1. get up early
get up at 6, half past 7. it takes you time to get shit done. also go to bed early, especially at your exam days.
2. do morning routine
wash your face, brush your hair, do yourself a healthy breakfast. it will help you to get in the right mood to study/work. also check your feed in instagram, watch some netflix - but not for like an hour.
3. do something that makes you happy
pet your doggo, watch lazytown, draw a painting. get some rest before hard work.
4. do a study plan
i mean, you study economics til 2.30 pm, then study biology til 4.00 pm, like that. also i recommend study exact science (math, eco, algebra) with humanities (biology, geography, english, literature) because it’s a bit harder but very productive.
5. breaks
so i recommend study for an hour (a half and an hour if it’s a difficult subject for you) and do a 30-minute break. very productive 
6. the rest ™ 
after long study day, go for a walk. with your friends, with your parents, with your doggo - it doesn’t matter. you need fresh air. without phone (only music if it makes you feel better).
if the weather is awful - open the window and do some yoga. very relaxing much comforting
7. free time
clean your room, take a bath, read a book. do something useful
!warning! - do not read your notes (if it’s exam day) every fifteen seconds. it will not help you. you better exercise in the morning - then in the afternoon - then when you go to bed (30 minutes, no more). 
8. night routine
as i said in the begining - go to sleep early, at 10 or 11. also wash your face, put some night mask on, brush your teeth, pack your backpack (i usually do it in the evening). put an alarm clock if you need one.

septiplie-der-pool  asked:

Wade; how they treat their partner. And also peter for the same prompt



  • loves spoiling his partner
  • he forgets dates a lot (like anniversaries and stuff) and he needs to be reassured like a million times that it’s okay
  • he has a thing for bringing back souvenirs/trinkets from everywhere he goes for his partner–even if it’s just like going to a gas station or something
  • if you look at the definition of cuddle whore it just says “wade wilson”
  • affection? you mean that thing wade does at literally every possible opportunity?
  • he’s a sucker for like thoughtful things only he doesn’t really get how far he can go with them so like…he’ll consider killing that one guy who catcalled you a thoughtful gift
  • you dont move in with him…he just “sneakily” starts moving himself in after late nights assassin-ing and then suddenly it’s his couch in the living room
  • along with the ten million guns everywhere
  • proposing to his partner takes him like ten years to get courage for and then ten more years to actually figure out what to say
  • he’s just a big cuddle bear who loves making other people happy


  • forgets literally important date in the history of the relationship and hates himself for it
  • he doesn’t have a ton of free time but always dedicates it to his partner
  • tends to stretch himself a little thin trying to keep his partner happy and forgets to take care of himself
  • also tends to refuse help which can be a pain in the ass 
  • he always wants to get gifts and shit for his partner but unfortunately he is broke af
  • so he makes them little trinkets and gadgets that he thinks are cool because Tony gives him spare parts and he’s a dork 
  • he’s also the kind of person who you can say something really important to and he’ll be so wrapped up in everything else that he just…won’t hear it?? and it’s the worst thing in the world
  • he always makes up for it with as much affection as he can fit into his/their life
  • tho he actually tends to not be a cuddler. too much shit to do and he hates being hot when he’s sleeping
  • but on occasion he’ll just straight up pass out on top of his partner and he’s out for hours
  • all in all, he tries his absolute hardest and loves with everything he has, even if he doesn’t think it’s enough.

got a character and a headcanon?

Dedicated for the lovely anon who requested headcanons for Peter and Edmund as fathers. Sorry it took so long I apologize because I accidentally read “headcanon” as “drabble” XD Sorry once again :)


  • his overprotectiveness intensified the moment his children were born
  • would be the kind of father that needs to know where his children are 24/7, what they are doing and who they’re with
  • once his kids grew older and started getting into relationships, he literally demanded a detailed background of their significant others
  • he went ballistic the first time his kids went through a break up that he had to be restrained by his wife and his siblings had to be called over to calm him down
  • excluding his overprotectiveness, he is a pretty chill father
  • he supports his kids no matter what they do and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep them happy
  • Peter is dad jokes galore
  • “knock knock” *sigh* “who’s there?” “a cow goes” “a cow goes who?” “no, a cow goes moo” 


  • he is the literal definition of a cool dad
  • he only had sons so that means he would relate much easier to boys than girls
  • he is definitely the type of dad who would teach his kid to bike, play sports and give “advice” about girls
  • unlike, Peter, Ed is strictly a “no-dad-jokes-allowed” kind of dad
  • and, like father like son, Ed’s sons have sharp wits, a whole lot of sass and sarcasm and a love of pranking
  • Edmund would be super serious about his son’s academics and would constantly push his sons to become smarter and better than him
  • even though Edmund wants his sons to choose their job, he personally wants them to become lawyers or doctors or maybe even politicians
  • if someone were to ask Edmund what his proudest achievement was, it would be him getting a drawing of a trophy that says “Dad of the Year” from his sons on Father’s Day
  • it tells him that he’s being a good father and that no matter how much he pushes his children, they will always love him
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