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Kim Taehyung Solar Return Reading/Prediction for 2018

first i’ll look at his chart overall. the majority of his chart are above the horizon, meaning that his upcoming year will focus on external issues: public life, relationships with others, work and business, things relating to society/his community. the majority of his planets are in earth signs, so material possessions may be at the forefront. he will approach life with a much more practical attitude. however, another dominance in cardinal planets can show some impulsiveness. 

speaking of earth signs, his solar return ascendant is in taurus. he’s gonna focus on creating stability and security. he may be a lot more reserved and calm, quietly getting things done without making too much noise. taurus also deals with the material, our possessions and finances. these topics will be big next year, amassing more wealth of managing what he already has. his aquarius midheaven indicates new projects, innovative ideas, creative thinking in the workplace, group work. i see a lot of good things happening for him in terms of creating music or acting, his aquarius venus can really shine through and make some magic.

this financial focus is backed up by his 8th house stellium (sun, venus, and saturn) the 8th house is an impactful house, i can tell next year will bring a lot of change and perhaps be a turning point, as the 8th house rules transformation. it also rules other people’s money for ex inheritance, taxes, and loans. saturn in this house can bring loss and challenges, but also discipline. having capricorn planets in the 8th can be blessing because cap is already financially oriented. i recommend that he is very careful with his finances (his fortune in seasons greetings even said “your efforts wouldn’t bring you wealth as much as you have tried”) sr sun conjuct his saturn and venus in the 8th can definitely bring a strong sensual and powerful aura to the individual throughout the year. 

no matter how put together he might seem in public (that aquarius mc indicates some aloofness) there’s gonna be a lot of restless emotions behind the scenes with his sr moon in the 12th conjuct his ascendant. this planet forms oppositions with both mars and jupiter in his 6th house. emotions will be big, that’s for sure. while jupiter brings joy, it can also bring excess and fluctuation. mars brings frustration, aggression, and a terse nature to emotions. this combination can definitely make for a lot of recklessness, impulsiveness, and mood swings, especially due to work situations or projects (again, his fortune said “your passion and fighting spirit may cause you to make many mistakes”) 

with his sr sun and moon in water houses (8th and 12th) issues concerning the emotions/internal things will be abundant. both of these house are considered places our planets go to hide. it’s where they go to enter a more spiritual and boundless dimension. getting too wrapped up in emotions or letting them consume you should be avoided. it’s most likely he will not share his thoughts or plans with many people. at the same time these house are extremely creative and prominent in the charts of talented musicians. 

and finally onto his biggest blessing, his prominent cradle. a cradle is a chart pattern that is made up of an opposition and sextiles/trines. it is said to be a blessing. the tension and conflict that arises from the opposition (in tae’s case, his moon opposite mars/jupiter) is released through the other two planets. in his case, those are neptune and his sun, which form a trine. neptune is sensitivity, creative subjects, and it is the primary ruler over acting and photography. these will be his main outlets for any frustration in work and/or stress that may emerge from the opposition. he may withdraw a bit into his shell at times next year, take time away to relax. however with his earth and fixed influence, he will have the strength and patience to get through anything 2018 year throws at him.