Under The Bridge


You waited under the bridge where you first met Sehun.

It was a hot summer day and you were taking a bike ride along the river when your shoelace got tangled in the chain and you lost control of the bike, falling off under the bridge. Out of all the people walking along the river that day, Sehun was only one who stopped. He immediately hung up who he was talking to on the phone and hurried over to your side, untangling you from your bike and checking you for injuries.

You were so thankful that he stopped for you that you insisted on buying him a drink. He only agreed if you gave him your number in exchange. That was the day of your first date with Sehun and the day you were introduced to bubble tea. The pair of you had been dating ever since.

And now you were waiting under the bridge, wrapped up in a big coat to shield yourself from the spring wind, staring at the spot where you fell flat on your face. It was Sehun’s idea to meet there because it was close to where he was filming his movie, but you didn’t think he could be this late.

It was his birthday for heaven’s sake – surely he wouldn’t stand you up.

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16.04.12 #HappySehunDay ❤️ 
You deserve all the love in the world, there are a lot of people out there who truly care about you, your health and your happiness, who deeply love you. Let us be your 勋骑, your loyal knights who will protect you and support you no matter what, till the end. Enjoy your day to the fullest, happy 23rd birthday!

160412 Sehun Instagram Update 

“ Its a day when I feel “I am being loved again like this” and realize how precious people surrounding me are. It’s a happy and warm day. I like it. “

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