shfly3424: 내가모라고 .. 요세우울하고 외로웠는데 .. 생일축하..너무고마워요 ^^ 다시금 일깨워준 ELF 다시한번 고마워요 ..

shfly3424: What do I say .. recently I was depressed and lonely, but .. (your) happy birthday..thank you so much ^^ for once again waking me up / making me aware, ELF, once more, thank you .. (c)

Happy Yesung Day!

To our selca king who loves posting throwbacks~

Who has one of the most beautiful voices reasoned why he was named after 예술가의 성대 (meaning: art-like voice) 😍🎤

Has a weird aura and personality that makes him so cute (because he is from AB Line) 😂😘

The one person who bought and took care of turtles because he is bored but nevertheless was still bored 😂🐢

He has a certain attachment with philtrums especially the members. Just how lovable he is, right? ☝🏻😹

Just gives everything he has for dancing. Don’t ever forget his Octopus Dance~ 😎😘

Happy Birthday Kim Jongwoon!! I mean… Jonghoon!! The shipper of every ship there is! 😍😘🎂🎉

We thank you so much for making us laugh in every way you can! Be it by your own or with other’s stories about you! You may have a small hand but you carry a big and equal role with all of the members. We love you so much Yesungie~ we will always be here for you no matter what happen~ 😍😘💙💞

(BORN: AUGUST 24, 1984)

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