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Oh my god babe I am in desperate need of more headcanons on big, bad, wearing-a-leather-jacket-or-completely-shirtless, vodka-drinking Warren being totally whipped for his babygirl.


  • Warren not giving a shit how much you want or how expensive it is, he will get it for you
  • He is very much into rough sex but he will cuddle his you so much and just trace patterns over your skin and plant soft kisses on you
  • Ready 2 fight and kill 4 you
  • He worries a lot because he loves you so much
    • “Do you have a jacket?”
    • “Did you eat? Have some more food.”
    • “Use sunscreen.”
  • Loves to cuddle with you but will not let anyone else see that so he wraps you up in his wings
  • Will do anything to make you happy
  • Totally and undeniably in love with everything about you
  • Doesn’t matter what he’s gotta do, he’ll do anything for you
  • He is still such a dom tho
    • He looks after his babygirl very well and gets off on hearing that