Everyone Lived.

Everyone lived, and James and Lily rocked Harry to sleep on the night of his second birthday by quietly humming lullabies to him. The moon spilled through the window and bathed his crib with a soft blue light, and Lily had never seen something so peaceful. The rest of the evening was spent slow dancing to one of Sirius’ old records. That Halloween, Harry dressed up as James’ favorite member of the Cannons. Not that he had much of a choice in the matter. 

Everyone lived, and Padfoot and Moony, known more affectionately to little Harry as “Poof” and “Moo,” took him to ice cream every Thursday afternoon. Sometimes, Sirius would put him in the sidecar of his motorcycle and fly low over the neighborhood before dropping him off (Don’t tell Lily). Harry was the ringbearer in Sirius’ and Remus’ wedding, much to James’ objection (“I would make a much better ringbearer than a toddler. Come on Padfoot.”.) 

Everyone lived, and Harry and Neville spent their fifth birthdays together. Lily and Alice thought they both looked just smashing in their matching blazers, but Neville was too busy throwing dirt at Ron to care. Molly baked a cake that was taller than Harry, and it was the best thing he had ever tasted. Lily invited Narcissa to her weekly book club that consisted of all the moms getting wine drunk and complaining about their husbands. Neville, Draco, Ron and Harry would eavesdrop and report to their dads later that day with everything they heard. Cue an unnecessary amount of shocked scoffing from James (”I do not do that, Lillian!”).

Everyone lived, and  Harry had a whole gang of people come to see him, Ron, Neville, and Draco off on their first year at Hogwarts. When Draco was sorted into Slytherin, no one made too much of a fuss because, as Ron claimed, maybe Draco and Harry would bicker less like an old married couple if they weren’t rooming together. As a group, the five of them, including Hermione later that year, broke the school record for most detentions in a month. James was angry, but only because he had been the previous record holder. Lily was angry because she was called in twice for a meeting with the headmaster to discuss Harry’s actions.

Everyone lived, and Christmases were full of light and music and shy kisses under the mistletoe. James, Sirius, and Remus all got drunk together before the Christmas party even started and by the time all the guests had arrived, there had been four proclamations of undying love made from the kitchen counter (three of them were Sirius confessing his love for James.)(One of them was from Sirius to Remus.). Molly knitted everyone a Weasley jumper. Harry stole some firewhiskey from James and shared the bottle with Draco later that night in his room after everyone left. They were both so drunk they weren’t really aware they were kissing until it was too late to take it back. Harry’s face was red, and no one could be sure if the flush in his cheeks was from the alcohol or the snogging. Fifth year was full of a series of not-so-secret makeout sessions in empty classrooms. No one said anything about it.

Everyone lived, and during sixth year when Draco and Harry finally admitted they were dating, no one batted an eye. Lucius groaned, and James winked reassuringly at the two of them, and Lily was grinning from ear to ear. Sirius and Remus were so proud. They had all seen it coming from a mile away.

Everyone lived, and though no one was able to fully escape heartbreak, or tears, or nightmares, everyone had each other. Harry’s memories were not haunted by cramped cupboards or loneliness but warmed by smiles and magic and feathery soft kisses on cheeks, on lips, on foreheads. 

Everyone lived, and Harry didn’t have to be the savior. He just had to be Harry, and that was just fine.

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they tried
  • Hermione & Pansy: *bursts into dorm room with camera* YOU TWO ARE HAVING SEX!
  • Harry: *doing homework* ...
  • Draco: *reading* ...
  • Harry: ...
  • Draco: *looks over* Harry? Really? Why didn't you tell me, I would've put my book down.
Cute Drarry-isms

-Draco being the tall one
-which results in many forehead kisses
-and nose kisses
-and top-of-the-head kisses
-Harry being more built
-which results in Draco stealing his jumpers at every opportunity
-Draco in comfy clothes
-Harry hiding Draco’s hair products so he is forced to go out in public with messy tousled hair (which makes him very grumpy)
-drinking coffee in silence at 9AM every day because neither of them are morning people in the slightest
-Draco’s the big spoon
-Draco filling Harry’s hair with a million tiny braids while they watch a film
-Accidentally switching clothes bc Harry refuses to fold the laundry
-neither of them can cook, contrary to popular belief, which results in multiple attempts at eating undercooked chicken and burnt toast before they go to Ron and Hermione’s or order takeout
-Draco needs reading glasses but refuses to admit he needs them so he always steals Harry’s
-They are the ultimate power couple and everyone at the ministry is slightly scared of them every time they walk in together
-Friday night is board game night
-Every time, Draco becomes OBSESSED with beating Harry
-and he almost always loses
-which results in wrestling matches that lead to… well, you know
-Harry is the one who tells horrible knock knock jokes
-Draco is the one who makes appalling puns
-Draco making them color coordinate their outfits whenever they go to an event
-holding hands at every possible moment
-kissing in the snow
-kissing in the rain
-kissing while running errands together
-kissing at work
-getting in trouble for kissing at work
-just. Drarry being cute and in love and happy

Christmas is coming
  • Harry: Draco could you help me set up the tree?
  • Draco: back when I was a kid, our manor's gardeners would set up several trees around the house, each with its own colour scheme and lights and every morning at the crack of dawn you could see the glittering of the-
  • Harry: could you put your pretentiousness in your pocket for five seconds and just help me set up the fucking tree

Teacher: would you like to share something with the class?
Me: *takes out fanfic recs, R18 doujins and fanarts*
Me: I thought you’d never ask!
Me: Now, when a man and another man love each other very much-
Teacher: wait no what is this
Teacher: what are you doing
Teacher: child
Teacher: pls
Teacher: staph

ok, but give me a draco malfoy who thinks he can never please anyone platonically due to his past. Draco malfoy who thinks sex is the only way he can gain some form of respect. Draco malfoy who is so affected by his tarnished name that he loses all hope of being loved.
Just give me hypersexual!Draco. But all of that changes when a certain scarhead comes waltzing back into his life.

Meeting Drarry shippers in public

So I was in the Harry Potter section of Hot Topic a couple weeks back looking for more Slytherin stuff (you can never have enough) and there was an EXTREMELY talkative employee stocking the shelves next to me with T-shirts. He noticed I was already wearing a Slytherin t-shirt so I guess he took the hint that I was a slightly obsessive fan. I have no idea. Anyways, naturally he started up a conversation with me.
“So are you a fan, or are you like… you know… a FAN?” He had asked me. And I knew EXACTLY what he meant. So I told him I was the second option (he winked at me) and had a Tumblr dedicated to Harry Potter (I didn’t tell him that my Tumblr was the gayest thing since my birth because I thought that might weird him out. Anyways).
So of course he had to ask me who my favorite fanfiction authors were, which surprised me because I would not have guessed he read fanfiction. This just goes to show how painfully prejudiced I am without even being aware of it. So I said @julietsemophase and saras_girl and his eyes got SO BIG OMG
and he just goes
And I swear he had the biggest smile on his face and it was SO funny to me.
Like here I am in Hot Topic, and this guy has to be in his late 20’s. He’s really genuinely attractive, looks like he works out, long hair, and definitely not my idea of a nerdy Fangirl type. At all. And here he is, flipping out in the middle of the store about gay wizards. It was a truly magical experience. I love making new friends.

Harry's 'Sirius' Adventures
  • Draco: I let you live in my house
  • Draco: you get to share my BATHROOM
  • Draco: you basically own the kitchen
  • Draco: and you throw your feet up all over the place as if YOU'RE the one paying mortgage
  • Draco: So please
  • Draco: just for me
  • Draco: don't bring in every single stray dog you see on the street and claim it's because it reminds you of Sirius. I get it. I do. But this is too much, Harry.
  • Harry: *smothered in dogs* You can't do that to me!
  • Harry: See, look. Sirius the Ninth is sad now.
  • Harry: please don't kick out Sirius the Ninth
  • Harry: I don't like malfoy but I like his hair.
  • Draco: I don't like Potter but he's got a nice body.
  • Harry: I hate that stupid git but he has a nice smile.</p>
  • Draco: Sometimes I want to punch Potter Sometimes I want him to slam me against a wall
  • Harry: Malfoy is annoying but he has pretty fingers.
  • Draco: everyone thinks I'm gay. I'll prove I'm not by kissing potter.

Friendly reminder: In Half-Blood Prince, while he was invisible in the Slytherin compartment, Harry watched Draco change into his school robes.

“I can see Hogwarts,” said Malfoy, clearly relishing the effect he had created as he pointed out of the blackened window. “We’d better get our robes on.”
Harry was so busy staring at Malfoy, he did not notice Goyle reaching up for his trunk;

Best Drarry Tropes

-House unity party games where Harry and Draco are forced to kiss
-post-hogwarts when Harry and Draco are put on an assignment together for the ministry
-enemies to lovers
-making amortentia in potions class. One of them comes into class late and loudly exclaims that the whole room smells disgustingly like “Potter/Malfoy.”
-they both stumble upon the Mirror of Erised, Draco doesn’t know what it is and of course only sees himself standing next to Harry because that’s his greatest desire so he thinks it’s just a normal mirror and can’t seem to wrap his mind around why Harry is freaking out about a stupid old mirror.
-bonded together by some accidental spell and/or punishment
-forced to be able to read each other’s minds because of accidental magic
-coffee shop AUs
-post-hogwarts where Draco becomes invested in Muggle culture to get away from it all and becomes much more punk/hip/HOT and Harry runs into him somewhere and his whole life changes forever