Karkat wanting dave to fall asleep on him again so he keeps insisting on watching movies but dave realises this and drinks a shitton of stuff to stay awake and Karkat doesnt realise and they watch a good few films and Karkat is wondering why the fuck he isnt sleeping and soon after that karkat ends up falling asleep on daves shoulder and dave just sits there smiling and Karkat moves in his sleep so he ends up on daves lap at one point so dace starts runnibg his fingers through karkats hair and karkat makes a weird noise and dave is all what the fuck so he does it again and he realised that karkat is bloody purring and he just sits there like well fuck thats adorable

I can’t handle all this sad SolEri on my dash ok I CAN’T

I get that The Other Side Of The Heart was sad and stuff (and now I know what happens…I should really start keeping up with fanfics), BUT YOU’RE BREAKING MY HEART HERE.

I don’t care  if it looks bad and is overly simple and whatnot I need to put a wrench in the Sad EriSol.