- It’s been 15 months. Their birthdays are 4 weeks apart so I thought I’d do one post for both. Today (May 6) is my mum’s birthday, my dad’s on June 3.

I know they don’t have IG, so they probably won’t see this (unless I share it on FB also) - I can try and come up with all these fancy, heartfelt words to describe the both of them but it wouldn’t be enough. I’ll say this though… God’s love shines through them. They love unconditionally. I could go on about the many times I’ve disappointed or failed them, but their love showed no end. And not just to my brother and I, but to each other. They’re the best, and I love them with all my heart.

I’m so thankful and beyond blessed - I have everything I need in Jesus. Still, HE’s given me and continues to give me so much more. Happy Birthday, Mama and Papa. | Habakkuk 3:17-19 | #lafamilia #happymothersdaytoo #cometomywedding