harbour pilot

Voltron Star Wars AU

I didn’t want to place this in any specific period, so it’s a bit of a mishmash.

  • Shiro is a Jedi. He is assigned to protect Senator Allura - sometimes from herself. While Jedi are not allowed relationships, he finds himself falling deeply for her. This causes him an ideological crisis he didn’t expect to have on such an easy assignment. During Zarkon’s inevitable takeover he is capture, tortured and given a weaponised robotic arm by the Sith Lord Haggar, and consequently loses his memory.
  • Senator Allura of Altea is the daughter of King Alfor, and fiercely devoted to democracy and the rights of all people throughout the galaxy. She will frequently be the one pushing for work reforms and is deeply distrustful of Senator Zarkon. Doesn’t quite understand the problems Shiro is going through with his feelings vs his teachings. After Zarkon’s takeover and the destruction of her planet, she becomes the leader of the Resistance, resolute and unwavering. When she goes missing, she is heartbroken, but doesn’t show it. She is also Force sensitive, though never undertook Jedi training.
  • Kytiv is Shiro’s padawan. He is impulsive and stubborn and often throws himself into danger without a second thought, but he is also powerful and promises to be a great Jedi. It has been many years since a Galra was shown to be Force sensitive, so he has the hopes of most of his system to uphold. Also a surprisingly talented pilot. He harbours feelings for Lance, but would never dare to tell him.
  • Lance is a pilot who joins the Resistance when his planet is taken over by the Galra. He is talented, but tends to overestimate his capabilities. Has a bit of a crush on General Allura (understandable) and greatly dislikes Kytiv, mostly because of Kytiv’s raw natural flying talent and Force sensitivity. However, once they learn to work together, they become a formidable force to be reckoned with.
  • Hunk is Lance’s best friend and the finest engineer in the galaxy. He reluctantly joins the Resistance along with Lance, and at first he wonders why the hell he’s there at all. But then he is stranded on the planet Balmera, and he encounters Shay, one of its people. She convinces him to continue the fight, and follows him back to the Resistance with the blessing of her parents - except her brother. Shay is a skilled healer.
  • Pidge and Matt (and Rover) are smugglers. They try to keep out of galactic conflicts, playing both sides against each other whenever necessary. They’re mostly in it for the money. They find and take in an amnesiac Shiro, whom Matt develops feelings for, and eventually return him to the Resistance. They are rivals with Rolo and Nyma, another pair of galactic ne’er-do-wells. However, there might be ulterior motives for their travels beyond cold hard cash, as their father, Sam, went missing not long after Zarkon’s takeover…

“Port side view of the Japanese destroyer Hatsuzakura, seen across the bows of the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Nicholas (DD-449). The Japanese ship was bringing officers and harbour pilots to a conference off Japan aboard the battleship USS Missouri (BB-63) with members of Admiral William F. Halsey’s staff. The 12 cm guns of her main armament are at full depression and unmanned.”

(Australian War Memorial)