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hide your girlfriends everyone — alice is back in town


For my first assignment in class, we were to buy a shoe and customise it to our inspiration. I decided to bade mine on bakery/sweets/desserts. Because in the past I use to do decoden, I decided to incorporate it into my shoe as I thought it went well with inspiration. The fruits are made from Polymer clay and painted with acrylics, glazed with sparkly nail polish as I left my glaze at home. The Swiss roll heel is made from Air drying clay and painted with acrylics. Both the filling and piped cream is white silicone.

I added more piping but don’t have a nice enough photo so this is the near finished design! Pretty please how it turned out!


DISPLAYTOY is now open for commission!

I’m now available to take illustration commissions so if you’re looking for a re-branding, icons, prints, music covers, characters pretty much anything dm me or e-mail me at displaytoy@outlook.com!