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Besides acting, West also has a passion for music. Up until he started working on Nikita, he toured with the hard-core punk- rock band The Germs as their lead singer. He went on tour three different times and played numerous shows over a five-year span. West credited his time with The Germs as his most MANIAC moment. “I have scars, I’ve been hit on the head and I hit other people on the head. At my first show, there was a beer bottle fight and I got cut on stage. By all rights I should have quit, but I was never going to that. It was nuts,” West said of his experiences. “I started playing with The Germs right towards the end of ER, when I was 28 or 29. I had to start kind of hiding it from the producers just in case. I fell in Chicago and hit my head on speaker and practically knocked myself out. I had to cover up a huge knot on the set of ER.” - Maniac Magazine; July/August 2012

fandoms-and-wanderlust  asked:

Hello! Trying to start learning Russian; do you have any music recommendations? (Looking for bands with a style similar to Oomph! or Panic! at the Disco)

Привет-привет! I can tell you for sure, that there are no popular music bands that would remind you of Panic! At the Disco (and if my followers know any, please share with us), as it is more of a pop-rock band, and this genre isn’t very popular in Russia unfortunately. And if something similar exists, it’s not a band that everyone knows of.
Oomph-like bands are a bit easier to find if we distinguish it as a hard-rock. 
Anyway, I tried to make a list of something you MIGHT like, so here it is:

Animal ДжаZ “Дыши” (breathe)  and “Три полоски” (three stripes). Had to put the first one, because I’m acquainted with the girl from the video, and the second one is their most famous song.

LUMEN “Истина” (the truth) (with subtitles) and “Гореть” (to burn), one of the most popular songs, also with subs.

СЛОТ “Круги на воде” (circles on the water) and “Мёртвые звёзды” (dead stars).

ALISA “Обычный человек” (an ordinary man) and “1984” in case you are a fan of George Orwell.

[AMATORY] “Дыши со мной” (breathe with me)

STIGMATA “Время” (time) and “Танцуй” (Dance)

ТАРАКАНЫ! “Самый счастливый человек на земле” (the happiest man on Earth) and “То, что не убивает тебя” (what doesn’t kill you)

These were some hard-core bands. The rest are more into alternative/pop music

ТРУД “Собственный голос” (my own voice) and “Неожиданное открытие” (an unexpected discovery) because I couldn’t find any other official videos from theirs, they are a new band.

ЛЯПИС ТРУБЕЦКОЙ “Я верю” (I believe) and “Капитал” (Capital) this band is Belorussian, but they sing in Belorussian, Ukranian and Russian. They split in 2014 and the vocalist has a new band, Brutto.

BRUTTO “Чайка” (seagull) and “12 обезьян” (12 monkeys). They also have lots of songs in Ukranian.

НОЧНЫЕ СНАЙПЕРЫ “31 весна” (the 31st spring) and “Катастрофически” (catastrophically). Their lyrics is quite good, though musically might be a little bit too old-fashioned.

БИ-2 “Лайки” (likes) and “Дурочка” (foolish girl)

АРИЯ “Беспечный ангел” (careless angel) and “Потеряный рай” (Paradise lost)

MGZAVREBI “Если я” (If I) and “In vino veritas” the band is Georgian, and they have a few song in Russian, but the second song is in Georgian and I still wanted you to show how awesome they are. Sounds like Georgian Mumford and sons.

ЗВЕРИ “Всё, что тебя касается” (everything that conserns you) and “Блюнетки и блондинки” (brunettes and blonds). This guy was a rock star for teenage girls in the 2000-s.

NOIZE MC “Из окна” (out of the window) and “Выдыхай” (breathe out)

5'nizza (Пятница) “Далеко” (far away) and “Вперёд” (forward)

OQJAV (Окуджав) “Джек” (Jack) and “Хаски” (Husky)

ОБЕ ДВЕ “Милый” (Honey) and “Пачка” (tutu)

ALPHA-BETA “Чайки” (seagulls) and “Осадки” (rainfall)

I hope it won’t be too tiring, listening to all these songs, enjoy :)
Hope you’ll find something that suits your taste in music.

+ small bonus, Brendon Urie watches Russian music videos (in Russian)