happyy birthday!

konami25  asked:

hAPPYY birthday, hope you enjoy it. also i was trying to do your gift art of mother witch and daughter witch but i cant find a reference for daughter witch could you help me out ?

this is the best ref for her outfit

and this is the best for her hair and hair/eyes/skin color

anonymous asked:

What is up my dude! It's my birthday today and I was wondering if I could have any hc's about Ethans family forgetting his birthday and teamilplier being there to fix his sad mood and make him happy again. (I would ask for a fic but you probably have a lot of requests so I'll just ask for head cannons instead)

Faaammmm happyy birthday!!!! Hope you have a gr8 day and that these boost your mood! Consider it my gift to yu :)

¬ Vv sad Ethan waiting all morning for his parents to call or his brother.

¬ He gets to the office really bummed out and Teamiplier is planning a surprise party but they’re trying to act extremely nonchalant.

¬ “oh yeah, happy birthday, Ethan” Mark mumbles at some point while they’re working and everyone else half-mutters it as they work.

¬ Smol sad boi Eth thinks everyone forgot, the fact that they said it slightly cheered him up.

¬ “Hey can you edit this video before you leave today please?” Mark says as everyone else packs up to leave and Eth just sighs.

¬ vv tired and sad Eth unlocks his apartment door and finds everyone shouting random words in unison and at this point he can’t tell if it’s real or just a dream.

¬ It’s very much real. Yay. Cake.

¬ “We couldnt call you on the plane and our phones were dying during our connecting flight,” his brother explained.

¬ “Do you know much it hurt not being able to hug you and offer to do your work…”

¬ Lots of Teamiplier cuddles and hugs!

¬ Mark would apologize for being a dick and Ethan would just give him That Glare™

¬ C A K E