hard corey


The Losers Club 27 years later → Corey Stoll as Bill Denbrough

Then Richie Tozier, leaning back against the wall, grinned again and said: “Oh my, look at this—Bill Denbrough went for the chrome dome look. How long you been Turtle Waxing your head, Big Bill?”
And Bill, with no idea at all of what might come out, opened his mouth and heard himself say: “Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, Trashmouth.”
There was a moment of silence—and then the room exploded with laughter. Bill crossed to them and began to shake hands, and while there was something horrible in what he now felt, there was also something comforting about it: this sensation of having come home for good.

Just morey things…

I literally just love the Morey ship, I think it’s one of the only ships of the show everyone agrees on. I mean Mason and Corey are just two small beans in love.

Does anyone else appreciate how quickly Corey was let into the pack?

Or think about how many highs Corey spends the night at Masons house so he doesn’t have to be around his parents, and imagine Masons parents welcoming in Corey with open arms. Corey finally has a family. Masons family and the pack. And he literally deserves it all.

And think about how hard Corey worked to gain Liam’s trust, and imagine how much happier he is now that his boyfriends best friend accepts him.

And everyone can tell just how much they love each other. And I love it.


Imagine: You leave the classroom two minutes after him and find him waiting in Coach’s office. Corey wraps his arms around your waist, pulling your body close to his as he kisses you. You pull his shirt over his head and trace the muscles on his torso mindlessly while Corey bites your lip gently. “I love you,” he whispers, and you can’t help but stop and gaze at his handsome face affectionately. “I love you too.”

You go back to class first, and Corey follows a minute later. He turns around, a guilty yet proud smile on his face, and his cheeks are flushed and his lips are swollen and damp. When Corey turns back around, he knows he won’t be able to stop thinking about you for the rest of the day.