hard and rough


Ah, yes. Jane’s first love. I did say we’d get back to him.

Stuffs About Shance

-Lance bottoms 97% of the time and when he tops it’s always Shiro riding him

-Lance is the big spoon 75% of the time because Shiro gets nightmares and he needs to be held

-Shiro often finds Lance singing somewhere in the castle but Lance is self conscious about it so Shiro hides and listens

-Shiro gets super flustered when Lance calls him “babe”

-They understand they have a duty to the universe and give each other the necessary space to cope instead of spending all of their time together. They set boundaries and always accept them

-Sometimes Shiro catches Lance looking through all of his stuff and scares Lance shitless

-Shiro thinks it’s adorable when Lance is jealous

-Lance is totally down for any kind of sex but Shiro… not so much. Poor boy has to be eased into some stuff

-Plenty of inside jokes

-Lance always tries to do something with Shiro’s hair

-Lance called Shiro daddy ONCE and Shiro completely froze

-They’re so lowkey about their relationship in public, people often forget they’re together.