// Boyfriend Chittaphon for @soysuga ~ playlist here ~ //

Happy Birthday Sasha, my favourite little egg ! ~ I hope you have a wonderful day, i love you !

~ soft blankets and warm hugs would be a big part of dating ten. His hand would always be in yours, day and night, because he would want to keep you as close as possible. Baggy sweaters you stole from him would keep you cosy on a stormy night as the two of you sat by the fire, drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows. He would giggle when you kissed his forehead, before kissing your nose in return. Long walks on the beach in the evening and trips to the city make some of the best memories with you. You don’t know it, but he keeps a small Polaroid picture of you in his wallet, so that you are with him wherever he goes. In his sleep he would subconsciously wrap his arms around your waist and pull you into him because you are so lovely and comfortable to him. He is your everything, and you are his too.