Bomb The Right Place is a satirical swipe at America’s foreign diplomatic policies and a damning indictment of how crap your own knowledge of geography is, as you set out to drop bombs as accurately as possible on cities that are accused of harbouring enemies of the US.

AIt’s pretty tough to land a direct hit but as long as you get reasonably close to the target those terrorists are bound to get the message! Right? Right?!?!

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One of the main goals when shooting for the Tourism Board @DiscoverHongKong was to create unique and powerful ‘Social First’ content. Angles and perspectives that have never been shot were key and the opportunities we were given tied in perfectly to this! 🇭🇰👌🏽. For me and @TomJauncey, the most exhilarating experience we had was hanging out of a #helicopter at 3000ft. We were doing insanely sharp turns and of course seeing the city from a perspective I have previously only dreamt of 🚁. This shot was no exception, using the Canon 11-24mm f/4 while strapped with a harness to the helicopter we asked to pilot to bank to the left (the side I was sat on). As he did this I lent out and managed to get my camera pointing perfectly down, here’s the result…did anyone say #HongKong was dense? 😳🏙!! #DiscoverHongKong #INeverKnew 

by Jacob Rigling (@jacob) 
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Distractions (AO3)

Summary: Dean’s been harbouring a crush on the hot, nerdy Castiel, who he watches run around the track every week at college, the same time that he does his baseball training. Last night, Dean finally got to go on a date. However, it doesn’t go as planned and it leaves him feeling a bit unsure as to whether Castiel even liked him or not.

“So did you score last night, Winchester?” Ash calls from across the locker room, which is followed by multiple cheers from the rest of the boys.

Dean rolls his eyes. “Shut up, Ash.” he grumbles, opening his locker and shuffling around inside it.

“Nah, man. Dean went on an actual date last night.” Luke loud voice cuts in.

“What? Like one that’s not in another girl’s pants?” Adam jeers, laughter echoing throughout the room. 

Dean huffs, not even turning his body to give Adam the finger.

“Oh c’mon, Dean. Throw us some details. Did you at least get a kiss?” Ash asks, as the rest of his team crowds around him.

Dean blushes. “No…he had to leave early.” he mumbles, watching as all of his friend’s eyebrows shoot up and lips pull up into smirks.

“Leave early? That’s a pretty poor excuse. I guess he just didn’t want to be the first person to turn Dean Winchester down.” Michael says, a large grin plastered onto his face.

“Oh, fuck off. It was a family emergency.” Dean says, closing his locker with a bang.

“You are so whipped, brother.” Benny’s southern drawl can be heard from behind him as Dean strides out of the locker room.

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