jessicavosk: This Witch is leaving today. I’ll never recover. #happytrails #wicked #dontleaveme

saragonzales63: Happy Trails, my power ranger witch. Thanks for giving me a reason to wear my marauders map dress. Miss you already. 😢💚

em_schultheis: Happiest of trails, @andymientus ! 🔮you da real MVW (most valuable witch). may our paths cross again and may your future adventures always include bartenders climbing to bring you Lagavulin 😜 💜

anthony_sagaria: Tarot card readings, binding spells, random animals showing up in our house = @andymientus 🔮 #happytrails



1. He’s not as nice as he seems!
2. Just look what he’s done to me!
3. Nah, just playin, he’s one fine dude.
@joshgroban we’re gonna miss you around the theatre, you’re crazy antics, you’re sweet spirit, and your constant professionalism! Sad to see #Josh2 go, cause I guess there’s no reason for me to be #Josh1 anymore. 😔

#grobanslastshow #goodbyepierre#josh2nomore #greatcometof1812#broadway #farewell #happytrails