#happysehunday / happy birthday to the most wonderful boy on earth, oh sehun. our cutest maknae is finally turning 20 (21 in korea) but he’s still a lil baby to me n___n i hope he has a remarkable birthday today with his precious hyungs who he cares for so much!!!! i love you to the moon and back and you deserve everything good in your life!!!! ♡ ♡ ♡


To the 4D baby prince of EXO who’s becoming an ohdult: thank you for enlightening us with your strange phrases and somehow encouraging us all to drink more milk! Most of all, thank you for always trying your best and never forgetting to tell your fans you love them. Happy 20th (21st) birthday, Oh Sehun! 귀여운 세훈아 생일축하해요~ 많이많이마아아아니 사랑해요~~! (click images for captions)