hard cover comic

In which Saiki comes across a charismatic little girl that somehow reminded him of a certain someone he was escaping from on his way home from school just now.

But he was sure he had never seen nor encountered this strange girl before in his life, so he was really troubled and bothered by the fact that this pink-haired kid caught up to him, grabbed his sleeve, and chanted with the most ecstatic voice full of glee a little toddler could muster,


TO BE CONTINUED (nah jk just a teaser for that idea where Saiki meets his future daughter)

I regret every trade paperback, graphic novel, hard cover, and comic that I own right now. This… is… … why did I ever buy so many books? They are so heavy and I’ve filled two boxes and only half of my indie shelf is packed. It was a single shelf. My DC/Vertigo/Young Animals/Etc shelf is 5 overflowing shelves. Kill me plz.


My actual books are just as bad. lmao Shoot me.


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