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                                           bang bang. he shot me down 
                                                          bang bang. i hit the ground

Rosebud - Demmora - Star Wars Han x Leia Fluff
Part of a Missing Moments series I was working on but never finished, focusing on Han's budding not-so-little crush on Leia and all the ridiculous little things he does for her while still being in denial. This one's about lipstick. I'm not sure where I was going with it either.
By Organization for Transformative Works

It’s the way she tilts her head to catch the light in the reflective surface that draws his attention, but it’s the parting of her lips as she sweeps the little gold stick over them that keeps it. He watches, transfixed as her lips purse then part in a ghost of a kiss, and something funny in his stomach flips. And then her back straightens, her face hardens, and she marches off as though the moment never happened. He finds himself watching for it again and again, feeling like a guilty little voyeur but not quite bad enough about it to stop. Until one day she lifts the stick to her nose and inhales and a look of such profound pain crosses her features that Han almost wants to say something. Almost. 

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This is just pure meta rambling fuff. I’m not sure what 17 year old me was going for but at least it’s in fully formed sentences :P


Moon Lovers vs. Shine or Go Crazy for Anon

Hello followers! I just wanted to give you all an update. You may have noticed how much I’ve slown down with posting things. I still love Classpect, so don’t worry about that! I just have been putting my free time/energy into other things. As much as I love this blog, it’s just sometimes so hard to find the drive and energy to so much of anything. And more recently that’s been put into other activities than this blog. And seriously, you all have been tremendously patient with me, not a single one of you even pressed for me to come back or what the hold up was! This blog even still gets at least a single note a day from you guys. I promise, I still love doing what I’ve been doing here. I will try my best to bring you the content you followed me for. Trust me, I HATE having to feel like this and not being able to do more on here. Hell, I’d love to reach to some of your more, I’ve met some fantastic people on this blog! So, all I can ask is that you be patient with me for a little longer. Thank you for the support!


I was going to post the last part (Part V) of That Night (Tokka fancomic) tonight but when I searched my hard drive I couldn’t find the finished pages. All I saw were pages in flat colors and without letters.
I’m not sure if I thought I’ve finished polishing those pages and lettered them together with Part 4 but I really couldn’t find the files so I assumed I probably haven’t actually finalized and lettered them yet…. OR they could probably be in my other drive. I’m not sure… it has been so long and I have been quite occupied with work that I couldn’t remember anymore. LOL! Sorry.

Anyway, if I couldn’t find the files, then I have no choice but to finalized the colors of the pages and lettered them again since I still got the ones in flat colors.

I’m really sorry about it… so let me make it up a little to you guys by posting this quick drawing of Toph and Sokka. I imagine them looking like this in “CHOICES” by @3holmes (it was the fanfic story set years after THAT NIGHT happened). 

(Although my drawing style here seems a bit different here from That Night fancomic.)

Anyway, I apologize for making you guys wait a little more and thank you very much again for keep waiting. I will try my best to post Part 5 before this month ended.

anonymous asked:

I know you deleted kairiss and your other kh blogs like fuckyeahkhgals and naminesss but I was just wondering if you still have the links to your resource pack among others?

I was going to get this sooner but my internet has been stupid but anyways!

Resource Pack

I had to move it to my default Google account because I was cleaning out my other ones because I finally have an external hard drive. You can find it here. Please read the readme doc for credits. If I’m missing any pictures, please let me know what I’m missing and for whom.

1.5 render

I still have this but you can view the post for it here and if that link doesn’t work, here’s a backup. Please give credit to me if you use it!


I, unfortunately, lost all of the sounds I had ripped from kh1, kh2, days and recoded when I was clearly out my Drives. I don’t know when I’ll get the ones from the ps2 again but it’s real easy for me to get the ones from the ds games. For now, I recommend going here or here if you need something specific.


Go here for the manuals from kh1, kh2 and chain of memories. You can also go here for 1.5′s manual and here for 2.5′s manual. They contain stuff from Days, Re:Coded, BbS, and Re:Com. I dunno if 2.8 has a manual on ps4 since there was no online code for it in my copy. I’ll look around but I don’t think there is one. Plus I don’t remember Kairi being mentioned in the kh3d one anyways so… 

Ultimanias & Guides

KH13 has some of them.


I would like to record the scenes each kh girl is in from each of the games but I’m waiting for 1.5 + 2.5 to release for PS4 in order to do so. But if you need to view HD scenes for any of the kh girls, I strongly recommend going here. You can also go here if you can’t find what you need on the other link. Also I have Skuld’s intro on my Youtube account.

Missable Quotes

All of Kairi’s missable quotes are still on my Youtube and will be for a very long time. I’d like to upload ones from the kh remasters but again, I’m waiting for them to release on ps4 next month.

Manga / Novels

I didn’t have links up to these before since the novels were never fully fanlated and the manga was available on kissmanga but if I remember right, YenPress has made the KH manga available to read digitally! Go to YenPress’s website for more info. I think khinsider has an article about it somewhere on their site too.


You can view some of my graphics from when I ran my kh blogs under this tag here. Also yo. People. Stop reblogging the repost of one of my Sokai edits when I have the OP here on my personal!

The kh2fm clock application can be downloaded here. Click the kh2fm side then the fourth link and you should be to go from there.

I’ve included images of the official merchandise for Kairi, Naminé, Aqua and Larxene to the resource pack. I recommend going to myfigurecollection.net for links to sites or visit Amazon, Ebay or the official Square Enix online stores. Please note that at the time of writing my response to this (Feb.4th.2017), Aqua’s 0.2 play arts figure has not been released yet.

Also if you’re looking for a specific track for one of the kh girl’s themes, go here if you want to reblog it on Tumblr. Otherwise look on Youtube if you don’t own copies.

Sites I recommend:




The various official KH websites which you can get to from the khwiki. If a link doesn’t work, try using the web archive. I think Square has some of them archived under a special url but I honestly can’t remember.

Khinsider and/or Kh13.

This is all I can remember right now. If I think of anything else, I’ll update this post.