hard drive findings


                                           bang bang. he shot me down 
                                                          bang bang. i hit the ground

  • Newt: Percy I'm going to the zoo they need me.
  • Percival: No. I'm sure they're fine right where they are.
  • Newt: slides $20 to Percival* how about now?
  • Percival: no thanks.
  • Newt: gives him chocolate*
  • Percival: still no.
  • Newt: starts unbuttoning his shirt*
  • Percival: signs* okay fine but I'm going with you so you don't get banned and cause chaos.

Moon Lovers vs. Shine or Go Crazy for Anon

Haven’t been able to access my damaged external hard drive at all in the last 2 days (it still spins, and I might get a generic drive letter but that’s it) I think I’ve salvaged from it all that it’ll let me and it’s not a lot.

So silver is why vampires can’t do shit, yeah? like silver mirrors=no reflection etc.


Most electronics have some sort of silver wiring inside (or gold or copper)

Imagine being a vampire and you just… inexplicably can’t use most electronics. Every once in a while there’s something you can use, but you’re screwed around MOST THINGS, and THERES NO WAY TO TELL.


I was going to post the last part (Part V) of That Night (Tokka fancomic) tonight but when I searched my hard drive I couldn’t find the finished pages. All I saw were pages in flat colors and without letters.
I’m not sure if I thought I’ve finished polishing those pages and lettered them together with Part 4 but I really couldn’t find the files so I assumed I probably haven’t actually finalized and lettered them yet…. OR they could probably be in my other drive. I’m not sure… it has been so long and I have been quite occupied with work that I couldn’t remember anymore. LOL! Sorry.

Anyway, if I couldn’t find the files, then I have no choice but to finalized the colors of the pages and lettered them again since I still got the ones in flat colors.

I’m really sorry about it… so let me make it up a little to you guys by posting this quick drawing of Toph and Sokka. I imagine them looking like this in “CHOICES” by @3holmes (it was the fanfic story set years after THAT NIGHT happened). 

(Although my drawing style here seems a bit different here from That Night fancomic.)

Anyway, I apologize for making you guys wait a little more and thank you very much again for keep waiting. I will try my best to post Part 5 before this month ended.