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backhug  asked:

hi there! i found out about shop kozy through your blog and i was wondering if you could possibly recommend some other shops that carry similar products? specifically the super cute korean-style clothing :')

Hello there! 

Very sorry for the super late reply on this one, I’ve not had internet and am spending my days sorting through my inbox but anyway…

I’ve listed some stores I’m familiar with which have similar themes. 

You can get 10% off your cart when you use the code ‘LittleAlien’ at any of the following stores:

You can also check out Storenvy Trending because often a lot of the stuff there is pastel/cutesy and where a lot of those Korean-Style stores can be found. Also, note a store but MagicalShopping is another fashion blog which often features super cute clothing and products! 

Hope this helps :-)

Harajuku version!

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Look at these to Harajuku fashionistas! Thanks for the submission, iluzztra. We love Bee’s glasses!

>> Watch Episode 1&2 Here <<

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Submit your own fanart here: hangover.cartoonhangover.com/submit



“My Harajuku Life” Episode #3

In the new episode of “My Harajuku Life”, Rikarin shares her daily makeup routine, gets fashion inspiration from the famous Harajuku Fashion Walk event in Tokyo, and meets Japanese shironuri artist Minori on the streets of Harajuku. Check it out and please let Rikarin know what you’d like to see in future episodes!

Crunchyroll x Park Harajuku Photo Shoot - Behind the Scenes Video

Crunchyroll is collaborating with Park Harajuku on the new original web manga “PARK Harajuku: Crisis Team!”. To kick off the project, Crunchyroll released shirts and pins by the manga’s Japanese artist Mugi Tanaka. We tagged along on the photo shoot for the new items on the streets of Harajuku. Check out the video - featuring models are Rinyo and Ruki-chan - and find more info on “PARK Harajuku: Crisis Team!” on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

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