Sheer, utter chaos and destruction is upon you if you ever catch glimpse of the Harbinger of Rage. He goes by many names; The Dark Carnival, Mirthful Messiah, Supreme Subjuggulator– All strike fear and terror into the hearts of many.

Ruthless and near unstoppable, the Harbinger class transcends vitality and mortality on an unreal scale when set off on a rampage. A Harbinger of Rage is the very essence of their aspect and is known to ‘show what’s to come’ – that is, if you survive to tell the tale of their arrival.

eclocanyxn asked:

♠ - What are they afraid of?

Brienne has multiple fears. Two she is conscious of (and occasionally has nightmares of) and one that haunts her unconsciously and drives her to be stronger and stronger. 

Her first, main fear is a combination of caves/being underground/small, closed and locked spaces. Any of those three root to the same source, a cave in caused by an earthquake when she was on spring break, her first year of college. She had worked very hard to tolerate caves and underground complexes, along with small rooms with no windows or open doors. She will never, ever be fully comfortable in them ever again. But she can handle them. But the second she hears or feels a true earthquake, do not expect her reaction to be dignified. 

Her second fear is a fairly obvious one, and one most people have–a fear of losing those close to her. It does not matter the method, she is determined to keep those she has defined as family safe, especially since she was taken from her first family and is unable to return to them. Even if it means taking a kill-shot.

Her third fear is one much more rooted in her subconscious that will take a direct confrontation for her to realize, but the people who could confront her about it most likely will not, perhaps because they feel the same way. 
Brienne, unfortunately, deeply absorbed the fear-mongering that the news networks created and maintained not long after the September 11th attacks. With her transfer to the world of Pokemon, and the realization that there are terrorists groups willing to use the physical incarnations of the Forces of Nature to achieve their goals, Brienne became subconsciously terrified. The only, only thing that keeps her from gibbering in a corner is that she can fight back. She refuses to let that level of violence and hate grow in a world largely free of it. Ironically, she carries around with her an equal level of hate and ability for violence in herself. 

Her rage has always sourced from fear.