to inspirits’ dearest choding,

wow, has a year passed by already? it seems like just yesterday that I was wishing you a happy birthday for the year 2011. now, it is the 27th of august once again. time sure flies. so much has happened within the past year; you should really be proud of yourself and all that you - and the rest of the boys - have accomplished.

speaking of being proud, I hope you gain a little more self-confidence.  you’re more than just the legs of infinite; you’re more than just the knowledge king of infinite; you’re freakin’ lee sungyeol. inspirits all over the world love you and your everything. yes, your everything. your perfection, your imperfections. your acting, your silly facial expressions, your singing, your fantastic skills when it comes to variety shows… every little thing has allowed you to creep into our hearts and make them swell with positive emotions.

anyway, happy 21st/22nd birthday. eloquence is not a strong point of mine, and words aren’t really enough to depict how much I love you anyway. I hope you take care of yourself. stay healthy, happy, wonderful, lovable, etc and so forth. :) 

생일 축하합니다 성열 ♥