L'OTAN assure avoir capturé un chef des Haqqani en Afghanistan

La force internationale de l'OTAN a assuré samedi avoir capturé en Afghanistan l'un des chefs les plus importants du réseau taliban Haqqani, la bête noire des soldats américains et de Kaboul.

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Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. Waking up to such heart-breaking news that Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani has passed away :( Al-fatiha.

May Allah swt raise his rank and unite him with the Messenger of Allah ﷺ in the highest stations of Jannah. May Allah swt grant sabr and ease to all his lovers and followers.

A true beacon of light. A devastating loss for the Ummah. We are all poorer without him.

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Do Muslims commit Shirk?

Do You Think Muslims Commit Shirk? Let us see what the Prophet Muhammad [saw] thinks.  

Is your opinion above his[saw]???

Abd Allah ibn Yusuf informed us; he said, Laith informed us; he said, Yazid ibn Abu Habib, from Abu al-Khair, from Uqba ibn Amir;  

‘Indeed the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) left one day and performed Salah on the People of Uhud, the Salah of the deceased. Then he turned to the pulpit and said,  

‘I am preceding you; and I am a witness over you. And indeed, by Allah, I am undoubtedly looking towards the Hawdh [right] now. And indeed I have been given the keys to the treasures of the earth, or the keys of the earth. And verily, I do not fear that you will commit polytheism after me. But I verily fear you will dispute with one another in it (i.e. the world).

The above Hadith is taken from Sahih al-Bukhari, which is deemed as the most authentic book after the Holy Qur’an. Additionally, the chain for this particular Hadith has been declared as ‘the most sound of chains.’

Imam Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Bukhari mentions the Hadith in the following places in his Sahih; 

-Book of Funeral Prayers. 

-Book of Expeditions (Maghazi). 

-Book of Riqaq. 

Other Hadith scholars who have recorded the same Hadith include;  

• Imam Muslim ibn Hajjaj in Sahih Muslim. 

• Imam Nisa’i in Sunan Nisa’i.

• Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal in Musnad Ahmad.

Dreaded militant hit squad goes rogue in Pakistan

“(Reuters) - A blindfolded man stands on explosives, trembling as he confesses to spying for the CIA in Pakistan. Armed men in black balaclavas slowly back away. Then he is blown up.

One of his executioners – members of an elite militant hit squad – zooms a camera in on his severed head and body parts for a video later distributed in street markets as a warning.

Al Qaeda, the Pakistani Taliban and the Haqqani network – blamed for a September 13 attack on the U.S. embassy in Kabul – picked the most ruthless fighters from their ranks in 2009 to form the Khurasan unit, for a special mission.”

Why Man Came to this World

Man came to this world to learn something.  He was not created only for eating and drinking.  If we were, then there would be no difference between us and animals and we would not be possessors of honour.  Animals have no aim or goal beyond the desire to eat, drink and mate.  Man is honourable but you cannot expect to find honour among animals.  An animal is an animal.  Animals never ask to human.

They don’t claim this and they don’t make an effort to achieve it.  When you look at human beings, however, you see they have the desire to advance.  They are aspiring to be a perfect person.  To be a perfect human being, however, requires effort.  Effort teaches mankind to examine his character and to look for the purpose of his creation.  Who is charged with this job in this world, this honourable mission?  The respected, loved, chosen servants of Allah, the Prophets and the ones who tread on their path, the saints, are charged with this.  If the saints had not been chosen, the Prophets would not be known.  If it wasn’t for the saints the Prophets would not be known.  

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It is by means of the chosen servants of Allah that the Heavenly light brought by the Prophets is able to reach humanity in general.  The ones walking on their way dive into the oceans of Divine Light and rejoice in eternal life.  They become beautiful and beautifying.  The writing above is a mirror of unchanging Truths & Realities.

O Man, do you understand what is said?  You must understand because the one who does not understand is an animal.  It is only religion that teaches mankind his real identity.  It is religion, not technology.

Technology can bring up a technician but not a perfect man.  A perfect man is brought up by the ones chosen by Heaven.  Technology teaches about natural forces.  Religion teaches man about his true identity and how he can manage it.  Technology can only reduce man to a machine and make him lose his real identity.  Our real identity can only be found in Reality or in Islam.  Otherwise we will die out and become 0.  Like a falling star, we will fade away and vanish.  Fast, and your spiritual power will increase.

Shaikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, Lefke, Cyprus