hard drive findings


I just fired up an old hard drive to find something useful for work and… man, I hit the jackpot. I found a treasure trove of garbage. So awesomely awful.

Best finds so far include:

  • Cliché noughties LiveJournal icons
  • An entire folder of Pokémon midi files
  • The contents of a shitty geocities site I made
  • A slasher film I don’t remember writing
  • Final Fantasy, Street Fighter and Resident Evil fanfiction from 2001 that’s so fucking dire, I’m wheezing
  • Ancient memes

                                           bang bang. he shot me down 
                                                          bang bang. i hit the ground

  • Newt: Percy I'm going to the zoo they need me.
  • Percival: No. I'm sure they're fine right where they are.
  • Newt: slides $20 to Percival* how about now?
  • Percival: no thanks.
  • Newt: gives him chocolate*
  • Percival: still no.
  • Newt: starts unbuttoning his shirt*
  • Percival: signs* okay fine but I'm going with you so you don't get banned and cause chaos.

Moon Lovers vs. Shine or Go Crazy for Anon

so my mum cleaned my bedroom floor today which is the most stressful thing bc i am super paranoid when ppl go into my room (like..i panic when i leave the house and know ppl are gonna be there without me) and especially when they touch or move or go through my things. not to mention that whenever anyone ‘cleans’ my room they just put everything on my desk. my desk is UNUSABLE due to the amount of stuff on it. i knew where everything was on the floor. now it’s all in a pile amidst all the other crap i own. and she always puts things on my bed while cleaning. my room gets dusty but the one place that doesn’t is my bed. NOT IF YOU MOVE THINGS FROM THE FLOOR ONTO THE BED. there are bits of dust all over it now hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i just realised i forgot to buy more sleepy meds today….. so i took ritalin……… if im gonna be awake all night i am going to at least be PRODUCTIVE damnit


I was going to post the last part (Part V) of That Night (Tokka fancomic) tonight but when I searched my hard drive I couldn’t find the finished pages. All I saw were pages in flat colors and without letters.
I’m not sure if I thought I’ve finished polishing those pages and lettered them together with Part 4 but I really couldn’t find the files so I assumed I probably haven’t actually finalized and lettered them yet…. OR they could probably be in my other drive. I’m not sure… it has been so long and I have been quite occupied with work that I couldn’t remember anymore. LOL! Sorry.

Anyway, if I couldn’t find the files, then I have no choice but to finalized the colors of the pages and lettered them again since I still got the ones in flat colors.

I’m really sorry about it… so let me make it up a little to you guys by posting this quick drawing of Toph and Sokka. I imagine them looking like this in “CHOICES” by @3holmes (it was the fanfic story set years after THAT NIGHT happened). 

(Although my drawing style here seems a bit different here from That Night fancomic.)

Anyway, I apologize for making you guys wait a little more and thank you very much again for keep waiting. I will try my best to post Part 5 before this month ended.

dreambutdontsleepx  asked:

If you're still doing them, could you write the #142 for sterek prompt challenge?

I AM NOT IN COLLEGE IDK HOW THESIS PAPERS WORK! Anyways I love this prompt, and I had a blast writing it! Here’s #142: “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”

Derek is sitting at a cafe on campus working on his senior thesis. His fingers ache, the coffee he drank has his heart hammering, and his eyes hurt from staring at the screen and his notes even with his glasses on. It’s nearing the end of the year and Derek can taste the freedom from school and he’s having a hard time finding drive to keep going. He loves his thesis and the topic he picked was everything he wanted.

It didn’t mean he wasn’t tired, because he was.

A part of him wanted to order another coffee, and he was about to stand up and get one but he was suddenly not alone. There was a warm body right next to him and soft words muttering “I’m not crazy, just play along and I’ll give you fifty bucks” and that’s how he ended up with a pale whisky eyed boy holding him like they were boyfriends.

Derek almost flinched away from the contact but managed to not, forcing a smile on his face like he was enjoying this.

“Hey baby, how’s uh, the paper going?” The guy asked.

“Hey,” Derek said, “fine. Fingers hurt from typing for so long. Missed you.”

The guy frowned and said in a whisper, “hold my hand so he gets jealous.”

Derek didn’t move, because hand holding was not something to get jealous over. At least not in his book, and if this guy really wanted to make whoever he was talking about jealous Derek had a much better idea. He let his hand rise and cup the other man’s face, and he could feel the slightest prick of stubble beneath the touch. With little hesitation he leaned in and their lips met.

The guy tensed up for a moment before kissing back, maybe with a little more eagerness than Derek was giving. Regardless of the situation he found himself enjoying the kiss; it’s been awhile since Derek has had this kind of contact. The guy leaned into him fully and Derek couldn’t help but let out a small noise when hands wove into his hair and pulled a little bit.

By the time they pulled away both red faced, breathless, and showing off kiss bruised lips there was a slamming of a chair from the middle of the cafe. Everyone including Derek jumped and watched as some blonde guy stormed out of the coffee house, giving him and the other guy a heated glare.

Derek sat still for a moment, processing what happened while the guy was pulling out his wallet which looked scarily thin and worn. Based on that alone Derek figured this guy was probably an underclassmen.

“You don’t have to,” Derek said, shoving the outstretched fifty dollar bill away from him.

The guy rolled his eyes, “you had to kiss this sorry looking face. Just take the money, I owe you for that.”

“Your face isn’t sorry looking,” Derek said instantly, clearing his throat, “and I’m Derek by the way.”

“Stiles, thanks for that…you’re uh, good at that. Kissing. I mean even Douchasaurus-Ex bought it,” the guy, Stiles, said and tacked a lame laugh at the end.

Derek couldn’t help but want to hear that laugh again.

“Douchasaurus-Ex?” He asked because that was a new one for him.

Stiles scratched the back of his neck, “you know like Tyrannosaurus Rex…but like my douche bag ex that won’t stop talking to me. I have a terrible sense of humor.”

“No…I like it, it’s clever,” Derek smiled before asking, “can I buy you a coffee?”

“Hell yes you can,” Stiles grinned.


it drives me up the wall how people taking me seriously is entirely contingent on how old they think I am

like online even the people who hate my politics yell at me like I’m their age and use the “you’re a dumbass/ultra/(slur) etc.” route

while irl I’ve had people say “she’s so cute where did she learn that” if I bring up politics