Sunshine Award

i’d like to thank ikamariee and happyninjaaa for nominating me. :)) 

i’ll be breaking the rules. i’ll just answer your questions. :))

Questions from ikamariee

1. What is the meaning behind your URL?

i want to arouse hope. my main objective is to make you guys see the brighter side of life. i daydream a lot too. it comes naturally. 

2. What is your idea of a perfect first date?

it does not have to be expensive. okay lang kahit sa karenderia (tama ba spelling lol) kumain. okay lang kahit street foods ang meryenda. okay lang kahit hindi mag-sine, tapos nag-download lang ng movies. mas memorable sa akin yung ganon. flowers? okay lang kahit wala, and okay lang kahit pinitas lang sa tabi-tabi. basta. haha.

3. Do you really believe that everything happens for a reason?

yes. :) God is always up to something great.

4. Why do you think people leave others hanging?

maybe because they are too scared or too weak to talk about it. they cannot stand to see their “ex” to break down in front of them. maybe they would feel a little less guilty.

5. Knowing what your life is like right now, how do you wish to change it in the future, or would you even change it?

yeah. i would definitely strive for a better future. we want the best, right? 

6. Who inspires you and why?

God. uh, self-explanatory. my boyfriend. he’s a family guy. he is very understanding. he is a beautiful person. writers here on tumblr. they sure know what to say. like, they have the words for a certain feeling on which you can totally relate to.

7. What do you typically do on your free time?

i sleep. gaawd i love sleep.

8. Who/What is the reason behind your smile?

9. Why do you think people still hang on to something when they know they shouldn’t?


10. What is one thing you can not live without?

Internet connection. my life would be so boring without it. hahaha.

11. Are you truly, seriously happy right now?

when i think of him, i am always happy. :)

thank you so much girl for these questions. :) i miss you! :)

Questions from happyninjaaa

1. If you were given the chance to change any event in your past life, what would that be?

i should have studied harder. sayang ang awards. hahaha.

2. What’s one of the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

when i overslept and i was an hour late for class. 

3. Who are some people you’d like to meet someday?

msshearty, emmilitar, ikamariee, mengkaii, herpointsofview, itsjen17, gwapongchik, themostawesomebitch, and many more. :D

4. What’s the first thing you notice about people? Why?

their expressions. it tells a lot about who they really are.

5. What is your greatest accomplishment you’ve done so far?

staying alive despite of everything i went through.

6. What were you like in high school?

jologs po? hahahahahahahaha. de, tomboy po na naubos ang dignidad sa pagsali sa beauty pageant dahil sa natakot ako sa teacher ko hahahahaha. terror yun e. nahirapan ako tumanggi. grrrr. babaero po. sorry. :(

7. Do you think it’s right and just to blame the girl who’ve been in a 3rd party issue? Why or why not? 

hell no. everybody makes mistakes. there would not be a third party kung hindi ginusto ng lalaki in the first place, so hindi lang girl ang dapat sisihin. and what’s the use of bringing up yung kasalanan na yun kung tapos na naman. iba ang noon sa ngayon.

8. 3 songs that can brought so much emotion whenever you hear them and why?

oohh there’s a lot actually. they bring nostalgia.

9. What was the sweetest gesture someone has ever done for you?

kiss on the forehead and hugs from behind. 

10. What was the thing that you ever regret doing?

being stupid. i should have known better.

11. Message for me ♥ (HappyNinjaa)

hello! thank you for these questions. i hope we’d talk anytime soon. thank you for nominating me. i wish all the best for you. stay pretty and Godbless! :))