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You stop in your pace and look towards her. Recalling Naruto’s words,

“Listen, if you hold her hand… maybe she’ll get the message that y’know…” 

Even though Naruto, of all people, is the worst person to ask advice from, you think to yourself it couldn’t hurt to be a little more bold and hold her fucking hand. It’s not like you’re already trying to be bold but she hasn’t been noticing any of your previous gestures. 

You pause before looking away, holding up your hand to her gaze. 

Sakura’s eyes widen to your raised palm. 

Honestly, it really couldn’t hurt to hold hands, you’ve been wanting to do it for quite a w–

Sakura places her bag of groceries on the palm of your hand and smiles. 

“You didn’t have to Sasuke-kun, but if you insist!”

You then hear her giggle and she walks away.  

Your extended palm holds the groceries that Sakura bought earlier and you think to yourself, 

this is going to take some time. 

-but that’s ok. 

“Happy Times Zine” Order Form

Zines will be shipped somewhere between Christmas and January 5th 2017!
Pre-Order ends DECEMBER 20TH!


Happy Times Zine is a multifandom/original zine created with love, happiness and fun! Art is all created by the artists in the zine! All orders will include a Fire Emblem Azura print and a copy(ies) of the zine!

First 5 Pre-Orders receive a free sketch from the host.

Zine is 6x9inches, 28+ pages fullcolor and printed. Some fandoms so far in the zine~ Fire Emblem, Duradura, KH, and more! Original Characters and Creations are included!


|| 🌸Maomui (Host)🌸 || 🌸VhazzRhossze🌸 || 🌸KrazehKai🌸 ||
|| 🌸Belowtheraedar🌸 || 🌸Hokannko🌸 || 🌸Puzzled Artist🌸 || 
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