hard copy contest

I've made a decision regarding the Hard Copy Contest!

I know I can’t give you a physical book to all of you, I wish I could, but I’m broke xD but I can’t just let you go without something after such beautiful videos and effort. It means so much to me and I love you even more! So here’s the deal.

Every contestant will get something.

Once I announce the winners, I will contact every single one of you and I’ll give you some options. The options will only be known for the contestants, so if you submitted your video, you already won something. Soon you’ll know what (: This is my way to repay for the effort you’re making.

Thank you all! Keep submitting, you still have one week to go.

Bel, xx

Watch on belwatson.tumblr.com

I hope you like it. I really want the book  Music Sheet that I actually can hold in my hands. I wish we could actually go for a walk together Bel. But this was fun too. I have no good reason to say why exactly I should win, just that I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

So honest and beautiful. Thank you so much, You’ve made me so happy!

Bel, xx


Hi Moni,

I think this is on time. At least I hope so. If not I’m so sorry and please consider it anyways, I’ve spent a lot of time on it.

Originally it was suposed to have a video of me singing and playing guitar and violin but they didnt match up so … ya

Love always

Em<3 aka @emlemony

This made me cried. It’s so beautiful! 

Bel, xx