harbor mist

DiMa flipping the bird because i haven’t seen anyone else do it

anonymous asked:

Top 6 favorite places to explore in Fallout 4?

Another good one. Let’s see

6. The Glowing Sea. I wish there was more out there but it was fun to poke around. Deathclaws in the mist.

5. The section just north of there. Pretty vague I know but it gives off a more end of the world feel than other places. And the Deathclaws stalking you through the hills make it super fun to explore.

4. Far Harbor. So much mist. So many hermit crabs.

3. Spectacle Island. Well more develop than explore I guess but still.

2. Lexington. Post apocalyptic urban warfare at its finest.

1. Diamond City and it’s surrounding area. Again. I love fighting super mutants in blown out apartment buildings. I have simple tastes.

0. Publick Occurrences. Still not done exploring the various rooms. The couch especially requires more dedicated study.

Sailor, Eternal

It has been a long time
Since I’ve been truly lost
And I am not now.

I can see the beacon
But I can’t find the shore
It is my solid ground
that ebbs and flows
Moving by it’s own tides
It’s own moon guidance
My safe harbor that hides
In mist, draws itself in

The seagulls mock me
They flock from every direction
I have come to distrust their olive branches
It is the sea that is the only constant