my theory about Harry’s around-average performance is he that he didn’t really have anybody to please right? Like who’d be proud if he came first in the class? Who’d give him tips on memorising techniques? Definitely not the Dursleys yeah? And it’s not that Harry isn’t intelligent, he is. He is a whiz when it comes to DADA, and a bamf seeker. So why doesn’t that intellect reflect in his grades? If we recount Harry’s outstanding performances with magic, they’re solely situation based. He learned the patronus charm because he wanted to fight dementors, a very difficult charm, but again, Harry mastered it because of dementors. Not for academical curiosity. In Deathly Hallows, when Hermione is grieving Ron’s betrayal Harry is the one who puts up their protective charms - the same ones that kept them safe from the nation-wide hunting spree. Again, an impressive feat, considering that’s fair bit of advanced magic, but again born out of need, not from the desire to learn. So may be, the constant abuse at Privet Drive fucked him up so much, that nothing absolutely nothing,could reinstate his lost sense of self worth, not even an entirely different world where he’s worshiped as a hero. And that makes me really sad because here was a young boy with so much talent and promise and had so many hopes and dreams and he suffered so much. And noone, not even the great mighty I-have-too-many-middle-names-Dumbledore bothered with it because it would’ve hindered their plans for greater good if Harry had a shred of self esteem. The blame of Harry’s abysmally painful childhood can never be placed entirely on Dursleys. Yes, without a doubt they ARE the main culprit, but  It is also on every single person who saw a malnourished boy, with throw-away clothes and shoes too big to fit him, and did nothing about it.

you don’t understand pain unless you are a shy Indian forth grader who is always paired with the cutest guy in the class when the school  celebrates rakhi and has to tie that frigging thread to that cutie patootie and hear the teacher declare them as loving brother and sister for eternity 

okay but really now jkr says that she can’t get the allure of draco like wow was that not you who promoted the concept of big seven huh yOU let him be glamourised, fantasized by tons of screaming fangirls and one fine day you just wake up and say you didn’t mean to? Also lets not forget what she said about Pansy Parkinson and how she’d rather let the girls become Hermione than Pansy and wow not a word about Draco? Which funnily enough raises more important question about the Draco and Dudley debate. Both of them were bullies, both had enough choices to turn around and get their shit together but they didn’t and do they get same treatment? DO THEY? NO SIR THEY DO NOT. IN FACT, Dudley even gets his act together in the last book, while Draco continues doing what he’s doing. So why I don’t see any fanfics where Dudley is a ‘lost little boy who just made few wrong choices and deserves eternal sympathy?’ No pretty posters for Dudley? No fancy magazine shoots? nuh uh. Naaah. Nobody wants a fat, regular looking boy amirite? Its so fucking infuriating how everybody forgets what Draco is. He is essentially a bully. Same as Snape, Vernon, and young James Potter and Sirius Black. And after years of using Felton’s pretty face to glamor up the whole bad boy image, and making truck load of money out of it, you don’t just get up one day and decide that you just can’t get the allure of draco malfoy.

(and yes i’m tagging this with fandom tags because i have every freaking right to do so, and please don’t bother sending me a message if all you’ve got is a truck load of anon hate.)