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IDK IF YOU GOT MY LAST MSG BUT OMG OMG OMG I PASSED I WAS THE HIGHEST IN MY CLASS I PAASSSSEEEEEDDD ~WITH AN A+ OMG I'M SCREAMING 😄I'm sooooo sosososooooo happyy! Lol I'm binge reading Moving On & gonna do my first request soon! Omg yay Mimi I'm so happyyy~TheAnonie

I promised myself that if i passed my test this weekend, I’d start reading the ‘moving on’ fic & request for the first time, so that’s why i haven’t sent you any feedback…😧wish me luckkk! (Btw, you’re the reason why I’m in love with Simon 💟) TheAnonie

yes i’ve got it! sorry there was just too many new messages in my inbox that i didn’t see it!
i would wish you good luck, but since you’re already passed it, i don’t think it’s necessary anymore lol
CONGRATS! i’m so happy for you!!! you deserved it love!
i looking forward to your request :)
and i hope you’ll like the story. let me know what you think about it when you’ve finished reading it :)
so proud of you! 

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Happyyy *starjumps while confetti cannons go off and a marching band is playing some Sweet Jamz* BIRTHDAY!!! youre so sweet and funny and im so happy that we're friends! I hope 17 treats you well and you have a year thats just as awesome as you!


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When did you start drawing?? I just got a tablet today and AAAAAAA i have no idea how you do it!! You must work so hard!!

WEEEEELLLL its been 6 years that I draw almost every single day so yea! I work really hard on my art style and everything, its rlly something important to me! AND JUST PRACTICE!!!! i remeber at first drawing on tablet was rlly hard ad weird, but u must keep doing it!!! 

Also it means a lot that u know that I work hard! Most of ppl dont realize the time that it takes, SO THANK YOU ♥♥

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Hey Sareena! I was undecided about getting a personal planner because of money but seeing your video was the deal-sealer for me and the discount code made it fit my budget! Thank you so much!!! ❤️✨💃🏾

omgggg thats so awesome!!!!! literally that makes me so happyyy 💛

[for anyone curious: u can use the code S-TUDY-IGN1 for 15% off your personal planner order from july 15th - july 22nd like i said in this video!!]