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25 Day Fall Out Boy Challenge - 08: favourite song from ‘save rock and roll’
↳ Miss Missing You (1, 2, 3, 4, x)

the ITH characters’ halloween costumes

yo yo yo its still spooky night here (although…this halloween was a total bust for me) so i thought i’d put together a lil thing for yall !

usnavi: he was a BIG halloween fan as a kid, ever since he was little (’87, halloween). an older usnavi usually goes as something with not a lot of work put into it, but is still a costume (a skeleton suit, vampire makeup, etc.). he focuses WAY more on the actual giving candy part of halloween.

sonny: okay so he is THAT halloween bitch. as a kid, he and his mom would have cute lil halloween costumes that correlated perfectly (thx mel!), and everyone loved them. as sonny grew older, they did less matching costumes and he did more of the scary theme than anything else. he’ll always stick to his scary theme, unless one year he decides to go as something funny.

vanessa: vanessa’s always been the girl who went as the badass girl characters in movies/tv shows. wonder woman? been there, done that! the bride from kill bill? check! black widow? yepperooni! she’s that gal!

nina: she went as hermione granger one year when she was 14/15. one of her favorite costumes she’s ever done. she also used to go as tv show characters that she liked a lot.

benny: it doesn’t seem like it, but benny gets into the halloween spirit. he LOVES joining sonny in dressing up as something scary. he’s a little goofy with his scary costumes (sometimes they’re not so scary) but you can never break the benny spirit.

daniela: daniela will go as whatever she thinks of the day before halloween. she never really cared about the holiday, just that she had to get candy and have dinner and dress up. she’ll still get into the spirit, but she won’t tolerate any of sonny’s “it’s october 1st! it’s halloween!” crap.

carla: a halloween costume LEGEND. carla goes all fucking out every year. she enjoys dressing up as funny things, scary things, nostalgic things, cute things, and one year, a sexy thing. that didn’t last long, she didn’t really like how degrading it was. nonetheless, nothing you could ever say could change her mind about halloween. it’s the best holiday!

pete: a fucking sheet ghost. every year. for a creative guy, he’s not so good at costumes.


Pete Wentz + music video cameos

Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars - Billionaire / All Time Low - Weightless / TYGA - Coconut Juice / The Ready Set - Love Like Woe / Cobra Starship - The City Is At War / Gym Class Heroes feat. Patrick Stump - Clothes Off!! / A Day To Remember - All I Want / The Academy Is… - We’ve Got A Big Mess On Our Hands / Cobra Starship feat. William Beckett & Travie McCoy - Snakes On A Plane (Bring It) / Jimmy Kimmel feat. Ben Affleck & celebrity choir - F*@#ing Ben Affleck

I wish I had a witty one-liner to go along with meeting my heroes, but a few of you requested a full play-by-play, so here we go. I’ll do so in small text to try and lessen the text wall, sorry in advance, though:

So I was there for excessive hours because I had nothing better to do in the hotel. It was totally worth it! Met some people who recognized the Soul Punk tattoo and connected me to patrickstumpgifs and petewentzgifs (both before and during the show! You all made my day!!) That waiting kinda paid off because the couple friends I made in M&G made sure I was the first one to go in.

So I’m first in line and I’m standing about an arms-length away from the screen. A guard catches my shirt and asks to see the full thing because he liked it. “Thanks! It’s about Andy!” I said as I stretched my shirt out. It’s at this moment where I noticed Andy’s elbow poking out, and in that same instant, he turned around, said “Hi!” and turned back. I accidentally yelped kinda loud, though eventually laughed it off. A moment later, Pete comes into view. He was riding one of those handleless segway things. His was blue. He parked it in the corner and thankfully didn’t catch me staring and having my “oh my god, he’s real” moment.

Finally I’m let in. First, I hug Andy tight, and properly show him the shirt. “Oh, yeah, I love it!” So there, Ezra’s shirt is Andy-approved. Pete’s next, and I’m pretty much at eye level with him, comes in for a full bear hug of sorts. Kinda did the general “How are you?” “Good, good,” with him because I totally blanked in wonderment.

Patrick gives the tightest, warmest hugs. He pulled me straight in there, so I honestly kinda forgot my tattoo was healing by this point. I quickly show him before I forget, “Do you like this?” He looks over, and tips his head back a bit, because I’m sure he wasn’t expecting to see something Soul Punk related, “Oh wow! That is amazing!” As he smiles back at me, I can hear “Oh wow,” from Joe beside me.

We can’t hug Joe because of his back, so I give him a “hand-hug” as I called it, and squeezed his hand real tight. I then step back and get my introductions out of the way, said I’m from Canada, got some other hellos for friends out there, and then let Joe be the “official recipient on behalf of the band” since I felt bad that he couldn’t get proper hugs. He smiled and thanked me as he set the envelope inside. It’s just a bunch of letters for each of the guys, some photos to accompany the letters, and some spare Mario Kart 8 stickers I found. I’d rather not get too specific in what I wrote because some stuff got super personal, but I did mention the gifblogs to Pete and Patrick, and I mentioned Beartrick’s story in full detail to all of them because I knew that I wouldn’t get it all out in time.

I did get the gist of it out though. (Which is that he’s the comfort symbol I carry till I can meet with Alex beartrick in real life, because we’re best friends, we’re so far apart, and we haven’t met in person in the whole 6+ years we’ve known each other.) “Beartrick! I think I’m catching on!” Patrick says as I introduce him. As I’m talking about Alex, I mention to Pete that he’s reblogged her once (her bear fanart of the Phoenix) which made him smile and nod as I explained what her style of art is. I’m even able to get out that I’m from Vancouver and she’s from Switzerland, which gets a few surprised faces and and “Oh, whoa!” from Patrick. I was about to mention the gifblogs, but it’s at this point where the guard nudges me to get the photo done with. This is why I wrote letters, aha. I knew I couldn’t get everything out, about how this band’s been a pillar in my life, so I wrote most of it down for them.

My main request was for Pete and Patrick to hold Beartrick. Part of what I do with Beartrick is take plenty of picture for Alex to see. Ever since Fall Out Boy came off hiatus/Alex made Beartrick for me, I’ve taken him to nearly every concert I’ve been to, and when I meet with a band member, I always have Beartrick visible, and ask someone to hold him if I have time to ask. I wanted Patrick to hold him for obvious reasons, and Pete as well because I had the feeling he’d get a real kick out of a pocket bear version of Patrick for some reason.

I settle in between Joe and Patrick, and so much happened so quickly at this point, it almost wasn’t funny. I was about to suggest we hold hands to show off the tattoo, but when Patrick Stump puts his arm around your shoulder and pulls you into his side, you screw your M&G photo plans and carefully hold onto Joe Trohman without screwing up his back. It’s also at this point where Patrick’s super pleased about this whole thing, “All right! Let’s hold Beartrick! Support his neck!” It’s a miracle I didn’t start crying right then and there. A lot of people I’ve met with love Beartrick’s concept, but Patrick’s honestly the first one to talk about Beartrick in the sense that Alex and I do. That he’s almost real, y’know? That he has Alex’s spirit in there for me to hold whenever I feel alone. And now they have, too.

After the photo, I take Beartrick back into my hands and give parting hugs (and a super good high-five with Joe) and thank yous to all of them. Of course they thanked me back. Patrick had the parting words with me, “And thank you for bringing Beartrick!” I just nodded at that point because I knew if I spoke, I would choke up.

Tasha can kinda vouch for me here, I ended up being super overwhelmed and cried a bit afterwards. It was happy tears, though. This day to me has been a representation of why Fall Out Boy is my favourite band. Because it’s more than just a band to me. Between meeting so many people that connected with me thru the gifblogs, to Fall Out Boy being so positive around the dedication that manifests through their music - especially Beartrick, who was born out of an ultimate friendship that started with a mutual liking of the band - I consider Fall Out Boy and the community that comes out of it a family. Yes, things aren’t ever perfect in a family, but with music being the core of what brings us all together, we strive to forge unbreakable bonds. And I’m the luckiest person to have that in Alex, nevermind thru all the other friends on here I’ve made thru the band, and the people that connected with me thru patrickstumpgifs and petewentzgifs.

Thank you, Fall Out Boy. Thank you, familia.