed you so much, life is hard down here, too many males around! - Loreene tightened her daughter and then turned to Quinn and Thomas. - Oh I finally meet you two! Poppy told everything about you, but of course you have to tell me everything again. I love people’s stories! - she smiled at them and blinked her eye. - Oh Poppy, you were right, he’s a very handsome man! - 
Poppy - MOM!!! -
Loreene - Shush, baby, let your mommy talk! And the little one… Thomas, right? You’re seem a very good boy, aren’t you? -

Poppy felt embarrassed, her mom always acted like that, but she loved her.
The little group sat down and they talked for a while. Loreene had a lots of embarrassing questions to ask and Quinn aswered to all of them. Thomas felt pretty comfortable in Casas’ house and he liked Loreene.

Loreene - Ok! Now it is better for the boys to go to the backyard to meet the rest of the troop! -
Poppy - Yes, you’re right! Quinn go outside, my dad will introduce you to my brothers. Thomas if you want you can play in the swimming pool. -

It’s hard coming down with a Case of the Genders when you’re like, close to 30 bc so many of the resources online or the people talking about it are like, 19. So sometimes I just feel like this creepy old goblin standing at the window, tapping on the glass and wishing someone would let me in.

ok imagine competitive vs. AI

  • Like Play vs. Hard AI
  • except they aren’t aimbots
  • and they can’t hit you through a wall
  • but you’d still need a good strategy to win
  • you’d need the right characters as well
  • Okay, you don’t win any prizes at the end
  • but you do get skill ratings
  • so that you end up playing with people around your skill rating
  • ok this’ll never happen but just imagine
  • I play vs AI so I don’t end up getting a panic attack but even I want to try out competitive, even if it’s not ‘serious’
  • pls just let me have this

You know I never use this blog to talk about political stuff but after what happened yesterday I needed to make a post.

My heart is breaking for the people in Barcelona. It’s the first time in 13 years that we’ve had to live through an attack like this in this country. Last time it happened I was so young, I barely remember it so that’s why this one has affected me so much.

It’s always sad and painful when you see something like this happening but when it happens in your country is affects you in a whole different way. I’ve found myself crying almost non-stop since it happened. Not only about what happened but also about what people are doing to help. I feel so moved when I hear about taxi drives giving free rides to people, hotels giving shelter, people donating blood and working as translators for foreign victims.

So like I said this affected me a lot, this hit me very hard because it happened in my country.

But let’s not forget that this happens every day. This pain, this suffering, this terror is the life of many people in certain countries. People that have to live with these attacks every day, people that run away from their countries seeking shelter. So please, don’t let the fear that we feel right now make you close your arms to these people.

Ever since the attack happened I’ve been hearing and seeing people saying some stuff, out of fear I’m sure, about how certain people are the reason this is happening, certain religion, certain race. Please don’t be mistaken. 

No religion, no race, promotes hate and killing. 

The people behind these attacks aren’t religious, they’re bad people who is only trying to find an excuse to justify their hate. And precisely people from that religion they use to justify their attacks are the first victims of it, not only because they get killed but because they get discriminated all around the world

Don’t let these attacks make you hate people who are only trying to survive, who are only trying to live their lives. Because if we do, then the people behind these attacks will win.

The moment we start fighting against each other instead of fighting together against them, is the moment we lose. 

So please, let’s not let the fear get to us, let’s work together to get over this, let’s not discriminate or hate people who have nothing to do with this, don’t let the people behind these attacks convince you of something that is not true. They want us to hate each other, they want us to fight each other, they want us to live in fear. 

Just, don’t let them win.

All my heart is with the victims of Barcelona and with the victims of every single attack that happens every day and sometimes we don’t get to know about.

I’m not trying to start an argument, I’m just trying to express my opinion, I’m trying to make us realize that we need to be together in this moment, and not fight against each other. 

Spread love, not hate. 

Sabéis que no uso este blog para hablar de política pero después de lo que pasó ayer necesitaba hacer un post.

Mi corazón está totalmente roto después de lo que pasó ayer en Barcelona. Es la primera vez en 13 años que algo así pasa en este país. La última vez yo era muy pequeña, apenas lo recuerdo. Así que es por eso que este ataque me ha afectado tanto. 

Es siempre doloroso y triste cuando algo así pasa pero cuando pasa en tu país te afecta de una manera totalmente diferente. Prácticamente no he parado de llorar desde que pasó. No solo por lo que pasó pero también por la muestra de apoyo de la gente. Me emociona mucho saber que hay taxistas dando viajes gratis a la gente que lo necesita, hoteles dando cobijo, personas donando sangre y haciendo de traductores para las víctimas extranjeras.  

Así que como he dicho, esto me ha afectado muchísimo porque ha pasado en mi país.

Pero no olvidemos que esto pasa todos los días. Este dolor, este sufrimiento, este terror es el día a día de muchas personas en determinados países. La gente tiene que vivir con estos ataques todos los días. Personas que tienen que huir de sus países buscando refugio. Así que por favor, no dejemos que el miedo que sentimos ahora mismo nos haga cerrar los brazos a estas personas.

Desde que el ataque ocurrió he estado oyendo y viendo a personas diciendo determinadas cosas, por el miedo estoy segura, sobre como determinadas personas son la causa de todo esto, determinada religión, determinada raza. Por favor no nos equivoquemos.

Ninguna religión, ninguna raza, está a favor del odio y de matar. 

Las personas detrás de estos ataques no son religiosos, son malas personas que solo buscan una excusa para justificar su odio. Y precisamente personas de esa religión que usan como excusa son las principales víctimas de los ataques, no solo porque son asesinados sino porque son discriminados alrededor del mundo.

No dejemos que estos ataques nos hagan odiar a personas que solo están intentando sobrevivir, que solo están intentando vivir su vida. Porque si lo hacemos, las personas detrás de estos ataques ganan.

En el momento en que empecemos a luchar entre nosotros y no juntos contra ellos, es el momento en el que perderemos. 

Así que, por favor, no dejemos que el miedo llegue a nosotros, es momento de trabajar juntos para superar esto. No discriminemos u odiemos personas que no tienen nada que ver con esto, no dejéis que las personas detrás de estos ataques os convenzan de algo que no es cierto. Quieren que nos odiemos entre nosotros, quieren que nos peleemos entre nosotros, quieren que vivamos con miedo.

Simplemente, no les dejemos ganar.

Mi corazón está con las víctimas de Barcelona y con las víctimas de todos y cada uno de los ataques que ocurren cada día y que algunas veces ni siquiera nos enteramos de ellos.

No estoy tratando de empezar una pelea. Solo intento expresar mi opinión. Estoy tratando de mostraros que necesitamos estar juntos en este momento y no pelear unos con otros. 

Difundamos amor y no odio. 

A night to never forget

(it’s the first thing I worte so i’m soryr if I’m making you read somethign terrible. thank you for taking the time)

I was very nervous, I never thought I would make it this far in the competition. Let alone that I would get to sing with one of my Idols. Yet nothing turned out as amazing as I expected it to be. Rehearsal had started twenty minutes ago, and let me tell you. It is quite hard to sing a duet when your duet partner isn’t here.

You heard me right, Harry Styles hasn’t shown up, no one can reach him and I’m slowly starting to loose myself. Has this ever happened before? Will I have to perform on my own tonight? He out of all people should understand how important this was for somebody like me.

People rushing around, nobody really paying attention to one another. I decided to sit myself down on one of the so not comfortable plastic chairs they had placed down on the stage. We each got an hour rehearsal on the stage, we had already used up twenty minutes without actually doing anything.

At last I saw the famous chopped off curls walk into the venue with two people beside him, he seemed absent, not really listening to what they were saying. No I didn’t know him personally but I was pretty good at reading people.

Once he finally made it on the stage I stood up and smiled walking over to greet him, he gave me nothing more than a side eye which made me feel very unwanted. I couldn’t believe this was the Harry Styles I had dreamed about meeting, dreamed about touching, breathing in his scent (he smelled amazing just in case you wanted to know).

“My name’s y/n, I’m very honoured that you want to sing with me, I can’t express how thankful I am for this opportunity…” he cut me, he rudely cut me off as I spoke to him “yea yea you’re a big fan bla bla, let’s just get to singing yea? I’m sure we can sing this song two time through and that should be enough” he told me. I nodded slightly taking back and looked around as the music started. We did exactly what he wanted, sung it two time through, we sounded ok together but I personally think that if we had sung it a bit more we could have perfected it.

Harry left immediately after the second go through had ended, going to the room they had assigned to him. He knew the way he acted was shitty and not who he was but today had started off terribly and he couldn’t get his mind of off it. A morning interview had gotten way to personal, he hated the fact that people kept trying to invade his privacy and it had just gotten all too much this morning and he had lashed out.

Looking at himself in the mirror he didn’t recognize himself, he looked mean, a scowl set on his face, his hair not perfect like it normally is. He knew what he needed, Harry took out his phone and called his mother, she would be able to calm him down, make him realize that one bad moment didn’t define him.

That’s exactly what Anne did, She also made him realize how much of a child he had been in rehearsal, this girl was a fan and he had just put her in her spot and ignored her further. After his talk with his mother he walked out of the room down the endless hallways with endless names on doors. What was her name again? She had told him right? He scratched his mind trying to remember her name with no success. That’s until he saw the name y/n on a card left to a white door.

A knock was heard, it wasn’t loud and I had almost missed it. I wasn’t used to people knocking on my door, the hallways were usually pretty quiet a few hours before the recording of the show started. Opening the door I was surprised to see the man that had ignored me just an hour earlier, yet he looked different. A hand went up scratching the back of his neck as he looked at me, giving me a half smile “uhm… hi, I just.. I felt like I needed to apologize for earlier. I was being a real arse during that rehearsal while this is such an important thing for you.. Could I… come in?” smiling softly I opened the door more letting him walk into the small room I had called mine for the past few weeks. Harry walking inside before turning on his heels looking straight at me “We still have an hour or two right? Those mics and big stages are going to do you no good. To sound perfect we need to harmonize together, acapella” he turned his half smile into a big goofy one, he was making it up to me I think. I didn’t mind. Again I nodded before Harry took my hand and dragged me to the couch.

I didn’t make it that night, was voted out. I can’t say I minded though. I got to sing with the man I adored and during our private session he thought me a lot about my voice. He also promised me to take me out for coffee if I didn’t win so when I laid down in bed that evening and heard my phone beep seeing his name appear on the screen… I must say a little squeal escaped my mouth “coffee tomorrow at two? I’ll pick you up xx H”

Awwwww this was cute!! MeAn Harry. :(( Keep on writing, love!! Xx