harbor bridge sydney

Dating Calum would include: (tour edition)

-collecting knick knacks from the places you visit and putting them in a memory box

-disposable cameras and Polaroids

-rolls and rolls of film in your luggage, and rolls and rolls of film that need to be developed

-SO. MANY. PICTURES. And shelves upon shelves of photo albums and scrapbooks filled with the memories.

-saving foreign currency and putting them in picture frames and a picture of you guys in the place where it’s from

-his awards and plaques in the bedroom above the bed, with pictures of you guys in the middle and on the sides in frames

-writing the date and the place on the back of every picture taken

-photo albums dedicated to your relationship, with a bunch of pictures from every year you guys have been dating

-scrap books and photo albums full of tour pictures, labeled for every tour

-you pressing flowers he gets you, even if it’s the tiny one from the park that he gave you


-magnetic picture frames for the fridge

-tourist pictures of you guys; Eiffel Tower, Grand Canyon, London eye, Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls, the White House, Sydney harbor bridge, the opera house, etc..

-finding a caricature guy in Paris by the Eiffel Tower and him drawing you guys kissing, just because he wanted to kiss you for 5 minutes

-cute little coffee shops

-pinning a picture of you and him, you, and you with him and his parents in his bunk

-taking cute polaroids of you and keeping some in his wallet so you can come with him everywhere even if you aren’t physically there

Eric Abetz is saying that marriage equality in Australia can’t happen because what’s next, people wanting to marry the Sydney Harbor Bridge?

Fool. Everyone knows you’d marry the Opera House. Those sweet, sweet curves.

Sydney Harbour Bridge during construction in 1930. The bridge is nicknamed “The Coathanger” because of its arch-based design. It’s also called "the Iron Lung“, as it kept many Depression-era workers employed. The construction of the now Sydney Harbour  Bridge began in 1924, and took 1400 men eight years to build at the cost of AU£6.25 million, which was not paid off in full until 1988.

a potential, non-exhaustive list of people to be knighted by abbott next (who are vaguely more relevant to australia than prince fucking phillip)

  • margie abbott for being married to him?? she’s braver than me, she’s braver than all of us
  • cate blanchett for services to arts
  • jess mauboy??
  • julia zemiro sure why not julia for president of the universe
  • me bc i live in this fuckin country
  • prince harry for services to gingers
  • hugh jackman because he’s hugh jackman
  • deborra-lee furness for being married to hugh jackman and being a boss-ass bitch (look her up)
  • shaun micallef, knight of the silver foxes
  • the cast of friends
  • ja'mie king
  • the guy who designed the big brother house
  • the sydney harbor bridge (no not the dude who designed it, the actual bridge)
  • jack sparrow???
  • sorry, captain.
  • captain jack sparrow
  • penny wong
  • louie the fly from the mortein ads for services to our nation over 50 years
  • bob hawke, badass motherfucker
  • the australian actors who appeared in lord of the rings
  • but not the hobbit
  • khe sahn??? not the place the song
  • queen elizabeth ii
  • actual human god adam hills
  • pre-racism mel gibson
  • jeremy clarkson; he’s like prince phillip but people actually watch top gear
  • muhammad yunus
  • my old next door neighbour george who i believe survived the bosnian civil war but i was too young to understand where he came from
  • kylie minogue’s gold hot pants
  • kylie minogue too
  • actual light of my life john cho
  • the xkit guy
  • bert newton
  • paulini
  • my dad’s cold chisel album
  • literally anyone else