harbour dance

Places I wish I was right now:
  • In a squishy armchair in an old cottage, reading a book with a cup of tea in front of a crackling fire, a cat softly purring beside me
  • Walking on a heather moor in a light rain
  • Cuddled up in bed at night with a good book and a hot chocolate, the curtain is open slightly and I can see a heavy snow falling, everything is beautifully silent
  • On a cliff top looking over a tumultuous sea while the wind roars and the waves crash on the rocks below
  • Sat in the window of an old fisherman’s cottage in Cornwall, watching the lights on the harbour dancing in the dark sea
  • Floating in a luxuriously warm pool, walls covered with mosaics and beautiful scents of jasmine and lilacs filling the air
  • Walking through an old sunlit deciduous forest, moss carpeting the floor and tiny white windflowers and harebells fluttering in a warm breeze
  • Meandering through an old walled garden, turning over a stone and finding an old, rusty key and eventually stumbling upon the ancient door to which is belongs
  • Sitting in a secluded alcove in an old library, the air smells like old parchment, the only sounds are the occasional footsteps of a librarian, the turning of pages and the rain rattling on the windowpane outside
  • Walking through a snow-covered village at sundown, snow is falling softly and warm, inviting light is spilling out of the windows of the cottages
  • On the bough of a tall-ship, the sea and sky are stunning blue, I can hear the creaking of the rigging, the calls of seabirds and the splashing of the waves on the prow, a salty sea breeze ruffles my hair as I stare out at the never ending horizon 
  • Walking hand-in-hand with my partner down a country lane on a chilly autumn day, leaves crunch underfoot and the smell of woodsmoke is in the air
  • Coming inside after having a snowball fight to be greeted with mugs of spiced hot chocolate and hot buttered crumpets 
  • At a huge bonfire on Bonfire Night, the air is chilly but the fire is hot on my face and sparks fly off into the darkness
  • Sitting in a cosy cafe in October, watching the rain fall and leaves whirl outside the windows as I sip a pumpkin spice latte and read my favourite book

You make me feel so alive- it’s like you send energy to the universe within me, causing it to accelerate in its expansion, whilst the stars it harbours, begin to dance amongst the backdrop of a million others. Whenever I’m with you it’s like you set off the most beautiful light show within my soul, do you know that?


Ervinn Tangco - “Ooh Kill Em” by Meek Mill (Class Footage)


@JeromeEsplana | “The Old School Medley” (Various Artists)


Ace Hood "Tear Da Roof Off" Choreography by @JeromeEsplana .

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