happy belated birthday ashii aka junglibilliash

i know i’m a day late but you know the reason why! so happy birthday bb! hope all your wishes came trueee! we know each other since i-f days and have been such amazing friends. thanks for always being there to support me! hope you like the gift. it’s really small tho. love yah xxx


Happy Birthday Niha!

Happy birthday to the best cousin ever! OMG, so sorry for the late gift. Was gna make more gifs but i’ve got a geog test tomoz :/ Sorry! Hope all ur wishes and dreams come truee and hope your life is full of success and happiness! 

Oh and i don’t think i’d be able to come today. Will try and bring ur gift asap! And soz for the short talk wid u, was getting late for school :P

I know the surprise is crap but I hope u like it!

Love yah loadss cuzzy!

And if anyone wanted to know, here’s her amazing tumblr: http://cutelilbubbles.tumblr.com/