hard boiled angels


charlie jenkins and david horowitz are two young officers that look up to chief as a father figure. you never see one without the other, they’re thick as thieves. jenkins is the first android lieutenant on the force and he’s super! excited!! about it!!!

daisy chua is playing the title role in ellory’s next movie and is, as you’d expect, 1000% done with him trying to get in her pants. she and ada have had some deep, meaningful girl talk about it, and by that I mean they’re plotting his murder.

for the cops, robbers, singers, and sweethearts of a retro-future los angeles

suite from “mildred pierce” § artie shaw - nightmare § chick webb and ella fitzgerald - if dreams come true § metropolis ost - “zone” rhapsody § theme from “sahara” §  the missourians - prohibition blues § kay kyser and his orchestra - praise the lord and pass the ammunition § benny goodman - moonglow § prelude from “the nun’s story” § metropolis ost - snow § billie holiday - under a blue jungle moon § regina spektor - my man § theme from “sunset boulevard” § prelude from “double indemnity” § theme from “the two mrs. carrolls” § marlowe’s theme from “farewell my lovely”

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In the 2130s, androids walk among us in a retro-future LA. They look human. They sound human. And thanks to AIs, they feel human. Their oil-black blood and eyes are the only way to tell, and the only way they die is by violence - something that hasn’t gone unnoticed in anti-android hate crimes.

And then weeks before the premiere of one of Hollywood’s costliest epics, the studio head backing it is murdered. But what looks like the work of the mean streets soon leads back to drugs, and a legendary mobster who vanished years ago. Follow four lives as they intersect in the path of the perfect criminal: The struggling singer who becomes his unwilling gun-moll, her trumpet player friend in search of a way out for them both, the android costume designer turned amateur sleuth, and the chief of police obsessed with taking him down.

Red Hands Callahan was the worst thing to happen to Chicago in forty years. When they picked him up, he was just Jimmy - drunk, disorderly, and his hand in a two-bit racket. They figured they’d put him away for a while - at least until he learned his lesson.

Nobody figured he’d be charming.

By the time they let him out, he had the biggest network of friends on the inside anybody’d ever seen. Through them he met folks on the outside, and through them he got to work. He ran drugs. Nightclubs. Whatever sold. He built himself an empire… and then he disappeared.

Some said he retired. Some said he died. Some said he went to Mexico - get his share while the gettin’ was good. No. I say he came here - to Hollywood - and the way things are looking, he’s about to retake his throne.

police power
  • Haggerty: Face it, Chief, you're commander of a standin' army. You think people don't know that?
  • Chief: Haggerty --
  • Haggerty: You think people haven't caught on that if you wanted somebody whacked, you could do it? Put down riots? Instate martial law?
  • Chief: Haggerty...
  • Haggerty: [delivery gains speed] You think police power doesn't let you get away with all the payroll fraud and political--
  • Chief: [with anger] Ezra!
  • Haggerty: What?
  • Chief: [calm, like it's obvious] I know.
  • Haggerty: [furtive and confused] Then why don't you *do* it?
  • Chief: I dunno, Haggerty. Why do you?