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Hi! I love all your headcanons, they're so creative and wonderful!! Could you please do a platonic RFA + V + Unknown when they find out MC is a minor/in high school? Have a great day/night!

Thank you so much! It means a lot that people like them ^^


  • “ignore all the times I’ve hit on you I bEG”
  • The ultimate big brother
  • He’s protective af when it comes to anything, especially dating
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are, if someone shows interest in you or vise versa 
  • He’s showing up at the school to investigate
  • And he gets you and your friends tickets to any upcoming productions 
  • For your enjoyment, not to show his talents nOPE


  • He’s fINALLY not the youngest and it makes him so happy
  • Plus you guys can be the broke students together oh boy
  • If you’re getting stressed he’ll invite you over for gaming nights
  • Sure they last until 4am and you usually can’t get up for school the next day but the stRESS is gone?
  • If you’re pulling an all-nighter then he’s stocked up on caffeine for the day ahead


  • Probably one of the only ones to realise that a highschool student is organising the party?
  • And he’s a little concerned that the stress is going to be too much for you
  • So he helps out as much as he can
  • Let’s just say you’ll never have to worry about expensive textbooks and school costs
  • And you have the coolest stationary sets in the school
  • Offers to pick you up in a helicopter even though he cAN’T there’s nowhere to land wth??


  • At first she was a little worried that you were going to be a ~rebellious teen~ kind of person but?
  • It turns out she’s totally cool with you being a teenager
  • You guys actually become super close
  • She loves to help you out with remedies to stress (like hot drinks n stuff)
  • And encourages you to work hard at the same time
  • Will be more than willing to help you out with any work though
  • 100% is going to make sure you keep up healthy sleeping/eating habits as well


  • Steals your homework the night before it’s due, or distracts you the entire time you try to work
  • Hacks into your computer to proof read and mess up ur essays
  • And then the school computer to change any grades please you can’t do this
  • He’ll come to pick you up in a new car every day as well
  • And despite the teasing, he’s constantly looking out for you and checking up on how you’re doing
  • Also he is the perfect tutor for anything you don’t understand


  • “Oh damn I’ve kidnapped an actual kid”
  • Since he’s not the best at enouraging you
  • You can bet he’s going to indirectly support you as much as he can
  • If you come home saying anything negative he disappears for a while
  • The next day the problem is gone
  • saeran what did you dO
  • He’ll avoid answering any questions about it but you know
  • And he will fight anyone who dares to tease you or anything


  • All he can think about is how a child has been dragged into this
  • He’s so impressed and proud of how well you’re doing with balancing school and the party but?
  • He’s so apologetic, and will let you drop out of the RFA at any moment if you need to 
  • Overall he cares about your education a hell of a lot
  • And he can’t let you get stressed over all the work thrown at you
  • Literal dad to you, as well
  • If you need a break from life, you’re getting a break from life, no questions asked

i caught Feelings™ in the middle of the night and wanted to write it down after realizing…. everybody’s caught up in yuuri moving to russia but forget that they’re gonna have to go back to japan to pack their stuff meaning… it’s time for headcanons

  • realization: hiroko already calls victor “vicchan” like y’all….. yuuri’s mother has a nickname for victor and it’s so adorable i’m
  • you already know they rummaged through all of yuuri’s baby albums over tea like that’s definitely happened
  • meanwhile, toshiya and victor are official drinking buddies
    • and it terrifies the fuck out of yuuri but he’s like….. you know what…… i’ll leave them be….. that’s…. none of my business…..
  • when victor and yuuri come back to hasetsu from the gpf, yuuri’s parents turn down victor’s payment for his stay there because all they ask is that he makes their son happy 
    • victor bursts into tears 
    • hiroko and toshiya hold back tears too and give him a big group hug aww
  • victor and yuuri show off their engagement rings and everyone is overjoyed
    • the triplets are hounding them for pics
      • at first yuuri insists on keeping it on the DL but he realizes that basically everyone knows about their matching rings so might as well
      • the triplets are ecsatic and social media literally blows up bc its official
    • yuko cries through her congratulations and takeshi is fighting back tears
      • they’re both just really happy to see that yuuri’s happy
      • they’re also really mcfreakin’ happy that yuuri decided to stay in ice skating bc they know how much ice skating means to him
      • and they thank victor profusely for keeping yuuri in the game and for making him happy
    • nobody gives victor the “if you ever break his heart…” spiel bc they know that he makes yuuri happy
      • plus….. they’re both mature adults….. they can take care of that, and they have, lol
    • they all decide to have a drinking party at minako’s place to celebrate but only victor drinks because yuuri decided Never Again
  • i’ve already somewhat covered things that they might do for new year’s here, but why not have more:
    • just. imagine the kimono shopping before hatsumode. like it’s busy bc everybody’s trying to clean their house, send greeting cards, and etc, but victor (and yurio, bc he spends new years with them) has never celebrated new years in japan and he wants to go big or go home foreigners amirite but let’s let victor have his fun
      • victor is lowkey salty that there aren’t too many color selections to pick for men’s kimono but he’s gonna make do because he will still look fabulous
      • he insists on helping yuuri pick his out because god bless the poor boy with poor fashion sense
        • i mean,, it’s not as if yuuri has poor fashion sense, per se, but he can look even better if he just picks the right outfit for once jfc
        • victor just wants him to dress a little flashier sometimes okay
        • well, as flashy as you can get with men’s kimono i guess
      • yurio is complaining the whole time but he secretly thinks that his kimono is really freakin’ cool
        • he lowkey wishes otabek was here to go shopping with him
    • they have so much fun! visiting the temple and stuff and yuuri teaches them the customary bows/greetings but before that they go around for food and everything is so good like yurio is trying hard not to look so impressed but he is
      • and of course, they have a blast the next day, playing around with fireworks and sparklers and just running around the beach!!! having a blast
    • but you know….. i’ve been doing Research™ and it’s considered good luck to watch the sunrise for the new year so consider this:
    • victor and yuuri woke up extra early to watch the sunrise on a morning jog
      • they didn’t want to wake yurio bc he’s not a morning person
      • and it’s so beautiful and peaceful like just imagine:
        • yuuri sneaks a glance at victor while he watches the sunrise and his eyes are sparkling and yuuri’s just like damn i can’t imagine my life without him what,
        • and when yuuri looks away victor looks at him and he’s just so awestruck by how wonderful yuuri made his life and he watches the sparkle in yuuri’s eyes and wonders what he’s thinking
          • you’re both thinking of each other, idiots
        • and you know they end up catching each other’s gaze and they laugh because they’re doing that a lot more and just
        • “hey… victor?”
        • “hmm”
        • “… thank you for everything”
        • “… should i be nervous? the last time you said this you said you wanted to ‘end things’”
        • yuuri laughs but, “i mean it. for real. i… i can’t imagine my life without you”
        • and victor looks at him and beams and tackles him in a hug and whispers, “me too… let’s keep making each other happy, okay, yuuri?”
        • and yuuri tears up and wraps his arms around him tightly and god, he doesn’t want to ever let go

on a lonely night,

was a blinding light.

a hundred leaders would be borne of you.

it’s been a while since i last drew kagepro, i miss my daughter aND NOW SHE FINALLY GETS A BOOK I AM SO HAPPY

plus jin coming up with a new song while writing her pov can’t just be a coincidence, maybe she’ll get an actual song now??? with a pv?!??


Our work for Happyplus 2014 “Zodiac” calendar! 

Aquarius - Natalia Fedorova

Aries - Dilyara Larina

Capricorn - Katrina Makarova

Gemini - Alice Shpiller

Saggitarius - Katalina Gorskikh

Scorpio - Polia Kolovitskova

Taurus - Alexandra Sherbakova

see more at happyplus.ru

All the best in 2014!

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Rey being the tiny angry flannel gay who always jumps n front of phasma in an argument and is basically a tiny spiteful bb and then phasma who just. Wen she's angry, she just straightens up and gives you a /look/ and you know you're in deep shit



Phasma being a tol suit/button-down city girl lesbian and Rey being a smol flannel country girl lesbian

they fight over where they want to live

Phasma doesn’t like the country. it’s quiet and there’s bugs and animals that wander around

but Rey doesn’t like the noisy city full of smog and nasty people

finally Phasma gives in and they move to a big house not too far from a city, but country enough that there’s deer around the house and Rey can have a small garden.

Phasma still hates the country, but it’s worth it getting to see Rey so happy

plus the fruit and herbs she grows are particularly delicious

So even though I have yet to play the game, I ADORE Undertale with a fiery passion, and as all my followers pretty much know, I’m a giant-ass mess of Soriel shipping trash pile and I apologize for nothing. I guess, I don’t know, I’ve been really struggling with depression and I was at the darkest moment when I found Undertale and seeing Sans using jokes and laughs to deflect from how he’s really doing and it just seemed like me so much and I just really clicked to Sans. When I saw people shipping him with Toriel and saw how happy he seemed, it made me feel hopeful myself because it was like “hey this fictional character has such a shitty life but even he can find fleeting happiness” and I don’t know it gave me hope for myself. Like, these two characters both struggle with depression and are so broken but they find each other and just…gah. Anyway. Thus all the reblogs of Undertale and Soriel *throws confetti*. Anyway, so even though I don’t play myself, I have enjoyed hearing other people do it. So I was watching the True Pacifist run (actually the only run I’ve semi watched–I can’t bring myself to watch the others) and I came across the reactions of Sans and Toriel meeting for the first time–and even though the ship was sailing itself beforehand, I was screaming bECAUSE LOOK AT THESE DORKS:

So Sans has just arrived and Toriel recognizes his voice and goes to introduce herself. I love Asgore’s face as he’s putting two and two together while Undyne and Alphys sweat it out. Now, I want to state right now that I want Asgore to be happy because he truly does deserve to be happy; but I do not ship him with Toriel because both of them made their choices and it’s super sad but even the best relationships can just break apart sometimes. Again, I want Goat Dad to be happy though. Asgore needs a LOT of happiness. Anyway so Sans comes in and LOOK AT THE NEXT SLIDE

LOOK AT HIS EYES. IT LOOKS LIKE HE IS SMILING SO MUCH WIDER AND THAT HE LOOKS TRULY HAPPY TO MEET HER for probably the umpteenth time but he’s still looks happy

Plus look at Papyrus. He’s just watching this whole thing going ‘HMMMM.”

So here is after the scene where Toriel cracked a pun to Papyrus and he flipped shit and Sans and Toriel are just grinning at each other like the big dorks they are.AND LOOK AT SANS’S GRIN AGAIN. Also from this angle it looks like Tori is holding Sans’s hand but that’s just me being shipping trash.

Now here, Mettaton encouraged Undyne and Alphys to kiss and as they go to do the thing, you can see that Asgore and Toriel are watching this intently, but not Sans or Papyrus. Sans is still grinning like a love struck idiot at Toriel, looking at her this entire time ignoring his surroundings, and Papyrus is staring at Sans going “I SEE WHERE YOU’RE LOOKING SANS. SOMETHING’S UP ISN’T IT????!” 

Yes Papyrus. Yes it is.