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House Manderly, Lord of White Harbor, Warden of the White Knife, Shield of the Faith, Defender of the Dispossessed, Lord Marshal of the Mander, Knight of the Order of the Green Hand.

“A thousand years before the Conquest, a promise was made, and oaths were sworn in the Wolf’s Den before the old gods and the new. When we were sore beset and friendless, hounded from our homes and in peril of our lives, the wolves took us in and nourished us and protected us against our enemies. The city is built upon the land they gave us. In return we swore that we should always be their men. Stark men!”

More Than A Feeling - (Credence Barebone x Reader)

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Opening his eyes blearily, Credence’s vision fixed on the grey light that was showing through the curtains. He could almost feel the depression setting in as he contemplated the thought of another dreary, overcast day. Pushing himself upright and somehow managing to wrench away from the warm embrace of his blankets, he stumbled over to the chunky stereo that sat on the desk, placed haphazardly by the edge of the bed. Jabbing at the power button, the first notes of his favorite song began to play, slipping out from the old speakers. Letting himself fall back down onto the bed, his eyes drooped shut once more, the music surrounding him and carrying him away on a wave of sound.

Usually a person appreciates music, some even love it with a passion like that of a lover, but Credence harbored feelings for this song that words did not seem adequate to describe. Allowing his thoughts to drift, coming and going like the tide, one in particular seemed to return to him again and again. It was the sight of you that was etched into his memory like some sort of burning scar.

Letting his eyes open and stare up at the stained white ceiling, Credence forced himself to put all thoughts of you aside. Instead, other faces began to flash through his mind. Modesty… Chastity… He found himself struggling to remember the faces that went along with the names. It had been so long now, yet even as the memories of their features blurred, the events were still there as clear as ever. Feeling a sort of ugly mixture of guilt, fear, sadness, and anger rise in his throat, he violently pushed away that section of his past as well.

The chorus of the song was echoing around the bare room, pushing into his dreams. This was your favorite song, he realized with a jolt. No wonder…

Raising his hand and holding it in front of his face, he felt cold and numb. Like something had broken or died inside him. He was used to it by now, spending his days locked away in his bedroom listening to a song on repeat and staring out the window at the clouds that never seemed to lift and let the sun shine through. You always seemed to be in the corner of his mind, like some sort of twisted photograph. You had slipped out of his grasp, in one of his moments of weakness when the darkness inside escaped. He had watched as you lay there on the crisp white of the hospital bed, unable to stop the fire of guilt and shame that burned at his insides. He had done this. Yet again, he had destroyed the thing he loved.

The last notes of the song faded away, and thunder could be heard somewhere in the distance. Credence lay on the rough woolen sheets that were strewn across the mattress, the only sign that he was alive was the faint rise and fall of his chest.


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A Fistful of Snowballs

Fiction: Dragon Age Inquisition

Pairing: Solas x Lavellan

Category: Fluff

Description: When Inquisitor Eirwen Lavellan and Sera gang up on Solas for an impromptu snowball fight, he must find a way to retaliate. Preferably without Sera discovering he enjoys such childish activities.

Song Suggestions: Harbor by Vienna Teng


Solas stumbled. Feet crunching on the cold ground, slightly slipping on the ice, he straightened. Hand brushing across his head. Something wet and cold slithered down the back of his neck. Cold, wet… Snow. Whirling around, his gaze lifted to the two women behind him.

Eirwen Lavellan and Sera stood together, both looking exceedingly innocent.

“Well,” he said, stiffly rubbing the back of his neck. “That was not wholly unexpected.”

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Manchester Orchestra put out a stellar album earlier this year named COPE, showcasing a more aggressive, heavier rock sound on some of the album tracks, like the superb single Top Notch, my favorite of the release. As we also heard subsequently with an acoustic version of Top Notch, MO’s tunes work wonders stripped down and acoustic. Well, all of you who loved the acoustic version, it’s time to celebrate, because Manchester Orchestra has gone ahead and decided to release HOPE, an album filled with re-worked versions of songs off COPE. Along with the announcement, they’ve unleashed this beautiful acoustic version of Girl Harbor. Hope drops November 18, and it’s going to be stunning.

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anonymous asked:

This might seem like a weird question but how would you act or be around a girl you find cute/like?

I would probably laugh a lot and joke around then open my third mouth and sing a song of true outer dimensional terror. A song gifted to me by dead gods from beyond the stars. A song that only the mad can comprehend. A song that harbors omens of the end. The crushing black of the void will spill from the gaping maw I have conjured and all will tremble to behold it. If her mind doesn’t explode and pour from her ears like heavy cream then I’ll probably ask her to a movie or something. Im old fashioned that way.

Role Reversal (Part 3)

Fandom: Carmilla: The Series

Rating: K+

Genre: General

Words: 4,229

Summary: How Laura being a vampire and Carmilla being human could work out. Part 3. 

Link: Part 1, Part 2

AN: Hey guys. Sorry it took so long for me to write this third part! I got into a little bit of a slump with this fic, and I just couldn’t get happy with it. Now, though, I’ve actually been writing a lot these last few weeks, and I’m really happy with how things are turning out! So, please have chapter 3 in Role Reversal. I hope you all enjoy, and I hope chapter four doesn’t give me half as much trouble as this one did. XD

Disclaimer: I do not own Carmilla. U by Kotex does.

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