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So my conflict is that I love teddy but I hard core ship wolfstar- so here’s how I fixed it in my head.

So, like, Tonks is asexual- never wanted anyone, never needed anyone- wants to be a career girl. And of course Remus is still hung up over Sirius after OoTP- werewolves mate for life. So one night they both have the late watch for the order, and they stay later and get drunk on firewhisky- and they’re just like, “why not experiment?” So they have terrible drunk sex cos Remus has no clue what he’s doing with a girl, and Tonks is just like, “I don’t see what’s so great about it.” And they’re laughing and it’s jus friends fucking around (literally). And the next morning Remus is feeling terrible and Tonks just picks up on it. And she tells Lupin “hey, Sirius wouldn’t feel betrayed that you had terrible drunk sex with your best friend. He’d probably laugh and tell you how to do it better.” And all is well and good until Tonks realises she’s pregnant, and she talks with lupin and he just suggests they live together and get married- it’s not like either of them will ever really fall in love with anyone else. So they get married for propriety’s sake and move in together and of course they survive the war (cos DAMMIT JOANNE, you can’t just kill everyone we love!) and it’s like two bachelors chilling together avec punk child. And everyone who sleeps over at Teddy’s is always asking if his parents are fighting when they go off to separate rooms to sleep, and Teddy’s confused, because like, why would they think that? Remus and Tonks were just hugging and joking and laughing earlier that evening when Teddy and his friends were having dinner. And it takes a while before he learns that most parents sleep together and are romantically inclined and aren’t just two best friends raising a kid. But he wouldn’t have it any other way, because it’s much more relaxed when they’re just friends and there’s no jealousy and no worries if one of them goes out for the night with a mixed group, and no disgusting PDA. But he’s curious about it anyway, so he asks why they don’t act like most couples, so they sit him down explain that mum isn’t romantically inclined and dad lost the love of his life, and all they had left was each other, best friends, so they got together and had Teddy and made their own eccentric little family and they’re happy, because maybe it’s not what they envisioned or wanted at first, but it’s what they have, and it’s enough and they love it’s other

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me before watching Descendants:</b> Just to spend the time, probably it won't be that good<p/><b>Me in the middle of Descendants:</b> Quite good, good ships<p/><b>Me after watching Descendants:</b> I'm rotten to the core, rotten to the core, rotten to the core and who could ask for more, I'm nothing like kid next like the the kid next door, I'm rotten to the core, I'm rotten to the<p/><b>Me after watching it for second time:</b> I'm always a slut for Disney<p/></p><p/></p>

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What got you into Plance??? I love it so much

Backstory time.

Ever since seeing their really adorable interactions in season 1, that’s what got me into shipping them. That, along with all the cute fanart and stories I’ve seen of them really sealed the deal for me.

Also, even though I hard cored shipped them already, that space mall episode had my feelings all over the place.

Sorry if this was a mess. I just love them so much!

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It's pretty pathetic to be hard core anti-whatever ship. Btw lydia loves stiles and 'i think i loved him' establishes that and was a good line and if you genuinely ship marrish then that's gross because he had wet hallucinations of lydia which he didn't try to stop he would have had sex with a high school girl if he could

I’ts pretty pathetic to come here as an anon with hate, at least have the balls to come with your user, you know? And sweetheart, can you show me where did I ask for your opinion about that line of if snake martin loves mieciu? 

And Finally, I don’t ship marrish. Do I think they’re cute and Lydia deserves someone better than all the boyfriends she had? Hell yes. But one think you should know it’s that the one who had those hallucinations was the hellhound and not Jordan, and that hallucinations can’t be control when, where or about what happens.

Please keep coming, I’m bored :))

“I’ve hard core shipped Mare and Cal since the start. I recently saw an interview where Victoria said she likes complex characters like Maven who aren’t good or bad. She also said that he and Mare understand each other. So I’m assuming there’s going to be this huge explanation as to why Maven killed a bunch of people and babies. Ugh. So he’s probably going to turn good or Mare is going to turn evil. And they’ll end up together. This is devastating and I hope I’m wrong.
Me: goes and cries for Marecal.”

idk when i started hard core shipping sam wilson with everyone but like……… all of a sudden i want everything? sam and t’challa??? sLAP me in the face with it!!!!! sam and bucky???? GIVE IT TO ME!!!!! i want it all. i want all the sam.