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here’s my sophomore illustration final on its own. the assignment was to create a poster for one of three infamously terrible movies (the room, manos the hands of fate, and birdemic) and make it look appealing while also playing to the director’s original intentions for the tone. so we werent allowed to be funny or ironic, which was probably one of the biggest challenges ive ever faced as an illustrator, and because the room has some of the least interesting imagery ive ever seen in my life, i decided to make this piece more of a symbolic character study. you are tearing this city apart, lisa!


make me choose: asked by anonymous — suchong or tenenbaum

“I was in a German prison camp, only sixteen years old when I realized I have love of science. German doctor makes experiments, sometimes he makes scientific error. I tell him of this error, and this makes him angry. He asks, ‘How can a child know so much?’. I tell him sometimes I just know. He screams, ‘then why tell me?’. Well I said, ‘if you are going to do such things you should at least do them properly’.”

Juju’s Top Animated Movies That Everyone Should See Just Once

1. Song of the Sea

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2. Coraline

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3. The Last Unicorn

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4. Scooby Doo on Zombie Island

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5. Castle in the Sky

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6. The Road to El Dorado

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7. My Neighbors the Yamadas

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8. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

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9. The Emperor’s New Groove

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10. Yellow Submarine

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I don’t think people realise… that if Trump wins it’s not just going to impact America… It’s going to impact the entire world and not for the better… like this isn’t just about America anymore… 

  • Hunk: Yeah, this is just like driving a tractor!
  • Coran: lol, yeah!
  • Coran, quietly to himself: what the fuck is a tractor

In this endless world, I was searching for you… 


Mike Chilton - Take Me Home (Hollywood Undead)

YEAH IT’S FINALLY DONE HELL YES.  I had to make this because if I ever heard a song with lyrics that described Mike Chilton more aptly than “reckless till the day I rest my bones”, I don’t remember it (but if I ever do I will definitely have to make a video with it).

It kind of looks a little bit like he died at the end.  OH WELL.  RIP in peace Mikey.

No one can convince me that there isn’t a tracking device integrated into Shiro’s mechanical arm. There’s just way too much evidence.

  • Maybe you could explain away the Galra ship following him to Earth. Half the empire is probably out searching for the Champion who was going to be Zarkon’s greatest weapon.
  • But then they instantly track the team to Arus, and no one knows how.
  • And then the Robeast literally homes in on Shiro and Pidge as they examine the crashed Galra ship.
  • And the Galra knew Team Voltron was headed back to the Balmera and prepared for their arrival. (Lance blames it on Rolo, but (a) no one ever mentions the Balmera to Rolo (that we see), just that they need to help “a hero named Shay” and “her people,” and (b) we never see Rolo and Nyma get picked up by the Galra so that they could have passed on the information they might not even have.)
  • Once again, the second Robeast zeroes in on Team Voltron, magically. (Allura even comments on it this time. “How do they keep finding us?”)
  • Oh, and then there’s the finale, where Zarkon has a fleet waiting in ambush for the “surprise” rescue mission. The team jump into the center of a gas giant to avoid detection, but Zarkon is ready. Cue Keith: “Why do I get the feeling these guys knew we were coming?”

Individually, you could explain each of these away, but taken together it’s got to be more than just coincidence. After all, Haggar had big plans for Shiro. Do you really think she would take the risk of her precious weapon getting away from her?

Oh, and don’t forget the team’s all separated now, which means Shiro likely won’t have any backup when Zarkon comes chasing after him. :)

So, uh, who else is looking forward to Shiro getting recaptured in season 2?