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question: how/why has Grace not said anything about what MDC has been doing on her old channel? I know she's too classy to be a bitch but I would be freaking the fuck out.

Three words: It’s a business. As much as I’m sure Grace would love to go off on a tangent about how this is bullshit, and that is bullshit (and rightfully so) She’s not only too classy to do it, she’s too damn SMART. It’s not like she can control anything that’s happening over there, so bashing and badmouthing her former employer will get her absolutely nowhere - and above that, it’s just not worth potentially shedding bad light on herself to any brand that may want to work with her in the future. Sometimes even when you’re pointing the gun in defense, you end up shooting yourself in the foot. So instead of telling them to go fuck themselves with something hard and sandpapery, she is and will continue to kill them with her own success. Because like I said, it’s a business…and Grace Helbig has proven to be one hell of a business woman.

On seeing Jupiter Ascending for the 4th time.

I was going to actually take notes in a spiral for fanfic purposes, but there were actually folks besides me in the theater, huzzah! So note-taking did not occur. 

I fucking love this movie?

Like, a lot?

I think it is going to be phenomenal if this unjustly panned film, which was pretty much condemned straight out of the gate by talking heads shilling it up for corporate Hollywood suits, ended up being saved by the hype from Tumblr and word of mouth. Fuck you, you misogynist corporate Hollywood suits. Fuck you with something hard and sandpapery. Fuck everyone who said it was a Mary-Sue story in a derogatory fashion. Fuck everyone who posts hate in the #Jupiter Ascending tag. You don’t get to tell us what we like or don’t like. You don’t get to murder the most fun and original space opera of our time in its crib. This is the hill we have chosen to fall upon - but we are all in good company. We are the Ascenders. We are legion. We have bees. Expect us.