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shout out to soft girls

I know it’s a lot easier in society to be a soft girl instead of, say, a soft boy, but in a culture that values masculinity above all else this is 3 cheers for girls that are gentle on the inside and still deserve respect

  • Girls that cry a lot
    • over poetry
    • in public
    • in front of strangers
    • for ‘little’ things like stubbing their toe ‘cause life is rough and we all deserve a break
    • puppies
    • books
    • stress and being slightly overwhelmed
  • Girls that like pink and flowers the entire concept of love
  • trans girls that have been denied feminity
  • butch girls who think they have to act out performative gender roles to fit social expectations
    • you can like soft sweaters and perfume
    • hell you don’t even have to kill the spider, I’ll kill the spider
  • Girls that shake when they yell and wilt with the sun
    • you are good even with enough emotions to fill the ocean
  • Sports girls whose physical activity leads them to ‘too many hard edges’
    • abs don’t make you any less able to receive flowers and feel soft
  • Fat girls who have been told they can’t be feminine to the same degree, can’t like chocolate and sweets and wear types of clothes
    • you can! I love you
  • Girls that feel pinpricks like bullet holes, and being ignored or hurt or dismissed is an avalanche 
    • sensitivity isn’t a flaw
    • we don’t have to made of stone, feelings are human
  • Girls that love immediately and with abandon, they love people and characters and things so strongly it hurts, and that’s okay
  • Soft girls.

Some fluffy Dex/Nursey dancing and declarations of love! (1k words)


There’s very loud music coming from the attic as well as a continuation of loud bangs and thumps.

If you were brave enough to follow the noises (which isn’t advised, considering loud thumps and loud music normally only means one thing) you’d find two boys, both in their underwear, dancing around to music that mostly hadn’t left the early 2000’s. As well as some later pop songs. The dancing gets broken up by kisses that are teasing and happy, shed clothes littering the boys feet. Laughter can be heard underneath the songs, loud and joyful, breath coming out a little hard around the edges, but neither willing to stop dancing.

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drawn4life  asked:

How do you figure out lighting? I can never figure out shadows on a human face. It's way different than a ball or block. Any tips?

EXCELLENT QUESTION one that fucks me up too even tho i’ve been drawing for a million years. I don’t think i’ve mastered lighting on the face yet, so i don’t really have a lot of tips to offer but here’s what i got: 

I guess first and foremost you have to familiarize yourself with the planes that make up the face. I only laid out the main ones here. Once you figure out where the hard edges of the face occur, it’s quite easy to lay out the most basic shadows. 

Sometimes i don’t constrain to realistic planes (like around the nose and lips) but that’s mostly because it’s just my style. 

Because the cheek is flat (in relation to the front of the face) it catches a lot of light even in the most dramatic lighting. It’s one of my favorite places to light up HEH (even if it’s extremely subtle) 

I also have a few lovely guides to share ! Most of these are tutorials on how these artists accomplish their lighting techniques, but i thought they were extremely helpful. 

Simple Face lighting tutorial 

Constraints of facial features 

Color + lighting 

Dramatic/expressive lighting 

Also this Virtual Lighting Studio is extremely useful if you want to simulate a specific lighting on the face! (it lags a lot but honestly this is probably the best thing you can get)

anonymous asked:

Hi hun, I saw you post earlier that Sherlock had apparently made sure his furniture was child-proofed for Rosie at the end of TFP. Can you show me some examples because everything in the flat looks the same to me with the exception of John's chair?

Sure Nonny!

So when the flat is apparently destroyed everything except their chairs and that rug and everything else, Sherlock replaces a lot of the “cornered” furniture with rounded furniture:

A. That’s not their original breakfast table and chairs. They’re now a rounded set with a little shelf under them.

B, C, and D. Same with the long table, the chair at the end of the couch, and the stack of magazines. The sitting room table is now a small rounded one, the chair now has fully padded arms, and the stack of magazines have been replaced with rounded dressers, which Sherlock probably now keeps his military porn stash the magazines:

(E) used to be a hard-edged metal table, and (F) used to be a shelf with a lot of breakables on it.

And (G) used to be a very wobbly-looking side table. It’s been replaced with the sturdy one we see in TFP:

Plus, I believe the bookshelves are also less-cluttered as well, and those glass cases we see in the above image no longer have breakables in them

Sherlock literally changed the common area of the flat so he could be a better parent for Rosie.

Stab me.

Look, I’m not a fan of parentlock in this arc, but good god this is EXACTLY how I imagined Sherlock as a parent. And if we’re going with the John’s TAB theory, this is exactly how John imagines Sherlock as a parent too.