My angel. How do I beggin?
March 9th, 1989. Kim TaeYeon was born. Our little playfull Kid Leader. Our dorky queen. Kim Taeyeon, a kind person who warms my heart. As I grow up, I look up for you as my role model, always. There will never be words enough to express what I feel for you. As I said before, you are more than an Idol to me, you’re my inspiration, my role model, my everything. There is no one like you in this world, you’re unique, one of a kind, and I’m proud to be a SONE, a Taeganger. “You bring me joy, you make me smile” You make me happy. You’re my hero. I’ve lost count of how many times you’ve saved me from so much… you are my light, I am never in the dark. I never feel alone, because I can always feel your love for us, #TYSones, you’re literally the best Ultimate Bias anyone could ask for. Your voice, your voice is the best thing to hear, it warms my heart, makes me melt, calms me down, it makes me feel something I can’t put into words, you have an angel’s voice, you ARE an angel. I love you with all my heart and all my soul, my precious baby. I love you and I aways will. I’ll never forsake you, I will always look up for you. Please always stay the way you are, because you’re already perfect, childish and funny, cute and dorky. Never change, never grow up. I hope this year will be better, I hope all your dreams come true, I wish you the best, my angel. I am always by your side, even though I am far away, I carry you in my heart, and you’re always in my mind. I love you Kim TaeYeon, I truly do love you. Happy Birthday Taengunnie @taeyeon_ss <3

#309 #Happy27thTaeyeonDay #HappyTaengDay

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