hard drive


A prototype design for a future figure. This prototype is a 52x32x48cm 3 headed phoenix made out of dictionaries, cardboard, and interior parts of hard drives.

The inspiration came from one of my many trips to thrift stores. One day I saw dictionaries and noticed the prices from when they were published vs now. Basically 99% off from the hundreds it was worth 30 years ago.

What makes a dictionary useful hasn’t stopped being valuable. It just changed form. Concept of knowledge sharing evolved.


It is a floppy disk

So a few months ago I created an administrator settings folder on my desktop.

And it lets you name it anything you want, so, having the type of humor I do from being on this website for so long I decided to call it “Gay Baby Mode” 

Flashforward to yesterday, the people building my new computer requested my hard drive so that they could transfer my windows 10 over, and I gave it to them without a second thought only to boot up my brand new computer and realize in horror that the administrator settings they had to use to the make the transfer were all labelled under the wonderful name of Gay Baby Mode.



WATCH: Cover of Nirvana’s “Smells LIke Teen Spirit,” played on hard disk and floppy drives.