Living on the Water, by Zermie

Groningen, Netherlands Recently started a facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/OliverBuschPhotography/ Any followers are very wellcome =) Coud not resist to stop by Groningen on my way back from Hallerbos in April. And it was definitely worse it. Hope you like it, too. First time I use a pen&tablet to do the post processing. Result in this case might not be much different but I can see that I get more efficient with the pen over time. So good invest, I guess.


I come from a well
He seems to be from void
But a void so deep
Almost majestic it is
Silence harbours me
But I do watch
I notice , I write
Likes to roar
Doesn’t like to read deep
All these different spiritual beings
Turns the page as he plays the game
And I still watch
For the things I know
And all that I don’t know
I see some light
Beaming through that hole
I see him I know
He has been through many worlds
With lots past behind
And so many open doors
But yet still
For all the thoughts I keep along
For all what I feel
I know for sure
My shell is all that I got
Silence shall not let go
Silence harbours me
I should keep in hold

Stranger Things (Netflix)

Woah!!! Crazy fun ride! Wild throw back style. Fantastic built story, big characters in small packages. Best binge in long time. Very takes basic plot of disappear, builds much supernatural world. Much adventure, very conspiracy, such chase. Very love 80′s cliches and references. Typical over top bully. Geek/outcast get girl (kinda?). Much movie/ pop culture references, both straight forward (star wars, D&D) and subliminal through scene shots (obvious being Stand By Me). Big break out child stars in Wolfhard and Brown, holy crap Brown blows audience away. Just fantastic young cast all around, both kids and high school cast. Love throwback casting Ryder of course. Such question at ending, much open ending. Can’t wait for season two, not quite confirmed yet, will keep you posted. Totally worth the binge for so much reasoning. 4 Paws Up! Take a Saturday and marathon this!

Epilepsy Warning: There’s a lot of flashing lights throughout the series, especially in the series finale. Even for someone who is not epileptic, it bothered me to watch parts of the finale.

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I spent a whole day watching this incredible 8 episode mini-series on Netflix. This series had me screaming at the second episode and crying in the third. It was like eating Eggo waffles & chocolate pudding for the first time, I couldn’t stop and I wanted more. It was like watching The Poltergeist, The Goonies, Super 8, ET, and Insidious ALL AT ONCE! Don’t even get me started on the soundtrack! If your craving a good old 80′s style hella brill show take a red, because this one is worth the 8 hours!

Trailer 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWxyRG_tckY

Trailer 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9EkMc79ZSU